Top Shot - Season 2

The History Channel Premiered Jun 06, 2010 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Behind the Bullet
    Episode 13
    The marksmen return to reveal their secrets to competing this season. They discuss the unseen skills, strategies and the most controversial shots from the competition. Plus a sneak peek to marksmen chosen for Season 3.
  • Season Two Finale
    Episode 12
    The final four contestants compete to determine the winner of the $100,000 prize and the title of Top Shot. They face the most intense series of challenges of the competition.
  • Down To The Wire
    Episode 11
    In this episode of Top Shot the marksmen must shoot their guns while hanging from a one hundred and twenty five foot tall crane. Then they must shoot from the back of a moving jeep. Then the final five marksmen must face the biggest challenges of the competition.
  • The Shakedown
    Episode 10
    The competition becomes unsteady when the marksmen have to shoot from an unsteady platform. The winner from Season One, Iain Harrison, returns to give the marksmen some needed advice. Finally, tensions start to rise in the house and it's only a matter of time before the war comes to the house.moreless
  • The 1000 Yard Shot
    Episode 9
    The teams are dissolved and it becomes an individual game for the marksmen. Their next elimination challenge has them all facing one of the hardest challenges ever: shooting at a 1,000 yard target with the most powerful weapon used in Top Shot history: the Barrett 82A1 .50.
  • Catch .22
    Episode 8
    The contestants will face off with a weapon that they are all familiar with: the .22 rifle. With only eight marksmen remaining, it's back to basics to see which shooters can really excel on the shooting range.
  • 3/22/11
    Another season, another trick shot showdown. The contestants will have to split a bullet placed on an axe, shoot with both hands, and even upside down as they attempt some of the most famed shots from exhibition shooting. This challenge will show some competitors stepping up to take risks while others fall short in their efforts.moreless
  • Bury the Hatchet
    Episode 6
    The marksmen compete with some of the first primitive weapons: the tomahawk and the blowgun. The challenges in this episode will show the viewers which competitors can adapt to different weapons and which ones can't.
  • Quickfire Face-Off
    Episode 5
    Two surprise guest shooters arrive from the last season of Top Shot. The Team Challenge will involve speed-shooting, hitting as many targets as possible. Guns used in this challenge are the Colt .45 and the Razorcat Racing Gun.
  • Compound Fracture
    Episode 4
    After overcoming the elimination challenge, Jay has to resolve the tension building among the Blue team. The Team Challenge involves the compound bow, and hitting the bulls-eye of each target. The first team to finish hitting all bulls-eyes win the challenge. Elimination challenge involves the compound bow again, only this time challenge involves shooting targets downhill. First archer to hit all targets wins.moreless
  • Uphill Battle
    Episode 3
    John Guida from the Red Team struggles with his leg injury, and wrestles with a tough choice for his team. The Team challenge involves using the M1A rifle and an uphill foot race to destroy an ammo dump at the top. First team to destroy the ammo dump wins. One of the Blue Team members doesn't perform as well as expected. The Elimination challenge involves the Glock 17 handgun and friend/foe targets. The shooter with the most 'foe' hits and least 'friendly' hits wins the challenge. Tension starts to grow among the members of the Blue team and their leader.moreless
  • Shoot or Be Shot
    Episode 2
    The remaining 15 contestants return to the Prohibition Era and get the chance to shoot the FBI's Colt .38 Official Police. A twist in the Team Challenge allows contestants to actually shoot at each other with a paintball gun. The two contestants in the Elimination Challenge switch to the dark side of crime when they get the opportunity to shoot the Thompson Submachine Gun, better known as the Tommy Gun. The contestants will have to be very accurate with the Tommy Gun, a gun that was never made to be that accurate.moreless
  • 2/8/11
    14 men and 2 women arrive from around the country to compete for the $100,000 prize and the title of Top Shot--only to face a surprise right from Civil War history: exactly 150 years ago, soldiers had to pass a test to get into the first sharpshooting regiment. Using the same weapon, marksmen will face the same challenge and find another surprise. The two marksmen who had the best shots, two amateurs with dramatically different personalities, now have the opportunity to choose their own teams, a situation that sets the entire competition in motion. After choosing teams, they face a team challenge of extreme billiards and an elimination challenge which ultimately sees the first marksmen sent home. Colby Donaldson returns as host.moreless