Top Shot - Season 3

The History Channel Premiered Jun 06, 2010 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • 8/1/11
    Never-before-scene footage reveals the inside scoop from all sixteen contestants. The marksmen return to discuss their biggest challenges and triumphs, life in the house, and reveal more secrets about the most exciting season yet of Top Shot
  • Season Finale
    Episode 12
    The Final Four marksmen set their sights on the $100,000 prize and the title of Top Shot. In a series of intense challenges, one shooter attempts an unprecedented shot with the AK-47, and contestants are eliminated one by one
  • Wheel of Fire
    Episode 11

    Down to five, the man go for a carnival ride with a SP89 semi-automatic in hand. With tension in the house down to it'sminimumit's been in a while, the men can finally focus just on the task at hand. Two marksmen tie it while the other three don't do so well, thus sending them to the range to be voted on for elimination. In the elimination round, one marksmen shows his true colors and stands tall while sitting and seemingly moving backwards. Sweeping the competition he knocks it down to four for the final episode of the season.

  • Odd Man Out
    Episode 10

    As the marksmen move forward in their competition becoming one step closer to becoming History's Top Shot and wining the prize money, hostility seems to be building back in the house and everyone is questioning another marksmen sportsmanship. With the Infinity Sight Tracker Pistol up on the chopping block this go around, the men show off their skills. In a weird twist for the non-safe contestants for elimination; one makes a decision he can't turn back from, making asurprisingturn of events for the remaining 5.

  • Stacked
    Episode 9

    The blue team seems to be in all array and the red team is down one player, as the contestants approach their next competition the find out it's time to be an individual and gain the desired green shirts. Top marksman Craig Sawyer comes in to train and prepare the boys on the 50cal. With the recoil be too much for them to handle, who will be knocked out taking it to the final 6. In the end, two marksman go head to head, sending one home.

  • Ramp It Up
    Episode 8

    Will Jake's strategy to isolate himself help him in the up coming competitions or will it back fire. Withe teams evenly split 4-4, eight marksman compete for their shot at being on the longed for individual green team. With that said, the marksman move on strong in this competition with a re-curve bow elimination round.

  • Tricked Out
    Episode 7

    One of the most world renowned pistol champions instructs the shooters on some difficult trick shots which include shooting blindfolded. Later, the Blue Team finds themselves split when one team member declares himself an individual in the competition. Finally, the elimination challenge has contestants shooting cowboy style from the hip.

  • Turn the Corner
    Episode 6

    The remaining shooters are amazed when Top Shot Winners Iain and Chris return as captains for the team challenge. Later, two competitors will compete in the elimination challenge with a modern assault rifle using a method called the Corner shot. Finally, tensions heat up when two competitors almost come to blows in an argument.

  • Throwdown Showdown
    Episode 5

    The remaining competitors use the playground pick to call each other with primitive weapons, one being the earliest weapon known to man, the rock. In the elimination challenge, two competitors compete with the largest and most powerful type of gun that has been used in the competition yet.

  • 8/30/11

    The 13 remaining contestants are transported back to the Old West to fight in a team challenge using the legendary Gatling gun. In the tradition of an Old West matchup, two marksmen shoot it out head to head using the first practical machine gun invented in the world. The winners, of course, remain in the competition and qualify for the next round.

  • Slug it out
    Episode 3

    Shotgun skills are tested; and an elimination includes a Glock 34 and cannonballs

  • Down and Dirty
    Episode 2

    In the "Down and Dirty" episode of Top Shot, the teams practiced with an AK-47. The blue team spent their day outside, reviewing the previous challenge and working on their technique. Meanwhile, the red team made fun of their shooting drills. The challenge was a two-by-two course in which the red team won. Sara from the blue team lost the elimination challenge to Dustin and was sent home.

  • The Gaunlet
    Episode 1

    In this, the premier episode of season three, pairs of contestants shoot in a preliminary challenge. The winner of each pair goes to the red team, and the loser goes to the blue team. There is an elimination challenge, and the winners receive a $2,000 gift card. The losers are honored with a plaque on the wall.