Top Shot

Season 1 Episode 10

Season Finale

Aired Unknown Aug 15, 2010 on The History Channel

Episode Recap

The episode begins with Peter, Chris, J.J., and Iain arriving home from the Final 6 challenge where Adam and Kelly were eliminated. J.J. really can't believe that they are actually at the Final Four. Peter states that he really wouldn't have imagined that he would have been here at this point in the game. Chris is also very excited and says that now they have a 25% chance of winning the game and he says it feels very good. The men walk into the kitchen and find a feast waiting for them. Peter comes out with some United States flagged pants and a dinner jacket with a pattern on it. He says it's his dinner jacket. Peter says that if he loses at this point in the game, he is glad that he is at least playing with three other great shooters. The men gather outside to eat. Iain says that he is at least glad that they get to relax a little bit tonight, but he knows that each competitor around him will be tough to beat and they are all looking for a shot at the $100,000 and the title of Top Shot.

The next morning, the men wake up to head down to the next elimination challenge. Chris admits that he feels very nervous because of the fact that they have no idea what's coming next. J.J. knows that it's a game, but he is also very nervous because of how good everyone is. The men arrive at the challenge area where Colby is there to greet them. Colby tells them that one of them will make history after this competition is over. He tells the competitors that they will be competing in three back-to-back challenges that are designed to test their skills to the max. Colby tells them that they will be using weapons that they've already used so they will not be doing practice sessions or be using trainers. Colby informs them that one person will be eliminated in this challenge and the next one. In the end, there will be two challengers who will face off in one final challenge for the $100,000 prize and the title of Top Shot. Colby says that this challenge will test their speed, accuracy, and strategy. Colby tells them they will be using the Beretta 92F. In this challenge, the competitors will be shooting at a target that is 35 feet away. There are six discs on each target; 3 are Red and 3 are Blue. Colby says they will be competing in pairs and they will shoot at the discs to try and flip as many as they can in the color that they are designated. They have 60 seconds and 40 rounds of ammunition to flip as many targets to their color. Colby tells them that their competitor can hit those targets and flip them back to their own color. That's why it's about strategy because you have to be accurate and use your shots wisely. Colby tells them that they will face off in pairs of two. The winners in those rounds will be safe. The two losers will face off in one last round. The person that loses that round will be eliminated from the competition. J.J. says that he is confident this is his competition because he is used to shooting discs and being fast all of the time.

Once again, Colby is going to draw names from the box to see who will face off first. Iain admits that he was nervous when Colby pulled the names because he knew that this was J.J.'s competition and everyone didn't want to go up against him. Colby pulls out J.J.'s name first, and pulls Chris's name second. That means Peter and Iain will face off in the second match. Chris is very afraid because he knows that J.J. is very good. He says that he is at least okay going out of the competition if he goes against the fastest shooter. J.J. is shooting to make the targets face Red, and Chris is shooting to make the targets face Blue. The men load their Berettas and begin. The challenge seems to flip back and forth as the men reload. J.J. has a lot of Red, but Chris catches up and has quite a few Blue targets out. At 15 seconds left, J.J. has all of the targets turned to Red. Chris knows he has to catch up and starts shooting again. J.J. is able to flip them back each time. The challenge ends with J.J. having 11 Red targets and Chris only having 1 Blue target out. J.J. is automatically in the Final Three. J.J. says that he knew that he could fire off two shots before Chris could get off one. Because he was faster, he was able to move the targets faster. This allowed J.J. to follow Chris's every move and that's why he won. Iain notes that J.J.'s method was the textbook method to do it. Iain and Peter are up next. Iain says that he is confident going up against Peter since he has shot Berettas a lot. Peter admits that he isn't a pistol shooter, but he is glad that if he is eliminated, it was a gun challenge. Iain is shooting for Blue and Peter is shooting for Red. Their first shots miss the target. After that, they start to get the hang of it and Peter and Iain exchange the lead. Peter has a little technical problem, but recovers and keeps shooting. Peter takes the lead throughout most of the challenge, but in the last 12 seconds, they are only separated by a point. But in the end, Iain spares more ammunition and he is able to make a comeback. Iain wins the challenge and is automatically moving onto the Final Three. Iain says his strength was that he was more accurate. Peter missed more targets and that's why Iain was able to make a comeback.

Peter and Chris are facing off in the Final Round. One of them will be eliminated. Peter and Chris step up to the targets. In order to honor the teams, Peter will shoot to show Red and Chris will shoot to show Blue. The one that loses will be eliminated. The challenge begins with Peter taking an early lead and showing lots of Red targets. Chris comes back on his side by making it all Blue. The challenge continues to go back and forth even as the men load their third magazine into the Beretta. Going into the last 10 seconds, Chris is able to get all of the Blue targets showing. Iain notes that Chris has to save his rounds or he could lose. In the end, Chris is able to stay accurate and wins with 11 Blue targets to 1 Red target. Peter has been eliminated from the game. Peter says that his main problem in this competition was that he just wasn't accurate enough at the end. At the beginning he did well, but he had a sloppy ending. Chris says that he does feel bad about eliminating Peter, but that in the end he wasn't ready to go home. Iain notes that Peter is a survivor and that he definitely would be missed in the house. Peter notes that it's very poetic that he was the last Red Team member left in the game and there was only one Red target up after the challenge was over. Colby tells Peter that he has been eliminated from the game. He gives him time to say good-bye to everyone. Peter is glad that he was able to stick around for as long as he did because he only came in with the experience he had from hunting and shooting on his own. He is very impressed that he was able to beat some of the competition he did. After saying his farewells, Peter leaves the game. Colby reminds Iain, Chris, and J.J. that they are the Final Three, and they will only have two more challenges until they have the winner. Colby tells them to go back to the house and relax for a little while before the next challenge.

The next morning, Iain, Chris, and J.J. wake up after a huge storm that hit last night. J.J. says that he feels very subtle because it's very quiet around the house now that there's only Chris and Iain left. Chris is excited for the challenge that they will do today. He admits that while he doesn't have a clue what it will be, he knows it will be fun. Iain says that the mental aspect of the game does revolve around what the next challenge will be. Not knowing that is what puts a lot of pressure on them.

The men arrive to the next elimination challenge. They come across a bar with different types of targets. Chris knows this is going to be fun. Colby welcomes them to the challenge. He reminds them that one of them is going to be eliminated when the challenge is over. Colby tell them that he is going to allow them to do something that they haven't been able to do the entire challenge. The contestants are going to be able to choose which weapon they want to use. They also get to choose what type of target they are going to shoot at. Colby shows them the different types of guns they can shoot. There are 3 rifles; the Mosin-Nagant, the SVT-40, and the HK93. There are also 3 pistols; the TZ-99, the Smith and Wesson Schofield, and the Smith and Wesson M&P. Colby tells them the game is similar to H-O-R-S-E. They will pick a weapon and a target. They will select a distance to shoot from and then take their shot. Even if they miss, the other two contestants can take the shot and earn the point. Each person will get one turn to try and make a shot. This means that the highest score they can earn is 3. The two people with the highest scores will be safe and move on to the Final 2. The person with the fewest points will be eliminated.

Colby draws from the box to see who will go in what order. J.J. is chosen to go first. Colby gives them some time to peruse the items. Iain says that the key to this challenge is for him to pick something that he can shoot at that will be easy for him, but harder on the other two. J.J. thinks that because he's first, he should try and put the pressure on Iain and Chris early. J.J. chooses the Smith and Wesson Schofield as his weapon. He says that they are going to shoot the bottom window pane that he's selected. The pane is 8 inches. He is going to set the target 50 yards away. J.J. says that the shot he picked was one that he was confident about because he didn't want to hit something he wasn't positive he could hit. J.J. also chooses the stance that they have to shoot at. J.J. says that you have to stand and use only one hand. J.J. tries the shot, but he hits the frame of the target instead. That does not count as a hit. J.J. notes that his plan backfired because it now allowed Chris and Iain to set the pace for the challenge. Iain is up next. Iain says that the reason J.J. chose the Schofield and the distance was because he knew that they had practiced that shot during earlier practice sessions. Iain also notes he did try it as well. Iain is able to hit the window pane and scores his first point. Chris is up next. Chris also hits the frame of the target. This puts Iain in the lead with 1 point. Iain is up next to choose his target. Colby tells him that since the Schofield has been used, he cannot select it. Iain chooses the Smith and Wesson M&P. He says that they are going to shoot a shot glass at 50 feet. Iain says that he chose this weapon because he knew J.J. had trouble shooting with the M&P which is a double action revolver. Iain is able to hit the shot. This gives him a score of 2 points. Chris is up next to shoot the M&P. Colby remembers that this was the pistol that Chris drove the nail in with. Chris says he's right. Chris is also able to make the shot. This gives Chris his first point. Chris is happy because he was aiming for the top of the shot glass and he took it off just like he wanted to. J.J. is up next to try out the M&P. Unfortunately for J.J., he is unable to make the shot and misses. Chris is shocked and thought that J.J. might miss.

Colby informs Iain that because of the point difference, Iain is automatically in the Final Two. It is down to Chris and J.J. It is Chris's turn to pick the shot. Chris says he's going to use the HK93 and he's going to shoot at a mug of colored beer at 100 yards out. Chris tells him that they have to stand and use two hands on the rifle. They are not allowed to crouch or support themselves on anything. Colby informs Chris that this is a pivotal moment in the game. If Chris makes this shot, there's no way for J.J. to catch up and he will be eliminated. But if he misses, it opens the door for J.J. to tie it up. If he does, they will go to another round. Chris aims, and misses his shot. Chris says that he thought he could make the shot, but the wind just wasn't with him that day. J.J. steps up to take his shot. J.J. knows there's pressure but he says he is feeling relaxed. He decides to use the strap on the rifle so that he can steady it a little more, which Chris decided not to use. Chris actually hopes that J.J. does make the shot, but unfortunately, J.J. misses. J.J. says that the beer glass was just staring at him at the end. Colby tells J.J. he's been a great competitor, but that he has been eliminated from the game. He tells him to say goodbye to the contestants. J.J. notes that his mistake was trying to push himself too far. He tried to make a tough shot, and in the end, he pushed himself right over the cliff. J.J. is glad that he made it this far with Chris and Iain. J.J. notes that he walked in here only as a quick pistol shooter. But because of the competition, he was able to learn so much more. J.J. leaves the game. Colby tells Chris and Iain that they have a lot to be proud of. They have one more challenge and then one of them will be crowned Top Shot and receive a prize of $100,000. Colby tells them that the last elimination challenge is going to be the hardest of all of the challenges that they've done. The men head back to the house for some rest and they will go to the final challenge later. Chris says that he is very impressed he's still in it and his wife is probably going mad now.

Back at the house, Iain and Chris are glad to still be there. Iain is shocked that J.J. really isn't here for the finals. He notes that J.J. was a very hard competitor and it was sad to see him go. Iain and Chris are both surprised at how quiet it is inside the house now that the other contestants are gone. They started out with 16 people and now they are down to only 2. Chris can't believe just how close he is to winning $100,000 and the title of Top Shot. Both of the men look at the shirts and they think of them as a trophy wall. They figure them all as trophies of heads on the wall and they salute to all of their fallen competitors.

The next morning, Iain and Chris head down to the final elimination challenge. Iain is happy that he is facing off against Chris because he feels that Chris is one of the best shooters that he has ever seen. Chris is also glad that he gets to face off against Iain because he feels that Iain will definitely be hard to beat and he wants it to be a challenge the whole way. Iain and Chris arrive at the final elimination challenge. When they get there, they see some of their former competitors are there with them: Blake, Adam, Kelly, Peter, and J.J. Iain says he was very happy to see everyone. Everyone shakes hands. Kelly feels that the matchup at the end is perfect. He has always been amazed at Chris's shot with hitting the nails into the board. He also feels that Iain can adapt himself to all types of different weapons. He knows that this is going to be an interesting finish. Colby tells them it's time to get to business. He acknowledges they have an audience today, and says that it was only right that the competitors that got to the individual stage be around for the last shot. Colby asks the other guys if they are surprised that Iain and Chris are the last two. J.J. jokes that it should be him standing there, but he acknowledges that he was only kidding. Colby says that this is the final challenge of the competition and winner takes all. Colby tells them that they are going to test them in a variety of weapons that they have become familiar with throughout the game. They will be running through a course with 7 stages with different weapons. They will start at opposite ends of the obstacle course and work their way in. The first station is throwing a Bowie knife at a target 11 feet away. The second station is the long bow and a target at 50 yards away. The third station is a Colt Peacemaker and they will have to shoot at bottles 25 feet away. The fourth station is the Winchester 1873 and a rope 35 feet away, just like Caleb and Adam's elimination challenge. The fifth station is the Beretta 92F and they're shooting at a 1.5 inch diameter tube 25 feet away. The sixth station is the AR-15, and they will be shooting at six plates that are 100 yards away. The seventh and final station is the M14 where they will have to shoot at two exploding targets; one is 100 yards away and the other is 300 yards away. They cannot move onto the next weapon until they complete the previous station. Colby says the person that hits the last target first will win the competition and receive $100,000 and prove that they are Top Shot.

The men get ready to begin the challenge. Iain says he's confident with the guns but not so confident with the bow and arrow. Chris feels the same way, and notes he didn't get to shoot the bow and arrow in the competition. He still is ready to go and win the competition. Colby tells the competitors to start the competition. Iain and Chris both start the competition. They both have trouble with the knives at first, but Iain is able to hit his target first and moves on to the bow and arrow. Chris follows, and also moves on to the bow and arrow. Iain is able to hit the target with his first shot, while Chris misses. Iain starts to shoot with the Colt Peacemaker. Chris is finally able to hit the target with the bow and arrow and moves on to the Colt Peacemaker. Iain has trouble with the Colt Peacemaker and misses his first few shots. Chris catches up with him as both men tie up the game with two bottles hit. Chris pulls ahead in the competition with four bottles hit. While they both reload, Iain is able to start shooting faster than Chris and shatters his last three remaining bottles. While Iain moves on to the Winchester 1873, Chris shatters his last bottle and moves on. The men load the Winchester and start firing at the rope. Iain and Chris both hit the rope with their first shots. Chris hits the rope a few more times than Iain, but Iain comes back with a few good shots that almost sever his rope. Both men have to reload again, and it is neck and neck in the competition. Iain reloads first, but Chris is able to sever the rope first. He takes the lead over Iain. Iain soon severs his and moves on to the Beretta 92F. Chris misses twice, which gives Iain a chance to pull into the lead again when he hits the glass tube with his first shot. Chris is able to hit the glass tube and moves on. Iain only has one plate hit when Chris starts shooting with the AR-15. Iain and Chris are once again neck and neck when they hit three plates on the AR-15. Iain is able to shatter his plates first and moves on to the final station with the M14. Chris soon follows and both men continue to keep up a neck and neck pace. Iain hits his 100 yard target, and Chris soon follows. It all comes down to the 300 yard target. By one shot, Iain is able to hit the 300 yard target and wins the competition. The group congratulates him for his victory.

Chris says that it does hurt that he lost, but he has had a fun time. He says what hurt him in the competition was the longbow. He kept aiming too low, and when he finally hit the target he was far behind Iain. Iain says that he was glad he put six shots in the Colt Peacemaker because he definitely needed them while he was struggling. Chris also notes that the Winchester was very difficult because you had no idea where you were hitting the target so you had to aim where the rope was severing and hope that it connected. Chris also notes that the Beretta 92F was firing too far to the right. When he got to the M14, he admits he wasn't thinking about adjusting for wind or anything else. He was only thinking about shooting to catch up and he says he blew it. Iain says he was very excited when that last target blew up. Peter notes that it could have been anyone's game and it came down to just one shot. It ended up being Iain's shot.

Colby tells them that it definitely doesn't get any closer than that. Colby tells Chris that he was a very tough competitor, but he has been eliminated from the game. Chris says that although he accomplished more than he ever thought he would, he knows the road home is going to be a long one. Colby tells Iain that he made history as the first Top Shot. He has the $100,000 and the title. Iain says that Chris was a great competitor, and that he would have been honored to lose to Chris if it had ended up the other way around.

The episode ends with a caption of what all of the men are doing since the show's end. Mike is still competing at World Speed Shooting Championships. Frank is working as a part time bodyguard. Bill still works on his radio show, and actually invited Kelly on as a guest. Jim has since won a national historic rifles shooting match. Caleb works for the National Rifle Association. Andre returned to his Army base in South Korea. Brad competes nationally with a new kind of pistol, but they only reveal that it's not a Glock. Denny is auditioning for commercials. Tara's father did pass away after she went home, and she competes in his honor. Blake is running his father's company and trying to assist in the cleanup of the Gulf Oil Spill. Adam is simply looking forward to next year's hunting season. Kelly has started pistol shooting, and will be returning to college soon. Peter's time as a reservist is almost over and is considering moving to Louisiana. J.J. is still the record holder in the Iron Sight Division. Chris moved into a new house and continues his work as a shooting instructor. Iain is still managing his construction company and still has no plans for his winnings. Adam says that marksmanship skills are timeless and Iain has triumphed in every era. Blake says he had a feeling that Iain would win from day one and is happy for him. Iain says that he was glad to end on a win and that words cannot express how he feels about winning. He is glad that he got to be in the competition. The episode ends with Iain's comment.

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