Top Shot

Season 1 Episode 9

The Shortest Fuse

Aired Unknown Aug 08, 2010 on The History Channel

Episode Recap

The episode begins with the 7 remaining contestants arriving at a challenge area. Colby is waiting to greet them and tells them to sit down. Colby congratulates all of them for making it to this point in the game. He informs all of them at this point in the game things are going to be shaken up. From here on out, the teams are dissolved and everyone will be competing for themselves. Peter admits that he really likes that everything is individual now because being on the Red Team with only Kelly definitely put them at a disadvantage in team challenges so with individual challenges they are in a better position. Colby says this is where it's going to get good because they can't rely on someone else on a team to help them; it is all on their shoulders. He tells them that they will be competing in excruciating challenges that will test their marksmanship from here on out until one of them is left to claim the title of Top Shot. They will have their first individual elimination challenge in a few moments, but first they get rid of their Red and Blue Team shirts. They are given new Green shirts for individual game. Blake is happy that the game is now individual because he doesn't have to rely on anyone to determine whether he wins or loses. Kelly hopes that nothing changes about how his game plan is for individual competition. He says he hopes his performance will still allow him to move on in the game.

The 7 men begin their first elimination challenge. Colby reminds them that they will be competing as individuals from now on and after this challenge one of them will be eliminated immediately. Colby explains the challenge. They will be shooting at a target 25 feet away. The target is a fuse that is connected to a small explosive. When the fuse is lit, the player will use a Beretta 92F with 10 rounds to try and break the fuse before it reaches the explosive. Colby says that the person with the shortest fuse by the end of the challenge goes home. Colby warns them that the fuse will be moving fast. Blake is worried about this challenge because using the small 9 mm bullets the Beretta will hold is going to be rough.

Colby says that for the remaining challenges, he will draw names out of a box to see who will shoot and in what order. Colby draws Iain's name first so he will shoot first. Iain steps up to shoot at the fuse. Iain shoots all 10 of his rounds and doesn't hit the fuse at all. The explosive blows up. This gives him the shortest fuse at this point so he is in the danger zone of being eliminated. Iain states the reason he didn't hit it was because he didn't apply his tactics to how fast the fuse was actually going to be burning. Colby tells him to sit on the hot seat. He tells him that the only way Iain is guaranteed to stay in the game awhile longer is if someone else doesn't cut the fuse. Blake is chosen to go next. He fires all 10 of his rounds at the fuse, but he also fails to hit it. This puts him on the hot seat with Iain. Kelly is chosen to go next. He admits that he feels better about doing the challenge because of the fact Blake is a world class pistol shooter and he missed the target. Kelly also misses all 10 shots and his explosive also blows. Three shooters done and none of them have been able to disconnect the fuse. Kelly admits that the fuse really is moving faster than he expected and is feeling very worried. J.J. is chosen to go next. Despite also being a really good pistol shooter, J.J. also fails to disconnect the fuse. This leaves four players on the hot seat and so far nobody has been able to shoot the fuse. J.J. states that this challenge really does revolve around being fast on your feet and admits that he didn't think very fast on his feet. Peter is chosen to go next. Peter states that he asked Chris during the challenge if this was possible to do. Chris told him that it was so Peter was given more confidence to get up there and do it even though four people before him had failed. Peter fires, and on his second shot, he severs the fuse. He fires his remaining eight rounds at the target in celebration. Because he severed the fuse, Peter is guaranteed a spot in the Final 6. Peter is glad that he saved himself from the chopping block again after surviving the last elimination challenge. Chris is chosen to go next in the challenge. On his fourth shot, he hits the fuse, but it isn't severed the whole way. Colby says he needs to make sure that it is disconnected, but Chris misses his remaining shots. It isn't disconnected enough and the explosive is set off. Chris is sent to the hot seat. Chris admits that when people screamed that he hit it, he relaxed too much and didn't shoot at it again in time to make sure. He hopes that doesn't cost him the game. Adam is the last shooter so he's up. Adam says that he isn't too concerned about missing due to the fact that so many others had missed. He notes he is really nervous, but that once he gets his first shot off those nerves go away. Adam fires, and on his fifth shot, he is able to sever the fuse. Adam is also guaranteed a spot in the Final 6. Adam is very pleased that the tension is over for him.

Colby announces that they have a 5-way tie between Iain, Blake, Kelly, J.J., and Chris. Colby tells them that they will break the tie by the 5 of them doing the challenge again. They will get another fuse and the same rules apply. They draw names out of the box again. Chris is selected to go first this time. Chris is happy that he's going first this time because he just wanted to get it over with. With his third shot, Chris is able to sever the fuse. This gives Chris the third spot in the Final 6. Chris is relieved that it's over, but he states that in the future he is going to do much better. Kelly is selected to go next. Kelly shoots all 10 of his rounds, but once again he fails to sever the fuse. Kelly is still on the hot seat and might be eliminated. Blake is chosen to go next. Blake also fires all 10 of his rounds, but he too misses. Kelly and Blake are still in the hot seat to be eliminated. Iain is selected to go next. He says that he is furious at his previous performance and knows that it is well within his skill range to complete. Iain fires all 10 of his shots, but the fuse does not completely sever. However, it is severed enough that the fuse goes out. This still puts Iain in the Final 6. Iain notes that people didn't see the group that he shot but that he knew that he had done alright. J.J. is the final shooter so he's up next. J.J. also shoots a tight group and hits the fuse. Everyone isn't sure if he severed it enough, but the fuse goes out. J.J. claims the fifth spot in the Final 6. It's all down to Kelly and Blake. One of them will be eliminated. J.J. admits that he couldn't hold his excitement in when he severed the fuse. He really is happy and gives everyone a high five.

Colby congratulates the 5 players that are moving on to the next round. Colby tells Blake and Kelly that they are going to do one more tie breaker and this will determine a winner. They will be given a target. They will shoot one bullet with the Beretta 92F at the target. The person that hits closest to the bulls-eye will stay in the game. Colby draws names, and Kelly is selected to go first. Kelly is very worried because Blake is an excellent pistol shooter so he has to shoot the most accurate shot that he's ever had to before. Kelly's shot lands just outside the bulls-eye. Blake says that during competitions he doesn't get very nervous. He has to get cold as steel in order to concentrate like he does. Unfortunately, Blake's shot is farther from the bulls-eye than Kelly's was. Chris is stunned because he felt that Blake had the advantage in this challenge. Colby tells Kelly that he will remain in the competition and is in the Final 6. Kelly is very surprised that he was able to squeeze by again and wonders how many more eliminations he can dodge at this point. Blake explains what happened in the challenge. He says that the trigger pull was more than he expected on the gun and expected it to go off earlier than it did. This resulted in him jerking the trigger and that's why his shot was farther from the bulls-eye. With that, Blake has been eliminated from the game. Blake says that he's very happy with his performance and the people that he has met along the way. He hopes to keep in touch with everyone after the show and wishes everyone the best of luck. Peter says that Blake leaving is bittersweet because although that leaves one less competitor, Blake is a great guy and he will be missed. Blake says that this challenge makes him want to go home and shoot a million rounds with his gun because he feels that he made himself look foolish on national television by jerking the shot.

The six remaining players head back to the house to rest. Kelly notes that when he walked back into the house, everyone suddenly had a sense of surrealism about the future of the game. Chris says that they should hang one of Blake's blue shirts up so that they can stick with the pattern. Adam doesn't like that idea at first because then it would look like Red Team sent Blake home. But realizing that he went up against Kelly, technically Red Team did send Blake home so he allows the Blue shirt to be hung. Kelly is very stunned that he actually beat Blake, and he gets to hang his shirt. The group notes that Kelly has hung up another shirt. Kelly notes he's sent four people home in the competition. He isn't happy that he's done that, but says he is happy that he's still in the competition.

The next day, the players head down to the final practice session of the competition. Colby is there to greet them and welcomes them to the final elimination challenge practice. He notes that yesterday's competition was intense and promises that the next one will be just as challenging. He says at this point it's anyone's game. Colby informs them that today they are going to be practicing with four different guns; three of them they've already used. The ones they've used are: the Mosin-Nagant, the SVT 40, and the TZ-99 pistol. The new weapon they will be shooting with is the Heckler and Koch HK 93 that was built in West Germany. Colby says that the challenge will involve them shooting at targets from above. They are also going to have to use stamina. Adam knows that he's the oldest of the group, but still believes that he has enough in him to pull through the challenge. The trainer for this practice session is Craig Sawyer who was the trainer twice before on the show. Colby says he'll see them at the challenge.

At the practice session, Craig tells the group that he's going to help them practice by having them run from a starting point up to the target and start shooting when they arrive. Kelly and Peter do the practice session first. Peter admits that he's very excited about adding the physical strength aspect because when he was in sniper school they would train them just like they are doing now. They would run to a target and start firing. Peter says that it is difficult to shoot straight when your heartbeat is up so he feels he has an advantage in the competition. Kelly says he's ran biathlons before and he shot after he ran sometimes. He feels that he is comfortable with this challenge. Everyone still shoots pretty accurately after some running. Adam is still concerned about the challenge because he is more brains than he is brawn but he still thinks his marksmanship skills will help him get through. Chris says that raising your heart rate through physical activity doesn't do a lot to your body as your body's nervous system. He says if you're in front of people and you're worried about performing great, that is going to have an effect on your performance versus physical stamina. Iain says the biggest thing you have to do is time shooting your shots between heart beats in order to steady your body. He says the only mistakes he feels he could make in this challenge would be mental like loading his bullets the wrong way. J.J. feels worried about the challenge because he's a professional pistol shooter and rifles are not something he shoots often with.

Back at the house, the men prepare themselves physically and mentally for the challenge ahead. Chris says that he definitely wouldn't mind losing to any of the men remaining in the competition, but says he's not going to make it easy for them to beat him. Adam notes to everyone that nobody has the clear advantage in tomorrow's challenge, but wonders if J.J. will be eliminated because he's the pistol guy versus the rifle guy. Adam says that everyone has their bags packed because they know at this point that anyone could be sent home after this challenge.

The six competitors arrive at the competition site. They see four platforms on a hill that they have to climb up. Kelly says no matter what he thinks he'll have fun racing this competition. Chris thinks that this challenge is going to go well for him because police officers are trained to run and shoot with their heartbeats and stress levels up. Colby is there to greet the contestants. He notes that they've had some time to think about the change to individual competition and he asks how they're dealing with it. Chris says he's excited and nervous at the same time. He notes that he really notices that there are six of them in the challenge and that really shows just how close they are. He also says that if you're not nervous for this challenge you're not prepared. Colby asks if anyone else is nervous. Everyone admits they are. Colby says that it's time to get down to business. He explains the challenge. One at a time, they will run up the hillside stopping at each station along the way to shoot at a target. The first target is 50 feet away and they will shoot with the TZ-99. The second target is 100 yards away and they will shoot with the HK93. The third target is 125 yards away and they will shoot with the Mosin-Nagant. The final target is 150 yards away and they will shoot with the SVT-40. Colby tells them that the four players with the quickest times will be moving on to the next round. Everyone is shocked, and Colby confirms they heard correctly. Two of them will be eliminated this round, leaving only 4 left in the competition. Chris admits that everyone was shocked because they weren't expecting them to send two people home.

Colby says that it's time to get the challenge started. They will once again draw names to see who goes first. Kelly is chosen to go first. Kelly knows that the most important part of the challenge is to be accurate and that missing it would take time to recover from. Kelly begins the challenge. He approaches the TZ-99 and loads several rounds into it. Colby notes that another major component of the challenge is how many bullets you think you need to load in order to hit the target. Kelly hits the first target with his first shot. He moves on to the HK93. He is able to hit the target with one shot again. Moving onto the Mosin-Nagant, he only loads one shot. He gets three hits in a row as he hits the contact. Kelly also loads only one shot in the SVT-40. He gets a perfect round after hitting the fourth target with his first shot. He finishes the course with a time of 1:30. Everyone is very impressed that he was able to do the course that quickly. Chris notes that after Kelly did the challenge everyone was thinking of ways that they could do it faster than Kelly. Kelly will sit at the hot seat until two people score lower times than him. Peter is chosen to go next and heads to the starting line. He begins the challenge. Peter only puts one shot in the TZ-99 and makes it count by shooting accurately. Heading to the HK93, he also places one round in it and is able to shoot accurately as well. He does hesitate longer at the HK93 to shoot because he adjusts the sights, but still makes contact. Moving on to the Mosin-Nagant, Peter again loads only one bullet and makes it count. With three shots and three hits, Peter heads to the last station. At the SVT-40, Peter continues his pattern by loading only one bullet and once again makes it count. Because of his strategy, Peter is able to set the bar even higher. He has a time of 1:21, but he is still in the hot seat until someone else scores lower than him. Peter says that he's out to play hard and he's not going to give up the game very easily.

With two people setting the bar high, Chris is up next. Chris begins the challenge strong by also loading only one bullet in the TZ-99. He continues the accuracy streak by hitting the target. He moves onto the HK93, and also takes time to fire it when he adjusts the sights. It helps him and he's able to hit the target accurately. Colby notes that at this point, every marksman has been accurate. Chris moves onto the Mosin-Nagant and also loads one bullet in. So far, his strategy is paying off like Peter's was. Moving onto the SVT-40, he has a time of 1:16. Loading one bullet, he fires and ties Peter with a time of 1:21. Chris is very pleased with his performance and wasn't surprised with how he did things. Colby informs Chris that he tied Peter with a time of 1:21. But Colby says there are no ties and tells him that he did it in 79/100 of a second faster than Peter did. So that puts Chris automatically in the Final Four. Iain is chosen to go next. He has a small stumble going up the stairs, but makes up for it by hitting the TZ-99 accurately. Iain also adjusts the sights to the HK93, but it helps as he hits the shot accurately. Iain makes it to the Mosin-Nagant quickly and also loads one bullet. He keeps the accuracy streak going even further by hitting the target. Iain loads one shot for the SVT-40, and is also able to hit the target on his first shot. But his stumble at the beginning costs him and he finishes with a score of 1:25. This gives Peter the second spot in the Final Four. Iain is on the hot seat now.

With only two spots left to claim, Adam steps up to begin the competition. Adam knows that the pressure is on with everyone setting the bar very high with their times 90 seconds and under. He hopes he can match that. Adam is able to hit the first target accurately with the TZ-99, but he fires two shots at the target. Moving onto the HK93, he loads two rounds in the rifle. He also readjusts the sites and he hits the target. Moving onto the Mosin-Nagant, he loads only one round. But this time, he misses the target, making him the first to miss. He loads another bullet but this time is able to hit the target. Moving onto the SVT-40, he already falls behind Iain and Kelly. He is able to shoot the target accurately, but it's too late. Adam finishes with a score of 1:36. While it's not announced at the time, with only J.J. left to shoot, there is no way Adam can make it through with his score lower than Kelly's. Adam is going to be one of the contestants that will be eliminated as Iain claims the third spot to the Final Four. This leaves only J.J. left to shoot. Colby tells J.J. that he has to beat 1:30, and if he doesn't, J.J. will be eliminated. Kelly is worried because he knows that J.J. is good. J.J. races up the hill and Colby notes that he's probably the fastest that's gone up the hill in the challenge. He makes the shot accurately with the TZ-99 and moves on. Colby knows J.J. is a pistol shooter and wonders if he can shoot accurately with the rifles. J.J. adjusts the sights on the HK93 like everyone else did and he hits it accurately. Moving onto the Mosin-Nagant, he is able to make up for Adam's blunder as he hits the target accurately. J.J. has been fast so far, but can he complete the challenge with a perfect round. J.J. takes careful aim with the SVT-40 and is able to make the shot. With that shot, J.J.'s score is 1:20. He is moving onto the Final Four, and that means Adam and Kelly are the ones that are eliminated from the competition. Colby notes that J.J.'s time was the fastest out of all the competitors.

After the results, Colby announces that Adam and Kelly have been eliminated. Kelly wishes that he hadn't been the guinea pig to go first. He knows he lost time because he loaded more shots into the TZ-99 and HK93 than he needed to. This cost him valuable time. Kelly notes he didn't make mistakes as a marksman, but he did make mistakes in the challenges. Adam notes that he was doing well at the beginning of the challenge, but his miss was what ultimately cost him. He also notes that he fired two shots at the TZ-99 target and that cost him three or four seconds. Adam says he still had it in him to move on, and he just didn't give it his all when he missed. Everyone tells Adam and Kelly goodbye. Adam notes that it was the oldest and the youngest that were eliminated from the competition today. Overall, he's very pleased with his performance in the competition and he's happy that he made the friends that he made. Chris is sad to see Adam go because they've been good friends since the beginning. Even though he has been juvenile at times, they have had a good time in the house. Peter is amazed that Kelly made it as far as he did. He says Kelly fought like a lion the whole time and the competitions finally caught up to him. Kelly is proud of his performance as well. He notes that he outshot several competitors, some even professional. He admits he's not a professional shooter, and he's just an engineering student. But he is proud that he was able to stun people in the competition time and time again. The episode ends with Adam and Kelly leaving the competition.