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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Topper Meets The Ghosts
      George and Marion Kerby were enjoying their fifth wedding anniversary when they became victims of a skiing accidents. Their only potential rescuer, Neil a Saint Bernard dog, was also killed in the tragic avalache. The three of them became ghost and returned to their country home in New York to discover that the home was being purchased by a stuffy bank executive and his wife, Cosmo and Henrietta Topper. They make themselves visible and audible to Mr. Topper and encourage him to buy their home.moreless
    • The Movers
      The Movers
      Episode 2
      Henrietta and Cosmo Topper have bought the home that George and Marion Kerby lived in when they were alive. It is moving day for the Topper's. The Kerby's are not sure how they feel about it. At first they make things difficult for the Toppers. Finally they themselves only to Cosmo.moreless
    • Hiring The Maid
      Hiring The Maid
      Episode 3
      The Topper's maid Velma quits. George decides he will find the replacement for Cosmo. He finds a burlesque queen, Miss Lola la Verne. He "tells" her to come to the Topper resident for her new job.
    • The Hypnotist
      The Hypnotist
      Episode 4
      Topper has a "friend" who is a hypnotist. He realizes the "friend" is a charlatan. In addition, the "friend" is overbearing and controlling. Topper, George and Marion decided that he needs to be taught a lesson. George and Marion help Topper to teach his "friend" a lesson that he will soon not forget.moreless
    • Reducing
      Episode 5
      In this episode Cosmo becomes concerned that he is too fat. Watch the fun the ghosts have trying to "help" Cosmo get a slimmer body.
    • The Spinster
      The Spinster
      Episode 6
      In this episode Thelma Gibney is desperate find a beau. She is sure she has found the perfect match in a young insurance agent. Unfortunately, she soon learns that he is only interested in selling her numerous insurance policies.
    • Bank Securities
      Bank Securities
      Episode 7

      Our ghostly pup, Neil, has gotten Cosmo into much trouble. His ghostly form has not weakened his power to smell. He finds and hides important bank documents. Now, how is Cosmo going to explain his way out of this one?

    • The Kid
      The Kid
      Episode 8

      A bored rich kid doesn't want to be sent off to private school. He'd rather bone up on his panhandling and sob-story techniques and decides on Topper.

    • The Burglar
      The Burglar
      Episode 9

      George and Marion find a burglar in the house and watch as he runs into the closet to hide as Topper and Henrietta arrive home. That gives the playful ghosts a chance to play dress up with him and frighten him out of the closet into the arms of the police.

    • Uncle Jonathan
      Uncle Jonathan
      Episode 10
      Marion's favorite uncle, globetrotting Uncle Jonathan, arrives at the Topper household fresh from a trip in Africa and unaware of the avalanche that took his favorite niece's life.
    • The Car Story
      The Car Story
      Episode 11

      The Kerbys trap Cosmo into buying a car for Henrietta as a birthday gift.

    • Christmas Carol
      Christmas Carol
      Episode 12
      Topper falls asleep while reading the Dickens classic ' "A Christmas Carol." While asleep Topper dreams that he is Scrooge. Guess who the ghosts are?
    • Masquerade
      Episode 13
      It is New Years eve and Topper is invited to a costume party. It seems like a good idea. What starts out as a wonderful evening ends Topper in jail.
    • Second Honeymoon
      Second Honeymoon
      Episode 14
      Mr. & Mrs. Topper spend their anniversary in a haunted inn.
    • The Socialite
      The Socialite
      Episode 15
      Henrietta want to get her poems published. She gives a dinner party to some special guests hoping that her dinner will butter them up enough that she can read her poems and get her work published.
    • The Surprise Party
      The Surprise Party
      Episode 16
      It is Marion's birthday. George wants to do something special. He wants to throw her a party.
    • Decorating
      Episode 17

      In this episode Henrietta is on a mission to decorate the house. She hires a decorator who prays on her innocence. He cons her into buying a new ten-piece suite. Topper decided that two can play this game and develops a scheme to get the decorated to beg to buy back the ten-piece suite.

    • Astrology
      Episode 18
      The stars look down on Topper's workaday world.
    • Trip to Lisbon
      Trip to Lisbon
      Episode 19

      Cosmo is being sent to Lisbon, South Carolina to assist at a branch of the bank. Meanwhile, the Kerbys see a news broadcast reporting on a group of financial executives, hand picked by the President on a mission to Lisbon, Portugal. George thinks Cosmo is one of the executives and believes he needs protection.

    • The Proposal
      The Proposal
      Episode 20
      George must court Marion all over again after she accuses him of not being very romantic.
    • Katie's Nephew
      Katie's Nephew
      Episode 21
      In this episode the Kerby's try help Katie's 18 month old nephew appear "special" as they make him appear to do things that no child can do at any age.
    • The College Reunion
      Marion and George are very excited about Topper's class reunion. They want Topper to really impress his old classmates. They decide that he should give the college a donation of $5,000. Unknowingly to Topper the Kerby's take the money from Topper's funds and donate it to his college. His classmates are so impressed with his donation that when he arrives at the reunion, he is treated like a prince. He is so confused because he is unaware of the generous donation he has made.moreless
    • Economy
      Episode 23
      In this episode Topper is busy with his taxes. He becomes focused on money and tells his wife and the Kerby's that it is imperative that everyone cut back on spending. Henrietta and the Kerby's can not find one thing that they can not do without.
    • The Diamond Ring
      The Diamond Ring
      Episode 24
      Marion and George still owe money on Marion's diamond wedding ring. An insurance company detective is sent out to investigate the Kerbys. He is determined to get the money or the ring. Topper tries to help Marion and George keep the diamond without Topper paying for their debt. Topper tried to prove that they are no longer living and the ring, maybe it was with Marion when she died.moreless
    • Topper Runs For Mayor
      In this episode Topper runs for Mayor. Unfortunately his boss is supporting Cosmo's opponent. The office is tense with his boss is in the enemy camp.
    • The Painting Episode
      A phonybaloney art instructor shows Mrs. Topper the spiritual side of life.
    • Henrietta Sells the House
      Henrietta decides she going to sell the house without informing Cosmo first. She gets a buyer and has the house sold before Cosmo can stop her. George and Marion are very upset with Topper because they feel he wants to learn. They soon realize that Topper does not want to move. They make the new buyer think the house is haunted. He decides not to buy the house and of course it ends happily with Topper staying at the house.moreless
    • Legacy
      Episode 28
      Topper discovers that the Kerby's have inherited one million dollars from George's grandfather. There is only one problem. They can not collect unless they are alive. Imagine Cosmo's surprise when a man and woman come to his door claiming to be George and Marion Kerby.
    • Topper Goes to Las Vegas
      Topper is to go on a short trip with Henrietta sailing. The trip gets stopped because he needs for business reasons to go make a bid for a client on a hotel in Las Vegas. He takes Henrietta, George & Marion with him to Las Vegas. Marion and George teach Topper to gamble. They help Topper win a lot of money at the craps table. Topper is about to get arrested because security is sure he is cheating. He has not lost once at the craps table. Evident turn quickly from bad to good. Topper's client now owns the Hotel. Topper now is in charge of making decisions for the hotel. He claims he busted the bank to test their security systems. He tells them they have a wonderful security department and puts the head of security in charge of the hotel.moreless
    • Topper Goes West
      Topper Goes West
      Episode 30
      In this episode Topper, Henrieta and the Kerby's all travel to New Mexico. Topper has been given the assignment to research a dude ranch and see if the property is worth the investment for one of his clients. Topper arrives to a surprise. Thanks to a letter written by our ghostly friends, the ranch hands think Cosmo is a rough and tumble cowboy. The ranch hands decide to put Cosmo up to a test.moreless
    • Sweepstakes
      Episode 31

      In this episode the Kerby's are concerned that Cosmo can not stand up to his boss. The man does not stop demanding all of Cosmo's time. George and Marion try their hardest but can not get Topper to confront this man. Finally the Kerby�s decide that if they trick Cosmo into thinking he has won the sweepstakes, it will gain Topper the confidence to finally stand up to his boss. Will Cosmo loss his job after he tells his boss where to go?

    • The Package
      The Package
      Episode 32
      Marion and George has sent for a item they desperately want. They have intended for the package to arrive by United States mail to the Topper home. Since they are dead they felt this was the best way to get the package. When the package arrives at the Topper home, Henreitta receives it. Since it is addressed to the former residents and the former residents are dead, she has the package sent to the dead letter department of the post office. Marion and George go off to the post office to get the package. They end up ransacking the post office it to get the item.moreless
    • Neil Disappears
      Neil Disappears
      Episode 33
      Our ghostly dog does a disappearing act which is nothing new except he has a State Department pouch. How is Cosmo going to explain this one to his boss?
    • The Picnic
      The Picnic
      Episode 34
      Awaiting summary
    • The Wedding
      The Wedding
      Episode 35
      Awaiting Summary
    • Preparations for Europe
      George wants to tour Europe. He finds out that the prize for writing the best slogan to a popular cereal is a trip to Europe. Determined to take the trip, George helps Henrietta write a "winning" jingle.
    • The Boat
      The Boat
      Episode 37
      Henrietta and Topper go on a boat trip. The trip is going well until they are headed home. Marion and George decide they want a few things to come home with all of them. Unfortunately these items were stolen from another cabin.
    • Theatrical Episode
      Theatrical Episode
      Episode 38
      Awaiting Summary
    • George's Old Flame
      George's Old Flame
      Episode 39
      George finds out that an old flame is engaged to a Hollywood star. The Kerby's try and find out if the man is worthy of her love.
  • Season 2