Season 1 Episode 27

Henrietta Sells the House

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Apr 09, 1954 on CBS

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  • It is the communication issues that provide the humor in this episode. The plot takes an unexpect turn because the Kirby's misinterupt Mr. Topper's actions.

    This episode is full of humor and mistaken communications. Mrs. Topper wants to sell the house. She has not told Mr. Topper and proceeds to make a deal with a seller before Mr. Topper has a chance to let her know that he does not want to move. The story would be funny in and of itself if Mr. Topper and the Kirby’s manipulated the buyer into leaving to thinking that the house was haunted. The reason I love this show, is that the story line is not that simple. The Kirby’s have a communication problem with Mr. Topper and think that he wants to leave. The dialogue is very funny until the Kirby’s finally realize that Mr. Topper wants to continue a relationship with the Kirby’s and wants to live in the house. After that is established the plot continues in the direction you first expected, which is to make the buyer believe the house is haunted. He withdraws his bid and Mr. Topper stays living in the house. It is the communication issues that provide the humor in this series. Funny one liners through each episode where communication lines break down and actions and words are misinterpreted.