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  • If you love comedy that doesn't need over kill one liners, or slapstick. And you like to be pleasantly surprised by laughing at the situations characters get into every week and can't wait to see the next episode. You will be addicted on a good thing!!

    I give this show a 10+. No laugh tracks needed. Hysterically funny. The actors fulfilled their character and personality as if they had experienced the storyline in thier lives and don't forget afterlives! George and Marion are so cool and they actually like "Toppy" as well as calmly driving him crazy and Henrietta ready to have a nervous breakdown as Topper's explanations about talking to noone or himself or.....? get weaker and more nonsensical and Marion and George show no mercy. Neal, the Kirby's sidekick St. Bernard doesn't have to do much but be and look himself, along with his barrel of Brandy? ready for an emergency and for any person found in the snow needing to warm up. Yeh, right! There isn't any pretense here. Neal just enjoys the same cocktail hour(s) as his Master George and Mistress Marian, forget his kin and drinking partners.

    As far as the rest of the characters, well they have thier own rendition of whats really going on. You'll just have to watch Topper one time and you'll be hooked. Well, that is if you still have your own natural sense of humor tickled by the natural side of living and responding to associating your own thoughts about the unexpainable and the trying to make it seem like all these suddenly schizophrenic moves are just being looked at by Hennrietta incorrectly and that she is just overreacting and misinterpreting everything she is seeing lately!!
  • This show is as wonderful today as it was in its day. Though there are limited special effects, the acting and writing make up for it all.

    Topper ran for three successful season's in the 1950's. Black and white television with limited special effects. The show relays on writing talent and acting talent to bring about an excellent show. It is funny in its time period and still wonderful to watch today.

    Background on this show:
    This show based on a book by Thorne Smith. There were three classic movies that inspired the series. There were three movies that preceded this series: Topper, Topper Takes a Vacation & Topper Returns. In the original movie the ghost were played by Cary Grant and Constance Bennet.

    Roland Young played the stuffy bank president, cosmo Topper. He was nominated for an Academy Award for his role in Topper. In the first film, Cary Grant and Constance Bennett co-star as ghosts trying to control Topper.
  • The government has decided it needs a new highway. The Topper proper is right in direction of the intended project. Cosmo and Harrietta may be able to move but George and Marion can not. The highway will go in over their dead bodies!

    I loved The House Wreckers episode - especially the little guy of the team who didn't say a word but reacted (acted) in a way that brought belly laughs. This show goes back to the days when you didn't need to be mean to bring out the humor in a situation; when a half-hour television program such as "Topper" understood what it meant to be a "situation comedy." I really wish they would rerun this and other episodes on some network so kids of today could enjoy what easy humor was all about. I hope they do bring this series back.
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