Season 1 Episode 29

Topper Goes to Las Vegas

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Apr 23, 1954 on CBS

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  • I need a couple of ghosts to help me when I go to Las Vegas.

    I love watching this show because allows you to see in action items that we have all forgotten about but were once common place in our own home. You see Topper writing with a fountain pen while Marion and George are telling him what fun they will all have in Las Vegas. You see Topper making a phone call in an old phone booth with a dial phone. You see Las Vegas as it was in the 50's. It is not just the memorable old items that make this show enjoyable. Topper acts strange to other people because of Marion and George. Yet, this stuffy old man comes up with the best lines to explain his own ridiculous actions. His explanation makes the other person look ridiculous for asking.