Season 1 Episode 29

Topper Goes to Las Vegas

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Apr 23, 1954 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Ed Fleming a newscaster is promoting Camel cigarettes in this episode. He states that Harry M. Wokey, the leading tobacco analysis, in 1954 published figures showing the Camels out sells the second leading cigarette by 50 and 8/10%. This makes cigarette history. And it simple means: Camels are what most people want for pure smoking pleasure.

    • Topper is brought to you by Camels which at the time out sold all other brands. In the commercials, the actors all smoke and refer to each other by their real names.

  • Quotes

    • Mr. Schuyler has just told Topper that Topper needs to go to Las Vegas to present Harvey Middle's bid on a hotel. Topper asked why me and Mr. Schuyler tells Topper that the job must be done by a man of his dignity and demeanor. Marion and George are so exicted about the trip that they push Topper into his chair and start swinging him around. Mr. Schuyler walks back into the room and sees Topper spinning in his chair.
      Schuyler: Topper! What on earth has happened to you.
      Topper: Nothing, I was just reminding myself to buy a round trip ticket.

    • Henrietta: I'm writing to Thelma.
      Cosmo: That's nice.
      Henrietta: Thelma and I have been corresponding for years. Whenever I go any place I write to her and she writes to me whenever she leaves town.
      Cosmo: But Thelma has never been out of town since we've known her.
      Henrietta: You know your right. I wondered why I never get any mail from her.

    • Lefferty watches as Topper is talking to his ghost friends Marion and George. The ghost hand Topper some dice. Lefferty see the dice float in the air and goes up to Topper.
      Lefferty: How did you do that?
      Topper: What?
      Lefferty: Those dice they stayed up in the air by themselves.
      Topper: Oh, yes. I got them in a floating crap game.

    • The show's sponsor likes to tell you the following.
      Narrator: Camel, America's first choice among cigarettes presents Topper starring as Marianne Kerby, the liveliest ghost in town, Anne Jeffreys; as George Kerby, the liveliest ghost in town, Robert Sterling; and Leo G. Carroll as Topper. Oh yes, and the deadliest ghost, Neil. And there are only three people in the world who can see them. You and I and Cosmo Topper.

  • Notes

    • In the show each week at the beginning and end of the show, you will see Anne Jeffreys, Robert Sterling and Leo Carroll smoking. They play themselves in these commercials and endorse Camels.

    • Actors were not paid as much in the 1950s as they are today. Like in radio, the stars of the 1950s were expected to endorce their shows sponsors in at least two commercials per show. If the sponsor was a cigarette company, even if you did not smoke, you were expected to smoke for the commercial to endorse the product. Every show you can see Anne Jeffreys, Robert Sterling and Leo Carroll, smoking and endorsing Camels.

    • In the 1950s television shows were generally sponsored by one product. All the commercials would be about the item. Topper was sponsored by Camels.

  • Allusions

    • Cosmo: It is my contention that there is not room in this world for women and pants and in some cases there is no room in the pants for women.
      This is a reference to the changing times. Women had been in the home in dresses and their role was changing. Topper an old fashion man does not like the change. His wife is becoming more modern and is wearing a pair of pants.