CBS (ended 1955)





  • Season 1 Episode 29: Topper Goes to Las Vegas

  • Ed Fleming a newscaster is promoting Camel cigarettes in this episode. He states that Harry M. Wokey, the leading tobacco analysis, in 1954 published figures showing the Camels out sells the second leading cigarette by 50 and 8/10%. This makes cigarette history. And it simple means: Camels are what most people want for pure smoking pleasure.

  • Topper is brought to you by Camels which at the time out sold all other brands. In the commercials, the actors all smoke and refer to each other by their real names.

  • Season 1 Episode 1: Topper Meets The Ghosts

  • The address for the house that Topper and the Kerby's lived in is: 101 Maple Drive, New York City.

  • Topper is the first television show that used trick photography to show the interplay between humans in alternative dimensions.

  • There have been two failed attempts to revive this show. One was in March 19, 1973 called Topper Returns. It was a half-hour pilot that starred John Fink , Stepfanie Powers and Roddy McDowall. The second attemp was just titled Topper and aired November 9, 1979. It was a two hour TV special and starred Andrew Stevens, Kate Jackson and Jack Warden.

  • There were in fact three movies about Topper. One in 1937 called "Topper". One in 1939 called "Topper Takes a Trip". In 1941 the final movie was out and it was called "Topper Returns."

  • In both the movies that Topper was the spin off TV show for Roland Young played Cosmo Topper. He did such a wonderful portrayal that he was nominated for an Academy Award.

  • Topper is a spin off from a movie made in 1937 starring Cary Grant and Constance Bennett. The movie was so popular that it had a sequel called Topper returns in 1941.