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  • Season 2
    • Toradora!
      Episode 9
      After being tricked into coming to her parents house, Yasuko finds Ryūji waiting for her. Later Rjūji finds out his father ran off with another woman when Yasuko was pregnant with him. Ryūji assures her that he will not run away, so the two of them and Taiga return home. After returning to her apartment, Taiga finds her mother gone, so she listens to the messages her mother left for her. After laughing at how childish her mother is, Taiga decides to go stay with her mother, leaving only a note for Ryūji.moreless
    • Confession
      Episode 8
      As Minori and Ryûji chase after Taiga, Minori confesses that she also likes Ryûji but decides to let him go as he is in love with Taiga. Later Taiga's confession to Ryûji is interrupted when their mothers arrive and an argument breaks out. As such, with a little help from Minori, Ami and Yûsaku the duo plan to run away together.moreless
    • The Road That We Must Advance On
      With things having returned to normal, Yuri talks to Ryûji and Taiga about their future aspiration forms. Taiga feels she doesn't need to work or go to a university and Ryûji doesn't want to go to a university because his mother works too hard already. Later, Minori confronts Ryûji and Taiga about what happened on the ski trip and reveals to Taiga that it was Ryûji who saved her. When Taiga tries to leave, she is blocked by both Ami and Yûsaku.moreless
    • The Scene With You
      Taiga has been staying with her mother since the accident and Ryûji uses her absence from school to ask Yûsaku to pretend he was the one who rescued Taiga. Ryûji is also concerned about his financial situation and his prospects of getting into college, prompting his mother to get a second job. Later that night Taiga turns up on his doorstep because she is locked out of her apartment. They then discuss the events of the ski trip and Ryûji assures her that apart from Yûsaku saving her, it was all a dream. Meanwhile, Minori and Ami talk about the situation with Ryûji and what happened on the ski trip.moreless
    • No Matter What
      No Matter What
      Episode 5
      On the class ski trip the group finally discovers that Ryûji has a crush on Minori. Later a sledging accident leads to a fight between Ami and Minori and in the aftermath Taiga goes missing. Yûsaku, Minori, and Ryûji join the search and when Ryûji finds her a very confused Taiga makes a shocking declaration.moreless
    • Always, Like This
      Taiga decides to keep her distance from Ryûji in order to give him a better chance with Minori. However, following his rejection at Christmas he is still very awkward around Minori and it is up to Taiga to push them together. With the upcoming field trip to Okinawa rearranged as a ski trip, Ryûji decides that this may be his last chance to confess properly.moreless
    • 2/11/09
      The day of the party has come and Ryūji calls Minori to once again ask her to come to the party, but only gets her answering machine. At the party, Taiga and Ami surprise everyone by singing a song together. After they are done, Taiga disappears and Ryūji learns from Ami that she went home to wait on Santa. Knowing she will be alone, Ryūji decides to dress up in a Santa Bear costume and visit Taiga.moreless
    • Under the Fir Tree
      With everything coming together for the Christmas party, Hisamitsu and Kōji continue to try and bring Taiga and Yūsaku together, annoying Ryūji. After everyone leaves, except Ami and Ryūji, Ami tells Ryūji that he should stop acting like a father for Taiga and let her inside his heart, which Ryūji misses the latter part. After everyone gets the Christmas tree set up, a ball flies and knocks it over, breaking the star Taiga gave to Yūsaku. The culprit for the accident turns out to be none other then Minori!moreless
    • Mercury Retrogrades at Christmas
      With Christmas drawing close, Taiga decides to help Ryūji with Minori. Little do they know, Minori really hasn't been herself since she saw the picture of Yūsaku in Taiga's handbook. It is so bad, it is affecting her abilities on the softball field. Now Minori has begun spending less and less time around the group and even goes as far to decline going to Yūsaku's Christmas party.moreless
  • Season 1