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    OUT OF ALL THE ANIMES I WATCHED,THIS ONE IS THE BEST!!! I watched soul eater,(also best anime),love hina and this one,soul eater also deserves a 10 with toradora
  • After his encounter with Aisaka "the Palmtop tiger" Taiga, Ryuuji Takasu's high school life will never be the same again. Follow their wild goose chase for love as they pair off one another with their best friends. Who would end up with who?

    It has a light feel for an anime. Although you'll have a hint of what it's all about, the story gives a spin-off of events that could make you crave for more.

    The characters where well thought of. Making the lead guy look like a delinquent with a soft spot for household chores is shocking but admirable. Their personality and how they mature as the story progresses makes it even more interesting.

    The story's depth is average. It tackles mainly about high school life, friendship, falling in love and heartbreaks. Family issues and norms are also tackled but not in depth. For animation, I'd give it a 7/10. Emotions can be seen but there was no emphasis on the weight of the situation. Drawing could have been better but it might not fit the story.

    Opening and ending songs were great. I love music and I don't know how to review music that well. What makes me feel good and is pleasing to my ear is a good music.
  • A show that will get wanting to see more.

    ToraDora! is an anime show about the lead male and female characters trying to get with each other's best friend. AS the series goes on, the story changes in a way that will want you to see the end. Taiga's character changes as the story progress, good or bad is up to the person who watches it. It has humor in it, and is not one of those shows only based on one thing. Even though it was intended that they would help each other, they do, but in different ways. The other three characters, Kitamura, Minori, and Ami, because Ryuji and Taiga both start out as "trouble makers", but how people see them changes.

    The story itself is great, and so are the themes for it. They are catchy and will get your attention, if you like those kinds of songs.
  • A really great and underappreciated anime series.

    The show centres on two characters Taiga Aisaka (a diminuitive but violent young girl with a good heart) and Ryûji Takasu (a nice guy who is often mistaken for a delinquent) and the strange friendship they form in their second year of high school. The show is a potent mix of both comedy and drama with some really heart warming moments sliced together with some hillarious comedy. This is not the kind of anime that I usually enjoy but this one is so well written and with such great voice talent that it is utterly compelling to watch and one of my guilty viewing pleasures.

    Give it a go you may be sureprised by how much you enjoy it.