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Torchwood Declassified

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This show takes an insider's look at the making of the British science fiction series, Torchwood. This show is similar to the bonus features on a DVD featuring cast interviews, making of episodes, and a more in-depth exploration of Torchwood's mythology.

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AIRED ON 7/9/2009


Season 3 : Episode 1


    Russell T Davies Teases Torchwood Return

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    • compared to what it used to be, it is a disgrace

      Torchwood in old days always left mixed feelings. The plot was original, the atmosphere often very nice and the acting was plainly bad right from the beginning. Bearable for science-fiction enthusiast but definitely beyond average compared to what a drama series would be able to offer. And then they launched "children of the Earth" and that was the best piece of science fiction entertainment I have ever seen.And compared to this television benchmark the new series is plainly a disaster. Superficial characters, huge holes and logical flaws in the plot and the whole thing is so very very slow. You can really feel in any minute you are forced to watch this, that initially the whole thing was planned to be a mini-series and now is stretched beyond limits.Bottom line: compared to "children's of the earth" the whole this is a disgrace.moreless
    • Torchwood Declassified provides all the information you could ever want to know about the Doctor Who spin-off called Torchwood.

      Well, quite simply this show gets a high rating because there is nothing wrong with it. If you watch Torchwood and you are interested in how they made an episode, this program will tell you how. It covers everything.. the cast and crew have a talk about the episode and what it was like to do this and that, they tell you about the effects and stuff, and they show you clips of the show too.. so even if you simply missed the latest episode of Torchwood you can watch this to get a basic idea of what it was all about.

      Torchwood Declassified is shown after every broadcast of Torchwood.moreless
    • This show explains how they made the spin-off from Doctor Who, Torchwood.

      Doctor Who Confidential is a program that tells you how they made Doctor Who (2005). This is pretty much the same, but about Torchwood and they add in a bit of info.

      Torchwood Declassified tells you how they made each episode. You will often watch Torchwood and wonder how they did something, or wonder what they mean by something. If this is the case, then straight after the show (after enduring 60 seconds) keep watching and Torchwood Declassified will come on. Speech from the cast and crew is included, and any guest writers/stars.

      Well worth watching. End of story. Goodbye. Yes, finally 100 words!moreless
    • Behind-the-Scenes information

      I am I will admit a 'more gimme more' fanatic. I love blooper reels and DVD 'extras' I love extended versions and directors cuts, and I really really love behind-the-scenes stuff, so this mini-show is a wonder for me. It's very interesting to see why the directors, writers and production people make the choices they did in the episodes and what they were trying to portray juxtaposed against what I saw in the episodes themselves. I am always facinated when what I think I saw and what they were trying to make me see or thought they were portraying are different. It's why I always wait until after I've seen the episode before I watch the Declassified. I think these little extras are a must for any fan of the show if only for the whole "really? that's what that meant? I didn't get that at all" factor.moreless
    • Torchwood's own Doctor Who Confidential...

      Once you get past the notion that this is a series of ten minute episodes in which the cast tell the viewer how great Torchwood is, you can see this is a standard accompanying show to the pretty successful Doctor Who spin-off.

      The cast interviews are interesting, but they seem to describe each episode in the same way. "It's sexy, it's's's's shocking."

      Not bad.
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