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Mekhi Phifer and Bill Pullman along with guest star Lauren Ambrose are set to star in the US version of Torchwood. Stars from the original BBC version, John Barrowman and Eve Myles continue in the new edition and are joined by Alexa Havins and Arlene Tur.
  • IT'S ON

    With Outlander and The Knick, Cinemax and Starz Are Poised to Compete With HBO and Showtime

    With their newest original series, Starz and Cinemax are poised to make the premium cable competition even tougher.


    Torchwood Fails to Pull Off a Miracle Ending

    Starz's sci-fi original finished its season in ridiculous, confusing fashion... though in retrospect, maybe that was the best possible scenario.

  • Alexa Havins

    Alexa Havins

    Esther Drummond

    John Barrowman

    John Barrowman

    Captain Jack Harkness

    Eve Myles

    Eve Myles

    Gwen Cooper

    Kai Owen

    Kai Owen

    Rhys Williams

    Mekhi Phifer

    Mekhi Phifer

    CIA Agent Rex Matheson

    Bill Pullman

    Bill Pullman

    Oswald Danes

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    • Great Show

      Great story line, found show by accident. BBC has great hit, can't wait for next season. American Waiting patiently, I have others looking at past episodes, America is watching
    • How I found it

      I enjoyed it but those overflow camps scared the hell out of me and I can't belive Jack is mortal it don't work Jack isn't suppose to be mortal. It's crazy with everyone else being mortal. But I loved the other episodes they were awesome.
    • captain jack the immortal man is still on the hunt to fight aliens.

      well i dont know why this as its own thread but whatever.

      i want go to much in too detail b/c if u want the full review on what i think about the show.just read my review on the original torchwood review thing.

      ill keep this one short since i just finishing writing one for the orginal one.

      the writing good.

      the acting good.

      the characters are intersting.

      the special effects and action are good.

      overrall its a good show.

      i say watch:)moreless
    • If you're looking for the well plotted, fast paced torchwood, you won't find it here If you're looking for a fair bit of gay sex in a bloodbath, this is your showmoreless

      Sadly, I'd say I'm the former of those. The worst problem is its pacing. This could have been done in less than half the time, and the filler they add in isn't even interesting.

      Other problems include logic jumps. There is nothing special about Jack's blood, it has nothing to do with his normal immortality, andthat fact iseven expressed in the showso why introducing his blood to the blessing would make any difference at all is beyond me. And how Rex became immortal, is just stupidity at work.

      Other issues including the unneccessary sexual scenes, did we need to see Jack in bed with a man twice? I know it's past watershed but this was uneccessary, and acomplished nothing plot wise.

      Even if this is post-watershed timeslot, and with the normality that torchwood is a more adult show, it is alarming the amount of blood and gore there is in this, most of it unnecessary. (Ie when the burned not quite dead body is being examined, and Jack asks: what happens if we detach the head?)

      Several hours, dead ends and acts of violence later and we're still looking at the consequences of the miricle, with no idea as the who's behind this.

      Then there are other issues that make little sense. CIA agents are involved, but UNIT are no-where to be found. (I can accept that the Doctor isn't involved, he's spent a grand total of 5 minutes in the present since the Miricle was started)

      Several characters don't live up to anything. The families were busy standing around doing nothing, whilst their plans were being wrecked, sounds a bit fishy to me, whilst Jilly Kissinger adds little to nothing to the plot, and Oswald danes did nothing interesting until part 9, aside from becoming the celebrity you love to hate.

      The subplot with Gwen's family whilst interesting should have been resolved earlier, it felt odd in the penultimate episode to have the story of Gwen's father rather than the vital moving forward of the plot

      Conclusion - set on an interesting premise, this series fails entirely to capitalise on that. Maybe because of poor writing, or because the writers weren't given the freedom to write a compelling story.

      I add that a 10-part episode is a stupid idea and very hard to pull off, especially since each part's an hour long, better to have an ongoing plot in the background, whilst concentrating on individual storiesmoreless
    • RIP while waiting for the resurrection

      Having only recently discovered TORCHWOOD I have watched all 4 series in 2 months so I have followed clearly the transition from a quirky well written ( with plenty of double meanings and winks to wards other British institutions) gem of a tounge in cheek series, where each episode had it's own plot, into an american super-slick souless time filler without any content that could shock the great mom and pop american heartland. spanned out over 10 episodes to try and hold the viewers so that the great god publicty will cough out a bit extra!

      Let's all cry out for a return to the scource, buried under Cardiff's fountain, with more hip aliens and artefacts washed up from the Rift, and more mayhem from Jack's soul(cell)mate from the futur

      From experience (I live in France,) one knows that dialects and slang are very dificult to adapt for an international audience, and I've seen what is lost when welsh idioms are translated into French, but broadcasters often underestimate the intellegence of the audience for these shows.

      Continue with TORCHWOOD. Yes to Aliens, - let other series deal wilth Terriens. Yes to repartee - leave the deep meaningful blandness to others


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