Torchwood: Miracle Day

Season 1 Episode 7

Immortal Sins

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Aug 19, 2011 on Starz
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Determined to save her family at any cost, Gwen takes Jack captive to deliver him to the kidnappers.

A flashback to 1927, unites Jack and a young Italian immigrant named Angelo.

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  • You'd think an episode centred around Jack would be good! You'd be wrong...

    This was bad. Very, very bad.

    Torchwood, Miracle Day is a very strange beast. It has a superb premise, with nobody dying and how the world is going to cope with it. It has some rather interesting new yanke charactors, each one with enough depth and back story to keep us interested. It has the brilliant Bill Pullman as the very sinister Oswald Danes. And, of course, it has its history, with Captain Jack, Gwen, and the Wales backdrop. All this is more than enough to produce some brilliant TV. Yet, week on week, they are failing miserably.

    The plot crawls by at a snails pace. 5 minutes of it are stretched out painfully in each episode. This particular episode, however, increased the level of crapness to infinite proportions. Man, did this one suck.

    Take the whole gay scenes, for a start. It was immensely obvious that the whole gay relationship was written purely down to some agenda of the writers. The seduction, sex andinnuendoscenes not only wereunessential, but downright boring. What does it matter if Angelo feels guilty about a same sex romp in a hotel room? What does it matter if, as Jack puts it, "two men is soooo wrong!" What does it matter how many times Jack gives this bloke one? Absolutely nothing. Jack had a relationship with the bloke who's behind it all, years ago. That is all that matters. The rest of it, the whole gay relationship, is there to, once again, smash us over the head with the gay agenda. This is one of Russell T Davies' biggest weaknesses as a writer, and its a big one. Hetro or gay, the whole relationship felt like filler, and an excuse to shove in a sex scene.

    But unfortunately there is no silver lining away from the boring, pointless love story. Oh no! Gwen and Jack's dynamic in the car is probably the most interesting thing about the entire episode, to becompletelyforgotten about right at the end with a quick hug. The viewer is simply sat there wondering, "what was the point?" And, after all the trouble the bad guys went through to kidnap Gwen's family, it all makes little difference anyway as they know Jack will come no matter what to see hisItalianStallion.

    Torchwood continues to limp its way to its conclusion, and I can only hope that after this week there is a huge improvement. Itdisappointsme how such a brilliant premise can be screwed up so bad, but then, with a writer more concerned about showing two blokes at it in every scene he can instead of good story telling, what hope does it have.moreless
  • Very interesting story of Cap'n Jack's past and the person behind The Miracle!

    I loved this episode. We get to see each & every character express raw emotion, see what's below the surface. Cap'n Jack was definitely caught off guard in the final moments when someone from way back in his past pops up again. Very excited to watch the next episode!

    I've missed some of the previous seasons but I'm absolutely LOVED Miracle Day!
  • An episode that gets back to the heart of the show. Some people seem to not enjoy this episode but for me it focused on what I like about Torchwood, thecharacters. I want to know how the miracal day plot unfolds but to be honest I came back to this showmoreless

    after the hiatus because I wanted more Jack and Gwen. And that exactly what this episode gave me. I loved their conversation in the car, Jacks feelings about being mortal, and Gwens speech about Torchwood. The very specific Dr. Whoreferenceswere nice as well, good to know thew shows keeping in touch with its roots. Some concerns have been voiced that it was 'to gay', but considering how much graphic heterosexual love you can find on TV an given night and how chaste the scene was(except for one butt shot) it was just gay enough for me. It's been said Torchwood is like Dr Who for adults and now that the show is on Starz it canfinallylive up to it's 'adult content' potentialmoreless
  • Immortal Sins

    Immortal Sins was a superb episode of Torchwood: Miracle Day and I question the reasoning behind any fan who says otherwise. I enjoyed this episode because there were flashbacks into Jack's past which were intriguing and their were also a few revelations. Fans of the show already know which way Jack swings so that shouldn't be a surprise, and it was interesting to see his past relationship. Gwen was awesome in this episode and I kept waiting for a clue or signal from her but she was set on going through with her plan. This episode had every thing that makes the series worth watching. There was character and plot development, action, drama, and an overall quality. Gwen's family may have been saved, but Jack isn't quite out of the situation. I look forward to watching the next episode to see what happens!!!!!!!moreless
  • Worst episode ever. I love Torchwood and Doctor Who.... But this episode lagged and dragged, and i didnt feel transported back in time at all. The flashbacks were completely unbelievable and poorly shot and excecuted. SPOILERS followmoreless

    This episode should have been about 15 or maybe 20 minutes long... it was doldrum, it lagged and dragged and was completely unbelievable and unrealistic. nothing about the 20's new york was believable. the scenes were terrible.... the love connection was unbelievable.... first Angelo gives the sign of the cross when Jack gives him his papers after using technology to alter them... then they are kissing.... and wow, talk about a love scene that was slow, boring, and took far, far, yes far too long... it threw a wrench into a story that was already missing a few tools. Angelo gets thrown in jail, then Jack is waiting for him at the prison.. after a year (?some time) has passed? Sloppy stinking slop.

    The ending was nice, from the heated argument in the car between Jack and Gwen, to Nana Visitor and the rescue scene, but geez, the entire middle, and the flashback was just a total miss. it provided backstory, but was written and excecuted more poorly than any torchwood (or doctor who) episode i have ever seen, and think it may have alienated anyone who was watching Miracle Day without much or any knowledge of either Torchwood or Doctor Who before this season.moreless
Eve Myles

Eve Myles

Gwen Cooper

Mekhi Phifer

Mekhi Phifer

CIA Agent Rex Matheson

Alexa Havins

Alexa Havins

Esther Drummond

Kai Owen

Kai Owen

Rhys Williams

John Barrowman

John Barrowman

Captain Jack Harkness

Nana Visitor

Nana Visitor

Olivia Colasanto

Guest Star

Daniele Favilli

Daniele Favilli

Angelo Colasanto

Guest Star

Pat Asanti

Pat Asanti


Guest Star

Tom Price

Tom Price

Sergeant Andy Davidson

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Jack mentions that the Parasite he is hunting is a member of the Trickster's Brigade. The Trickster is a member of the Pantheon of Discord who altered the histories of individuals in order to change the overall timeline for the worse and feed off the energy caused by the chaos. The Trickster was a recurring villain on the Sarah Jane Adventures where he consistently targeted the Doctor's oldest companion, Sarah Jane Smith.

      A different member of the Tricksters Brigade previously appeared in the Doctor Who episode "Turn Left" where the the creature attached to The Doctor's then companion Donna Noble in order to change her timeline.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Jack: You should save your money, Angelo Colasanto. Next couple of years, earn as much as you can. Save it all up. Because you're going to need it, bad times ahead.
      Angelo: Why? What's going to happen?
      Jack: Oh. So many things. Don't worry, it gets better. Then it gets worse again.
      Angelo: You talk funny.
      Jack: I'm a very funny man.

    • Jack: What are you looking for? I mean, in America.
      Angelo: Speed. Change. New things. People moving so fast they're not looking at me, so I can move faster on my own. Faster than anyone.
      Jack: Spoken like a true American.

    • Angelo: Where are you from? American visa, British passport.
      Jack: A magical island called Torchwood.
      Angelo: What does that mean? You keep saying things that don't make sense.

    • Jack: Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. So many times. And that's just today. It's been about, oh, 700 years since my last confession. Where do I start? How about the triplets? Or the naked circus? Or that Sapphic leapfrog jamboree?

    • Young Priest: The Volstead Act makes an exception for sacramental wine. And the brothers upstate produce more than we can use.
      Jack: The extra income feeds a lot of widows and orphans, I'm sure.
      Young Priest: Yes. We're doing this entirely for charity. Every last cent.
      Angelo: It's not very good.
      Jack: It's the blood of Christ, Angelo. I'm sure it's good enough.

    • Gwen: I don't remember. Just east.
      Jack: Did they say get on the Ten going east? Or on the eastbound 10 Freeway? Or what? If they said highway, they could be from back east. If their grammar was wrong, it could mean that English is not their first language.
      Gwen: I didn't notice anything wrong with it.
      Jack: You're Welsh, you wouldn't notice if the vowels were missing.
      Gwen: Button it!

    • Angelo: Besides, I always hoped... if God is love, maybe He loves me, too.
      Jack: That's blasphemy.
      Angelo: I think that's Christianity.

    • Jack: It's a species of brain spawn treated as vermin on more than one hundred and fifty planets that I know of. And valued as dinner one other. they taste like oysters.
      Angelo: You did not.
      Jack: I had to be polite.

    • Jack: I came back, Angelo. I came back for you. Believe me, I have never done that before. I--I even got us that same old room.
      Angelo: You came back for me?
      Jack: Yes. Yes I did. You don't know whether to hit me or to kiss me, do you? Come on, you can try both.

    • Gwen: What's the most beautiful thing you've ever seen? Not just on Earth.
      Jack: I'm not doing this, I'm not giving final speeches.
      Gwen: Understand me, anywhere in the universe.
      Jack: I saw a firebird once. A tiny little thing, even smaller than a humming bird. Literally made of fire. It only lives for a minute. It blazes different colors. It sings. It gets so bright you have to close your eyes. And when you open them, it's gone. But the image stays behind your eyelids for longer than it was alive.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: August 20, 2011 on SPACE
      United Kingdom: August 25, 2011 on BBC One
      Germany: August 18, 2012 on RTL II