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  • Great Show

    Great story line, found show by accident. BBC has great hit, can't wait for next season. American Waiting patiently, I have others looking at past episodes, America is watching
  • How I found it

    I enjoyed it but those overflow camps scared the hell out of me and I can't belive Jack is mortal it don't work Jack isn't suppose to be mortal. It's crazy with everyone else being mortal. But I loved the other episodes they were awesome.
  • captain jack the immortal man is still on the hunt to fight aliens.


    well i dont know why this as its own thread but whatever.

    i want go to much in too detail b/c if u want the full review on what i think about the show.just read my review on the original torchwood review thing.

    ill keep this one short since i just finishing writing one for the orginal one.

    the writing good.

    the acting good.

    the characters are intersting.

    the special effects and action are good.

    overrall its a good show.

    i say watch:)

  • If you're looking for the well plotted, fast paced torchwood, you won't find it here If you're looking for a fair bit of gay sex in a bloodbath, this is your show


    Sadly, I'd say I'm the former of those. The worst problem is its pacing. This could have been done in less than half the time, and the filler they add in isn't even interesting.

    Other problems include logic jumps. There is nothing special about Jack's blood, it has nothing to do with his normal immortality, andthat fact iseven expressed in the showso why introducing his blood to the blessing would make any difference at all is beyond me. And how Rex became immortal, is just stupidity at work.

    Other issues including the unneccessary sexual scenes, did we need to see Jack in bed with a man twice? I know it's past watershed but this was uneccessary, and acomplished nothing plot wise.

    Even if this is post-watershed timeslot, and with the normality that torchwood is a more adult show, it is alarming the amount of blood and gore there is in this, most of it unnecessary. (Ie when the burned not quite dead body is being examined, and Jack asks: what happens if we detach the head?)

    Several hours, dead ends and acts of violence later and we're still looking at the consequences of the miricle, with no idea as the who's behind this.

    Then there are other issues that make little sense. CIA agents are involved, but UNIT are no-where to be found. (I can accept that the Doctor isn't involved, he's spent a grand total of 5 minutes in the present since the Miricle was started)

    Several characters don't live up to anything. The families were busy standing around doing nothing, whilst their plans were being wrecked, sounds a bit fishy to me, whilst Jilly Kissinger adds little to nothing to the plot, and Oswald danes did nothing interesting until part 9, aside from becoming the celebrity you love to hate.

    The subplot with Gwen's family whilst interesting should have been resolved earlier, it felt odd in the penultimate episode to have the story of Gwen's father rather than the vital moving forward of the plot

    Conclusion - set on an interesting premise, this series fails entirely to capitalise on that. Maybe because of poor writing, or because the writers weren't given the freedom to write a compelling story.

    I add that a 10-part episode is a stupid idea and very hard to pull off, especially since each part's an hour long, better to have an ongoing plot in the background, whilst concentrating on individual stories

  • RIP while waiting for the resurrection


    Having only recently discovered TORCHWOOD I have watched all 4 series in 2 months so I have followed clearly the transition from a quirky well written ( with plenty of double meanings and winks to wards other British institutions) gem of a tounge in cheek series, where each episode had it's own plot, into an american super-slick souless time filler without any content that could shock the great mom and pop american heartland. spanned out over 10 episodes to try and hold the viewers so that the great god publicty will cough out a bit extra!

    Let's all cry out for a return to the scource, buried under Cardiff's fountain, with more hip aliens and artefacts washed up from the Rift, and more mayhem from Jack's soul(cell)mate from the futur

    From experience (I live in France,) one knows that dialects and slang are very dificult to adapt for an international audience, and I've seen what is lost when welsh idioms are translated into French, but broadcasters often underestimate the intellegence of the audience for these shows.

    Continue with TORCHWOOD. Yes to Aliens, - let other series deal wilth Terriens. Yes to repartee - leave the deep meaningful blandness to others

  • "Torturewood". REALLY slow. TOO slow to watch another season. I give up.


    The only reason I watched is because it's Dr Who. VERY slow. This whole season could have been done as a 3-part episode. Not sure if I'm going to watch anymore. Tremendously disappointing. We call it "Torturewood". SGU should have stayed and Torturewood should have gotten cancelled. SGU moved faster, even in the early going.

    The excessive, explicit homosexuality was indulgent, unnecessary, and detracted significantly from good story-telling. The character of Oswald Danes had a purpose in one or two episodes, but was largely a waste of time in most episodes.

    Even the final episode, in which something finally happened, moved at a snail's pace: felt like 15 minutes of dialog while everyone just stood and waited for the the dialog to stop. It wasn't the sci-fi that wasn't believable, I couldn't suspend my disbelief that everyone would stand around listening to stupid dialog! Writers should be fired.

    No more iron-clad story arcs! Give me episodes of good sci-fi like the first season of the REAL TORCHWOOD! BBC should take it back. Trust American networks to ruin good series.

  • Oh dear...


    Russell T Davies is a simply brilliant writer. Torchwood was a great show. Torchwood Miracle Day is rubbish!

    Damn you Americans, what have you done with our show? Did you really think that sex scenes, graphic violence and over-the-top special effects and cgi would improve it? Well, you are wrong.

    The "loads of episodes to tell the story" doesn't work - story arcs really shouldn't last more than 3 episodes at most or it just gets filled up with time consuming boredom.

    Torchwood is a spinoff of Doctor Who - I can't see any self-respecting Doctor guesting in this disaster.

    There are very few redeeming features to this transfer across the pond and none of them are American (John Barrowman doesn't count as American as he was born in Scotland). I can only imagine Russell T Davies had very little input to the actual writing and storyline as I've never seen anything he's written that I have disliked before.

    The new characters are superficial and unpleasant. The villains are boring. The story, while it did have promise, is just going on and on and on and... I was so looking forward to this and I've struggled to episode 5 and it's just got worse. I'm bored already so will just watch the final episode to find out what happens in the end because I cannot imagine this being renewed - even the Americans hate it.

    Such a shame, a few shows translate really well from English to American (The Office being one clear example) but this is not one of them. Please, give it a merciful death and forget this abomination as soon as possible.

    Come home Russell - you are clearly not suited to the bright lights and your genius is being destroyed.

  • Terrible.


    Now at the end of without a doubt the worst season of Torchwood, theres so many things wrong with Miracle Day - I wish it was never made. From the start the idea of 'nobody dies' sounded really cool, then they turn it into... that.

    1) I've said it before but this should have been like Children of Earth, 5 focused episodes. Compare Children of Earth to Miracle day, notice anything? A lot more happens in Children of Earth, and Miracle Day had twice the airtime.

    So that leads me to conclude one thing: If they hadn't spent most of the episodes wasting time like a bunch of howler monkeys on pointless things they could've probably done this story in 3 episodes.

    It was long, drawn out and extremely boring - I only watched because I wanted to know how it ends, and that was pretty stupid too.

    2) Main characters like Ester died, why didn't I flinch? this bothers me, nobody who died I actually cared about. The most I felt was for Gwens father but even him I had little emotional investment in.

    Is it normal that a main character dies and I literally do not care? The doctor in the earlier episode being cooked alive, didn't bother me in the slightest either, they did something wrong here.

    If you want an example of emotional investment take Jacks grandson for instance, in Children of Earth - that was actually shocking and actually made me really sad when they killed him - and no thats not just because he was a child either, I'm a pretty jaded person.

    3) Unrealistically Stupid Characters.

    Example just from the final episode: Rex had suspicions that there was a mole, and yet he brazenly asks for help from the very place he knows there could be a mole - hell they even have a trace program ready to run they are that sure there is a mole. A-Derp? really?

    So they know there could be a mole yet they don't have armed guards ready with the explicit instructions that nobody move while they run their trace program, they just go about their business as usual letting the mole have time to set off an explosion killing other characters nobody cares about. You have to try hard to make me not care about the guy who plays Q in Star Trek.

    Examples from earlier episodes: Gwen trying to smuggle her father out, and when he keels over on the way out she calls for help "oh god help him help him" - Nobody dies you nimrod, take him home.

    That particular problem occurs in most episodes actually, they treat life as if it was happening regularly, the writers not exploiting the situation that they are in properly.

    As sad as it is, Oswald Danes was actually the most believable character in this series. He was the only one who behaved like a real person, and he is a psychopathic child molester, wow. Good job Torchwood writing staff!

  • Don't torture youself if you're a fan of the original.


    I don't mind that they tried to do something new and different with the series byt bringing it to America - I actually though it sorta of worked, although a little bit more sci-fi and aliens would have been nice to dumb down the CIA vibe. And despite the other episodes trend to stretch out with a ton of padding for no reason, little things like Bill Pulman's brilliant perfomance and the intricate details of the expertly crafted "What If"? scenario of the Miracle made them watchable and even enjoyable at times. Rex and Esther made a lot of dumb moves throughout the series but they were starting to catch on by the end - I was starting to warm up to them. There we some minor problems here and there and a truly awful episode in which a bald middle-aged fat guy nearly killed half of the team with his bare hands, but for the most part, padding and overly long episodes aside, I wanted to know how all of it would end. The season finale was dreadful, with plot holes so wide and deep, they make even The Blessing seem tiny. Why would the villains not make the Miracle permament from the very start, as it is revealed they can? Why would they get Jack to come out of hiding and get his attention, if he's the only one who can stop them? Wouldn't it make more sense to try and keep him away, then lure him in? Why would Jack's blood, when he said several times that it was in no way special and not a part of his immortality process, make the Miracle work? Why would the Blessing change the original template, i.e Jack, to mortal? Why didn't we get an answer for what The Blessing really is? Jack said that this was a morphic field all the way back in the second episode - we wanted to know more about The Blessing itself. Why did the bad guys stand by and watch as Rex and Jack did what they did when they could have restrained them? Both of them were wounded an unarmed and would not offer much resistance. What happened to the economy after the Miracle stopped? All of these questions are left unaswered and all of these plot holes and contradict everything the show has been trying to establish, not to mention abolish any fond memories you might have gathered. Even the epic final fate of Bill Pullman could not save this train wreck. The nerve to end on a cliffhanger also makes my blood boil. Please, don't watch this. Or if you, skip the finale. Its for your own good.

  • The show is bad. The "original" version simply needs to be ignored or you may be a fan following it like a groupie to a 85 year old rocker... And that is just sad.


    I wasn't a fan of the original BBC show so I cannot speak towards previous seasons but I can say that this show is almost insulting towards the audience. It is understandable that it is a work of fiction but some level ofplausibilityis required.Don't just write anything and expect the audience to take it because they must! It isn't hard to accept the premise, that something happens leaving the world full of undying people, that is fiction and some fake science that sounds good will surly emerge to explain it; but having said that, simply expecting everything idiotic idea or poorly thought out series of events to be excused isasinine. I am overwhelmed, there are just so many things to write about.

    These people work for the CIA, but yet no one reports to anyone, so who do they work for?!?!?
    Why would the government need to have CIA agents investigate the "camps" that THEY (the government) put in place?
    If they are rouge agents then how do they still have money?
    Why didn't theguardshear the Asian (Chinese?) guy shoot the lock from 30 feet away?
    Why would you scream for the people holding your father prison to come help you because he is having a heart attack that he cannot die from?
    What kind of guy was this character running the overflow station supposed to be? he was basically sexually harassing and insulting the person there to inspect him, in case you don't know these things (government inspections) are taken seriously because you can get into a lot of trouble, even jailed, if you are violating mandates. but this cat just goes on like everything is neato and fun, he even has his own personal "Military stooge".

    I really wanted to like this show but I have finally given up. It can only offer something in the means of mindless ormind numbingtelevision if you can ignore the annoying writing.

    My review is, from a sci-fi fan who was actually looking forward to the show is to stay away. It really has nothing to offer anyone.

  • I had high hopes...


    I really wanted to like this as the BBC version was way cool and I enjoyed that very much. When I read that the "original" Jack and Gwen was to go to the US my hopes raised even further...

    After the two first episodes I was still willing to give it a chance but now I am hesitant if I am going to bother keep watching.

    The new cast is over-acting and their pitiful tries at one-liners hasn't even made me smile once.

    The red-headed "media" woman gives me a headache and her shouting into the phone all the time, what's that all about?
    Doesn't really feel I want to find out, just for her to stop with the phone calls already...

    Looking at the American society and reasoning that some pedophile murderer would get support and sympathy just because he gave a few public speeches just don't work and frankly makes me want to turn off the TV. >(

    No, give me old Torchwood back with aliens, gadgets and an underground lair, ok?

  • compared to what it used to be, it is a disgrace


    Torchwood in old days always left mixed feelings. The plot was original, the atmosphere often very nice and the acting was plainly bad right from the beginning. Bearable for science-fiction enthusiast but definitely beyond average compared to what a drama series would be able to offer. And then they launched "children of the Earth" and that was the best piece of science fiction entertainment I have ever seen.

    And compared to this television benchmark the new series is plainly a disaster. Superficial characters, huge holes and logical flaws in the plot and the whole thing is so very very slow. You can really feel in any minute you are forced to watch this, that initially the whole thing was planned to be a mini-series and now is stretched beyond limits.

    Bottom line: compared to "children's of the earth" the whole this is a disgrace.

  • The best thing that could happen now is that the Starz network drops this show and its funding for it. I started watching with a fearful but open mind as British exports to the states rarely improve but hey, whats the worst they can do to a Sci-Fi show?


    Well, this series is the worst they can do. I certainly can't visualise how anyone could do a worse job than this. Admittedly, as a Torchwood fan, I know how good it was before Starz had a say in the content. I'm sure that the sex scenes and gun slinging adds to the ratings but it cripples the storylines and the episodes are so slow. Can't American audiences follow a plot any faster than this, I was bored to death after a few motionless episodes.

    If you've not watched any Miracle Day, you lucky devil, keep it that way. This series is pants.

  • I have been a loyal fan of Torchwood - although I thought in Children of the Earth they were trying to end the series, the rest of Torchwood had been brilliant.


    The problem bringing this to the USA and to a cable channel is that Starz can add all the violence and make it look like Spartacus in a British accent. And now after only 10 episodes it will be another year (maybe-if?) to see the Torchwood team again? What a waste, Russell Davies. You should be ashamed of yourself. I have to score it a 7.0 in the hopes it is not the end of Captain Jack Harkness and Gwen Cooper. I yearn for the days of Ianto and Cardiff. America is on a violence and gore kick - take it back to Britain and do it justice!

  • Now much more likeCSI and much less Doctor Who, this show has lost it's direction.


    The fun the original series had has been sucked out and replaced with cheesy (not in a good way) drama. Mekhi Phipher is so bad that he isunbelievable in his role and the blond they added is more annoying than anything. More than making me forget the days of Owen, Yanto, and Yoshiko this new incarnation of Torchwood makes me long for them all the more.

  • Thank god Torchwood is back!


    I've been waiting a long time for Torchwood to return and I had to subscribe to Starz just so I could watch the new series. I just finished watching the episode on Comcast On Demand (or Xfinity or whatever they're calling it now) and it was everything I wanted. I thought the Children of Earth miniseries was amazing although traumatizing, and I'm glad Torchwood: Miracle Day is sticking with the saga format rather than the "Monster of the Week" format of the first two series (which were both great regardless).

    Anyway, with that said, Miracle Day's first episode does not disappoint the diehard Torchwood fan. It's great having Captain Jack back as well as Gwen (and even Rhys). I think the American cast will be a great addition to Miracle Day and although I miss Ianto, Toshiko and Owen, I'm really looking forward to seeing how this series develops. One of the things that makes Torchwood different is the mortality of the main characters, although in Miracle Day the only one who seems to be mortal is Jack (you'll see what I mean). The first episode doesn't waste any time building momentum, starting out with a chilling scene at a lethal injection of Bill Pullman's character. He does a great job at being creepy and I look forward to seeing where they go with him. There are some great scenes in the series premier, especially one involving Gwen, her baby and a gun fight with a helicopter, and as a Torchwood fan I am officially on board with Miracle Day.

    Now if they could find a way to do a crossover with the Doctor Who characters... although they seem like completely different universes. I hope they kind of explain how the public reacted to the 4-5-6 and the other alien encounters from the Doctor Who/Torchwood canon but even if they don't, I think this series will be great either way. Can't wait for next week!
  • Nobody dies - Torchwood (whatever is left of it) gets dragged into US.

    Well, what can I say. Totally underwhelming. Think American soap opera and you won't be too far from it. Think Rocky IV, Saw VI and the myriad of other bad, bad sequels. Bad actings (even from the Brits - is it US series stupidity contagious?), bad script, bad locations and bad new characters.
    What else can I say to reach 100 words? Well it is bad. Save yourself 1 hr and go see something else. Die hard fans will cry foul, but let's call it for what it is: a very bad sequel.
    Well, Torchwood is dead. Outsourcing does not work. Good luck! It's been a great ride!
  • LOVE it So glad to have torchwood back with some original characters.

    Loved the original torchwood, and am falling in love with the new.

    Great to see old characters we love and the same story telling we saw in COE. Its different but in a good way. Im hoping if they make another season to go back to some plots that are similar to season 1 and 2. I miss those.

    Cant wait to see more.
  • Too hectic, too implausible, annoying sound track.

    Too hectic, too implausible (where does the Torchwood tech come from? Where does their money come from? How come everyone gets so easily into the camps? Where did the CIA bad guys disappear to? Annoying Mekhi Phifer walks around quite openly in a top secret area and nobody notices him? Maloney's military aide is a wimp?). The British team doesn't mesh at all with the US setting - they look as though someone photoshopped them into a US serial. Plus, Jack gets so little screen time, he seems to be there pro forma.

    And that sound design - TERRIBLE! An annoying soup of endless tracks which often smothers the dialogues - what were they thinking?!? FAIL!
  • Great story, but the American actors are not up to standard.


    An American version of a British show - that's actually good! Not expected, but a very pleasant surprise. Eva Myles (Gwen Cooper - I really did not like her when Torchwood started, but now she's great!) and John Barrowman (Jack Harkness) delivers as always, but most of the American actors are not up to standard. Especially Mekhi Phifer (Rex Matherson) is a great disappointment. It might not all be his fault, his character is very shallow and very stereotypical. A shame! There are some great characters passing by, but the best and most interesting characters, very well performed by the respective actors, are killed off all too early (no spoilers!).

    All in all, the conspiracy is perhaps a little too deep, but it's a very imaginative, interesting, fun, and exciting story. That, together with Cooper and Harkness, makes the show well worth watching.

  • Cheesed out American version of a great show. Little things ruin the show. The stupid lines, the bad and annoying actors... etc...


    I had high expectations for the show. Adding Mekhi Phifer to the cast seemed like a good addition, however there are too many inconsistencies and bad direction to the show that make it nearly unbearable to watch. It's the little things...

    For one, the stupid blond girl is so annoying, it nearly ruins the show. I don't care if you're an amateur spy, CIA tech, or whatever... she does things that are pointless to the story and not necessary. Who cries when they mess up? Retarded.

    The news anchors have to be among the most annoying cast members. Not only are these people horrible at delivering their lines, they sound so fake and stupid, it too ruins the credibility of its authenticity. That stupid anchorwoman for the US actually said in an interview with someone "off the record, how will Miracle Day affect us?" It's not "off the record" if it's being televised across the nation. Idiot writing.

    The dumb hispanic doctor and the stupid redhead PR girl are also annoying. The hispanic doctor tries too hard to act, and they make her character seem like she's the only one with any sense in the entire world. The show is trying way too hard with the ethnic diversity and it's almost preechy. The redhead reminds me of the stupid PR girl from Gremlins 2, and she's just as annoying...

    Also, why does Bill Pullman's deliver his lines like William Shatner?