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  • Thank god Torchwood is back!


    I've been waiting a long time for Torchwood to return and I had to subscribe to Starz just so I could watch the new series. I just finished watching the episode on Comcast On Demand (or Xfinity or whatever they're calling it now) and it was everything I wanted. I thought the Children of Earth miniseries was amazing although traumatizing, and I'm glad Torchwood: Miracle Day is sticking with the saga format rather than the "Monster of the Week" format of the first two series (which were both great regardless).

    Anyway, with that said, Miracle Day's first episode does not disappoint the diehard Torchwood fan. It's great having Captain Jack back as well as Gwen (and even Rhys). I think the American cast will be a great addition to Miracle Day and although I miss Ianto, Toshiko and Owen, I'm really looking forward to seeing how this series develops. One of the things that makes Torchwood different is the mortality of the main characters, although in Miracle Day the only one who seems to be mortal is Jack (you'll see what I mean). The first episode doesn't waste any time building momentum, starting out with a chilling scene at a lethal injection of Bill Pullman's character. He does a great job at being creepy and I look forward to seeing where they go with him. There are some great scenes in the series premier, especially one involving Gwen, her baby and a gun fight with a helicopter, and as a Torchwood fan I am officially on board with Miracle Day.

    Now if they could find a way to do a crossover with the Doctor Who characters... although they seem like completely different universes. I hope they kind of explain how the public reacted to the 4-5-6 and the other alien encounters from the Doctor Who/Torchwood canon but even if they don't, I think this series will be great either way. Can't wait for next week!