Torchwood: Miracle Day

Starz (ended 2011)





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  • Cheesed out American version of a great show. Little things ruin the show. The stupid lines, the bad and annoying actors... etc...


    I had high expectations for the show. Adding Mekhi Phifer to the cast seemed like a good addition, however there are too many inconsistencies and bad direction to the show that make it nearly unbearable to watch. It's the little things...

    For one, the stupid blond girl is so annoying, it nearly ruins the show. I don't care if you're an amateur spy, CIA tech, or whatever... she does things that are pointless to the story and not necessary. Who cries when they mess up? Retarded.

    The news anchors have to be among the most annoying cast members. Not only are these people horrible at delivering their lines, they sound so fake and stupid, it too ruins the credibility of its authenticity. That stupid anchorwoman for the US actually said in an interview with someone "off the record, how will Miracle Day affect us?" It's not "off the record" if it's being televised across the nation. Idiot writing.

    The dumb hispanic doctor and the stupid redhead PR girl are also annoying. The hispanic doctor tries too hard to act, and they make her character seem like she's the only one with any sense in the entire world. The show is trying way too hard with the ethnic diversity and it's almost preechy. The redhead reminds me of the stupid PR girl from Gremlins 2, and she's just as annoying...

    Also, why does Bill Pullman's deliver his lines like William Shatner?