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  • The show is bad. The "original" version simply needs to be ignored or you may be a fan following it like a groupie to a 85 year old rocker... And that is just sad.


    I wasn't a fan of the original BBC show so I cannot speak towards previous seasons but I can say that this show is almost insulting towards the audience. It is understandable that it is a work of fiction but some level ofplausibilityis required.Don't just write anything and expect the audience to take it because they must! It isn't hard to accept the premise, that something happens leaving the world full of undying people, that is fiction and some fake science that sounds good will surly emerge to explain it; but having said that, simply expecting everything idiotic idea or poorly thought out series of events to be excused isasinine. I am overwhelmed, there are just so many things to write about.

    These people work for the CIA, but yet no one reports to anyone, so who do they work for?!?!?
    Why would the government need to have CIA agents investigate the "camps" that THEY (the government) put in place?
    If they are rouge agents then how do they still have money?
    Why didn't theguardshear the Asian (Chinese?) guy shoot the lock from 30 feet away?
    Why would you scream for the people holding your father prison to come help you because he is having a heart attack that he cannot die from?
    What kind of guy was this character running the overflow station supposed to be? he was basically sexually harassing and insulting the person there to inspect him, in case you don't know these things (government inspections) are taken seriously because you can get into a lot of trouble, even jailed, if you are violating mandates. but this cat just goes on like everything is neato and fun, he even has his own personal "Military stooge".

    I really wanted to like this show but I have finally given up. It can only offer something in the means of mindless ormind numbingtelevision if you can ignore the annoying writing.

    My review is, from a sci-fi fan who was actually looking forward to the show is to stay away. It really has nothing to offer anyone.