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  • Don't torture youself if you're a fan of the original.


    I don't mind that they tried to do something new and different with the series byt bringing it to America - I actually though it sorta of worked, although a little bit more sci-fi and aliens would have been nice to dumb down the CIA vibe. And despite the other episodes trend to stretch out with a ton of padding for no reason, little things like Bill Pulman's brilliant perfomance and the intricate details of the expertly crafted "What If"? scenario of the Miracle made them watchable and even enjoyable at times. Rex and Esther made a lot of dumb moves throughout the series but they were starting to catch on by the end - I was starting to warm up to them. There we some minor problems here and there and a truly awful episode in which a bald middle-aged fat guy nearly killed half of the team with his bare hands, but for the most part, padding and overly long episodes aside, I wanted to know how all of it would end. The season finale was dreadful, with plot holes so wide and deep, they make even The Blessing seem tiny. Why would the villains not make the Miracle permament from the very start, as it is revealed they can? Why would they get Jack to come out of hiding and get his attention, if he's the only one who can stop them? Wouldn't it make more sense to try and keep him away, then lure him in? Why would Jack's blood, when he said several times that it was in no way special and not a part of his immortality process, make the Miracle work? Why would the Blessing change the original template, i.e Jack, to mortal? Why didn't we get an answer for what The Blessing really is? Jack said that this was a morphic field all the way back in the second episode - we wanted to know more about The Blessing itself. Why did the bad guys stand by and watch as Rex and Jack did what they did when they could have restrained them? Both of them were wounded an unarmed and would not offer much resistance. What happened to the economy after the Miracle stopped? All of these questions are left unaswered and all of these plot holes and contradict everything the show has been trying to establish, not to mention abolish any fond memories you might have gathered. Even the epic final fate of Bill Pullman could not save this train wreck. The nerve to end on a cliffhanger also makes my blood boil. Please, don't watch this. Or if you, skip the finale. Its for your own good.