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  • Oh dear...


    Russell T Davies is a simply brilliant writer. Torchwood was a great show. Torchwood Miracle Day is rubbish!

    Damn you Americans, what have you done with our show? Did you really think that sex scenes, graphic violence and over-the-top special effects and cgi would improve it? Well, you are wrong.

    The "loads of episodes to tell the story" doesn't work - story arcs really shouldn't last more than 3 episodes at most or it just gets filled up with time consuming boredom.

    Torchwood is a spinoff of Doctor Who - I can't see any self-respecting Doctor guesting in this disaster.

    There are very few redeeming features to this transfer across the pond and none of them are American (John Barrowman doesn't count as American as he was born in Scotland). I can only imagine Russell T Davies had very little input to the actual writing and storyline as I've never seen anything he's written that I have disliked before.

    The new characters are superficial and unpleasant. The villains are boring. The story, while it did have promise, is just going on and on and on and... I was so looking forward to this and I've struggled to episode 5 and it's just got worse. I'm bored already so will just watch the final episode to find out what happens in the end because I cannot imagine this being renewed - even the Americans hate it.

    Such a shame, a few shows translate really well from English to American (The Office being one clear example) but this is not one of them. Please, give it a merciful death and forget this abomination as soon as possible.

    Come home Russell - you are clearly not suited to the bright lights and your genius is being destroyed.

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