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  • Terrible.


    Now at the end of without a doubt the worst season of Torchwood, theres so many things wrong with Miracle Day - I wish it was never made. From the start the idea of 'nobody dies' sounded really cool, then they turn it into... that.

    1) I've said it before but this should have been like Children of Earth, 5 focused episodes. Compare Children of Earth to Miracle day, notice anything? A lot more happens in Children of Earth, and Miracle Day had twice the airtime.

    So that leads me to conclude one thing: If they hadn't spent most of the episodes wasting time like a bunch of howler monkeys on pointless things they could've probably done this story in 3 episodes.

    It was long, drawn out and extremely boring - I only watched because I wanted to know how it ends, and that was pretty stupid too.

    2) Main characters like Ester died, why didn't I flinch? this bothers me, nobody who died I actually cared about. The most I felt was for Gwens father but even him I had little emotional investment in.

    Is it normal that a main character dies and I literally do not care? The doctor in the earlier episode being cooked alive, didn't bother me in the slightest either, they did something wrong here.

    If you want an example of emotional investment take Jacks grandson for instance, in Children of Earth - that was actually shocking and actually made me really sad when they killed him - and no thats not just because he was a child either, I'm a pretty jaded person.

    3) Unrealistically Stupid Characters.

    Example just from the final episode: Rex had suspicions that there was a mole, and yet he brazenly asks for help from the very place he knows there could be a mole - hell they even have a trace program ready to run they are that sure there is a mole. A-Derp? really?

    So they know there could be a mole yet they don't have armed guards ready with the explicit instructions that nobody move while they run their trace program, they just go about their business as usual letting the mole have time to set off an explosion killing other characters nobody cares about. You have to try hard to make me not care about the guy who plays Q in Star Trek.

    Examples from earlier episodes: Gwen trying to smuggle her father out, and when he keels over on the way out she calls for help "oh god help him help him" - Nobody dies you nimrod, take him home.

    That particular problem occurs in most episodes actually, they treat life as if it was happening regularly, the writers not exploiting the situation that they are in properly.

    As sad as it is, Oswald Danes was actually the most believable character in this series. He was the only one who behaved like a real person, and he is a psychopathic child molester, wow. Good job Torchwood writing staff!