Torchwood: Miracle Day

Starz (ended 2011)





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  • RIP while waiting for the resurrection


    Having only recently discovered TORCHWOOD I have watched all 4 series in 2 months so I have followed clearly the transition from a quirky well written ( with plenty of double meanings and winks to wards other British institutions) gem of a tounge in cheek series, where each episode had it's own plot, into an american super-slick souless time filler without any content that could shock the great mom and pop american heartland. spanned out over 10 episodes to try and hold the viewers so that the great god publicty will cough out a bit extra!

    Let's all cry out for a return to the scource, buried under Cardiff's fountain, with more hip aliens and artefacts washed up from the Rift, and more mayhem from Jack's soul(cell)mate from the futur

    From experience (I live in France,) one knows that dialects and slang are very dificult to adapt for an international audience, and I've seen what is lost when welsh idioms are translated into French, but broadcasters often underestimate the intellegence of the audience for these shows.

    Continue with TORCHWOOD. Yes to Aliens, - let other series deal wilth Terriens. Yes to repartee - leave the deep meaningful blandness to others