Torchwood: Miracle Day

Season 1 Episode 10

The Blood Line

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Sep 09, 2011 on Starz

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  • That was... pretty cool.


    Hey, resolutions haven't been the forte of any of the Whoverse's creators since the reboot. I think we can all agree on that. Deus ex machinas are frequent, situations collapse by talking about them and things pretty much don't actually ever happen.

    So I'm not going to pretend none of that happens here as well.

    I will say this, though: it's all better paced and executed than usual. With the show's relentless cruelty towards its characters, I was prepared for almost any member of the cast to get killed or to be brought back in an unexpected final reveal, but when just that happened, it did feel earned. The rules of the "miracle" are just as random as any other Torchwood or Doctor Who plot, but with the added time and the slow revelations about what was going on, they almost seem to make *sense*, and the gleefully nondescript villains the show has used this season have been pretty cool, taking full advantage of RTD's knack for quick quirks and bit part characterization.

    I was, I admit, a bit thrown back at the final revelation of the episode. It felt like a cheap trick, less revelatory than Jack's ascension at the end of Who's season 1, if only because the scope of the season was only earth-wide. Upon reflection, though, it was also season-wide, and the "Blessing" was built up to be a big enough deal to almost justify it.

    Oh, well, whether or not Torchwood comes back for another US run, this has been a decent, if uneven, season. I'll take it if it does return and I'll quietly acknowledge it if it doesn't. Either way, I don't regret the extra season. Admit it, you all thought they'd screw up much, much worse when you heard they were going to do it for a US network.

  • After watching this season drag on I dutifully gave this series a chance. Characters I didn't care about. Situations that didn't matter. Overall this whole series was extremely lacking compared to past seasons. The ending was almost insulting.


    The questions raised through the series were answered, leaving me to wonder why they were asked in the first place. Themes in the final episode have been done before and much better. Jack seems to be tired of his long life which has shown throughout the series which resulted in a somewhat tired serious and fairly cliche ending. The teasers and the end for what I assume are upcomming seasons were... well lame is the only word I can use that seems accurate.

    As a long time fan of the series, I think the entire season is forgettable. A shame because the basic premise was sound. A lack of charisma this time around from Jack and a complete lack of chemistry between the characters means I won't be watching any re-runs. Go back to previous seasons if you want to see what Torchwood was really about.

  • The Blood Line


    The Blood Line was a great episode and season finale of Torchwood: Miracle Day. I really enjoyed watching this episode because it wrapped up the story lines well, had action, drama, intrigue, and surprises. Rex thought ahead and it may have really payed off in the end, depending on your point of view. It was sad to see a beloved character suffer. I felt the episode could have been better in some ways, however I still found it entertaining and sustaining enough. I look forward to any future Torchwood series!!!!!

  • my thoughts to this ending , and some comments


    .. from this series and what it was derived from

    - the conclusion is very much torchwood / doctor who - that we must always learn to carry the burdens of our lives on our shoulders . the methodologybehind these shows that ARE made in the UK , not in anywaytrans versingto speak to american television , but bring about morals and understandings that let our minds ponder about the what-ifs , the who-would , or whatever one might question about the underlayingexistencethat could lay buried beneath all these centuries of our planet's history . i find the show open to thoughts and reasons that we are openly allowed to question , who what why when how , and it plays out the ending .

    even if jack had a horrible life , it is he who must learn to suffer it alone to atone (in a way) just like the lone centurion (rory) we know from doctor who . friends lost , friends gained - in life that all happens . we all have a spine to our own books , our own stories - something that we will eventually share with others -

  • I found this episode to be better then the other episodes this season, but not by too much. I thought the overall story was a really good premise, but the execution of it in direction, pacing, and hitting those emotional marks was lacking.


    (mild spoilers follow)

    Maybe it was something about the music seeming jarring at points thoughout the season, or the performances that were good but for some reason I expected better of Mekhi Phifer. Maybe its because the writers thought the usual Cap'n Jack Harkness angst had to be repeated this season for the new US crowd and a longtime viewer like myself could have done without the repeat. But something just seemed... off... throughout the entire series. I was not happy that a certain character who dies at the end - died. As a longtime Torchwood viewer I should expect that (and it should not be much of a spoiler to anybody) but maybe because it was the character that I felt I connected to the most during this series I felt a big let down.

    I still love Russell Davies' writing, and I still do like how the season's Miracle Day plot had you considering the bigger picture of no one ever dying, but I don't think his writing and dialogue was as tight as it was in previous seasons and hope that if there IS a next season, (and that may be a very big IF after this season) whatever pressures he's had to conform to the new network's needs take that into account. This whole season came off as sci-fi cheese, Gwen's dialogue at the beginning of the episode was a good example of that. I thought "So they couldn't think of a situation to give us exposition into her thoughts about possibly killing her father so they just had her talk directly into the camera? Puhleze." It was sad because Torchwood has the groundwork to be so much more, with adult themes that could help it come off more like HBO's quirky true blood, but in the sci-fi instead of fantasy genre.

    I find myself missing the Torchwood of old! I know its got the chops to have just as engaging a storyline, emotionally compelling and also be a little bit sexier. I hope if there is a season 5 it will be better.

  • "the Blood Line". It should have been called the Bored Line, There was so much expose to be had, so much story just whitewashed over and so many good characters killed for no reason. TW:MD needed to wrap up the first season so fast they took shortcuts.


    Killing Ester, and good useful contacts in the CIA was D.U.M.B. It would have been a great dynamic for Torchwood to have some help in the government, as they rebuild and re-fit. This season was rushed and badly done, it was a good story from EP to EP but there was no cohesion to the plot of this arch. I mean the could have filmed 3 more episodes for a proper 13 EP seasonal arch, and toned down the soft man love porn, and we could have had a decent season.

    Over all The Series gets a 6 from Me, but episode to episode I give each one a 7.1 - 8.5. FYI the ending where REX becomes like Jack , reminds me of the Last Episode of Voyager, and the Sopranos where you are left wondering, What the Frakk?

  • I read Masterchef's review and felt disheartened. Then I downloaded and watched 'The Blood Line' and cheered right up. A fine finish to this story and back to the Torchwood 'feel'. No gay sex, no time wasting and action packed.


    This has been a long ride for me, and probably you too. Torchwood has been mugged by 'Starz' [an American TV company], who grabbed them by the scruff of the neck and changed things. [Some would say buggered things up ! [Quite literally in one episode.]] I sat through the early episodes as the story struggled along between what seemed like endless hours of explaining the show to the Americans before getting to last week where the show began. Indeed the last two episodes are all you should watch of this season - the first eight were crap.

    This episode, and its denouement bring the season to a fine end and you'll watch this on the edge of your seat. My only complaint is that the nine week build up to this could not ever be balanced by the ending but Russle T has a damned good try. Gwen got the best line with - "Just how much lipstick can you wear, bitch'.

    I said after episode one 'keep the blond and the black bloke' - still 50% aint too bad.

    A final note to Russle T. Let's hope that he has learned from this and pulls back a little from the whole American thing, it's unwise, unwanted and unneeded. I for one won't put up with eight episodes of crap again. - See you all next season.

  • They just stood there. Worst. Season. Finale. Ever.


    There are more things wrong with this episode than with the whole Miracle day series as a whole. Two stand above all the rest - 1. They could have made The Miracle permament from the very start but didn't?! Yeah, we could have blown up both sites, hide The Blessing and make sure no one finds it ever, but we waited untill the one person who could stop it got JUST close enough. 2. They just stood there while Jack and Rex did their thing. Sure, they can't shoot them, but they can restrain them. There were at least a dozen goons at both places, they could have easily overpowered the gang and stopped them at any time. But they didn't. Oh and also there's that little thing that Jack said a couple of times in the last few episodes - his blood isn't immortal. That's not how it works. Putting his blood in The Blessing would do jack s*it. And, even if it did, why would it make Jak mortal?! Its his blood, he's the template, why would The Blessing change him?! and, even if it would, for some reason, do that, why would it make Rex immortal?! Why did the Families call Jack?! He had no idea he was connected, they just gave him the biggest clue ever by sending that e-mail and bringing the team together. He might not have even come back to Earth at all if they hadn't done that. Let's not forget the icing on the cake - after ten episodes of wondering, investigating and searching for answers about the Miracle, what do we get in the end? Nothing! Jack said it was a morphic field all the way back in Episode 2! We wanted to know what the hell the Blessing was, but instead, we got a cheap joke and an enigmatic response. Worst. Season. Finale. EVER.