Torchwood: Miracle Day

Season 1 Episode 10

The Blood Line

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Sep 09, 2011 on Starz

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  • my thoughts to this ending , and some comments


    .. from this series and what it was derived from

    - the conclusion is very much torchwood / doctor who - that we must always learn to carry the burdens of our lives on our shoulders . the methodologybehind these shows that ARE made in the UK , not in anywaytrans versingto speak to american television , but bring about morals and understandings that let our minds ponder about the what-ifs , the who-would , or whatever one might question about the underlayingexistencethat could lay buried beneath all these centuries of our planet's history . i find the show open to thoughts and reasons that we are openly allowed to question , who what why when how , and it plays out the ending .

    even if jack had a horrible life , it is he who must learn to suffer it alone to atone (in a way) just like the lone centurion (rory) we know from doctor who . friends lost , friends gained - in life that all happens . we all have a spine to our own books , our own stories - something that we will eventually share with others -

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