Torchwood: Miracle Day

Season 1 Episode 5

The Categories Of Life

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Aug 05, 2011 on Starz

Episode Recap

Vera Juarez enters the city hall in Washington, D.C. and is surprised to find it empty. She learns that the panels have been canceled since the problems have been solved by introducing new categories of life. She calls Rex to tell him that she is joining his team because someone just took control over life and death.

Gwen enters the United Kingdom with a fake ID and is awaited by her husband Rhys who poses as her driver. They arrive at her mother's home where Anwen is waiting. Gwen's mother shows her a board where she collected all the information she could find about the overflow camps, closed down army barracks. She tells Gwen that her father has been taken to the Cowbridge Camp and adds that she will go there and get him out.

Sergeant Andy takes Gwen and Rhys to the Cowbridge Camp where hundreds of people are trying to get in touch with their family members who were taken to the camp. Andy believes these camps are a good idea, but Gwen disagrees and assures him that having a private business like PhiCorp running your health system is just the beginning of more problems.

Gwen walks straight to someone in charge and demands her father's release. Andy steps in and adds that the removal of her father is being done under police authority, but learns that the camp is not under control of the Welsh Police. The soldier hands Gwen a booklet about the new categories of life provided by PhiCorp. Gwen gets loud and the soldier threatens to arrest her. He adds that they will open the facility soon, but right now they are locked down since they have diseases like cholera and swine flu to deal with. On their way out, Gwen announces that they will break in that night and get her father out.

Esther and Jack go for a walk at the beach. Esther wants to know if Jack thinks she is useless. He answers no, she is just new. She adds that she is C.I.A. justlike Rex, but Jack tells her Rex is just pretending and in times like these everyone wishes their mothers were there. She reveals that she lost her mother a few years back and asks about Jack's, but he can't remember. She wants to know where he is from, but before he can answer, Rex calls them back.

Vera has arrived in Venice Beach to join them. She almost didn't get a flight because of a miracle event that evening in L.A.

Because of limited space, Vera unpacks her stuff in Rex's room, but makes it clear she came to work and to help her patients, then they start kissing.

Vera attends her first Torchwood meeting where they present her their findings. She tells them that the morphic fields were mentioned a few times during the panels, but there were just theories. She is surprised to see Jilly Kitzinger on Torchwood's radar, and Rex explains that they are following Oswald Danes who seems to be connected to the top. Vera asks what Torchwood is and wants to know if she is a part of the team now. Jack explains they are some kind of freedom fighters, while Rex makes it clears Torchwood is gone, only the name is left, and Jack welcomes Vera on board. They move on to the new categories of life. Healthy people are category 3, people with no brain function or who would have died by now are category 1, category 2 covers everyone in between. Re asks about his own status. After his accident he was a category 1, now that he is healing he is category 2. Vera and Jack explain that there is the problem with the new system since the government was given the power to decide whether someone is dead or alive. They wonder about PhiCorp's involvement and Esther guesses they need the overflow camps somehow. She found out that certain modules of these camps are masked. They speculate about the reasons and Jack announces they need to go in. Gwen who is participating from her home in South Wales adds that she already found a way to enter the camp there, Esther wants to try to get into their nearest camp as a clerical worker to look for paperwork on the module, and Vera offers her position at the panels to get in. However, Rex interrupts and announces that he is the only one with a perfect reason to get in because of his injury.

They call an ambulance claiming Rex collapsed. When Rex shows his injury to the paramedics, they tell Jack they have to take Rex to the overflow camp in San Pedro and hand him a number where can get an update on Rex's situation.

Back in the office, Jack finds Vera and Esther about to leave. They refuses to take him with them because of his connections and his mortal status. As soon as they are gone, Jack receives an alert as a report on the Miracle Day rally to raise money for the camp begins.

Shortly before Oswald and Jilly arrive at the stadium for the rally where Oswald is going to speak, she hands him the speech PhiCorp prepared for him. However, he gives it back to her and tells her he rather uses his own words. When they get out of the car, security has to hold back a bunch of excited people. One of them screams angry at Oswald, mentioning Oswald's crimes and throws a bottle. They quickly get out of reach and Jilly makes a call to make sure all footage of that incident is destroyed before anyone can see it.

Rex, Esther and Vera separately enter the overflow camp in San Pedro. A nurse checks Rex's vital signs and puts him in category 2 and puts a blue peg on his shirt. Another patient who is category 1 gets a red one. Rex is upset that they are not helping the other patient, but the nurse tells him he has to process 50 patients per hour and that's the best he can do.

Esther starts working in the office where she reclassifies Rex to category 1, while Vera meets with Colin Maloney who is in charge of the camp. She asks to inspect the module, but Maloney tells her it is closed and suggests to start with the patients first.

Back in Wales, Rhys and Gwen enter the Cowbridge Overflow Camp.

Esther finds Rex to exchange the paperwork and to hand him a camera. Rex asks her to give him a red peg and hands her his blue one, but she puts it back in his hand in case he needs to change categories again. She then looks for a nurse to get Rex transferred.

Oswald is nervous about the speech. Jilly brings him a cop of coffee and hands him a revised version of the speech. He wants to know why he doesn't have a dressing room, and Jilly explains that some important people don't want him near them. When she leaves to take a phone call, Oswald spots Jack on the end of the hall. He asks his guards to stay put and follows Jack.

Maloney shows Vera the patients. Vera is impressed when she looks at a patient's chart and sees that he is monitored every hour. Maloney explains that they look closely if a patient is in decline so they don't have to waste more resources as necessary if a patient becomes category 1. Vera reminds Maloney that they are supposed to priorize care, not efficiency.

Gwen searches the Cowbridge camp until she finds her father. Rhys and Gwen bring her father to their truck, but Gwen's father collapses while they try to get him into the car and they call a doctor for help.

Rex is brought into the module. When the soldiers are gone, he gets up and starts recording. The room is cold, the people just lie around. He finds injuries on a few, so he can't tell if there have been experiments and decides to go out.

Vera decides to look into some buildings Maloney doesn't want her to see. Inside, she finds dozens of people no one is taking care of and Maloney explains they are the ones with no insurance. One patient asks for help and Vera discovers he has a red peg. She is very upset, and Maloney tries to explain they just made a mistake. She goes on to look what else he is hiding and finds a room full of dirty bedsheets. He tries to explain he is under budget, but she tells him he should spend the money. He wants to know if she is going to report him. She says no, and adds that she will get him prosecuted and send him to prison. The situation gets out of hand, Maloney grabs his guard's weapon and shoots Vera twice. His guard looks after Vera and tells Maloney that someone must have heard the gunfire. Maloney walks to a door, slams it several times and screams it was just the door. Then he asks his guard to get a car.

They take Vera though she is still breathing and aware to one of the containers with the category 1 patients. Maloney's guard doesn't want to leave her there and adds that this is murder. However, Maloney assures him there no longer is such a thing as murder.

The Miracle Rally starts and Jilly reminds Oswald to use the keyword "revelation" during his speech. On her way, she is appraoched by a blue-eyed man who tells her that she is doing a ver good job and that she is being noticed by the "right people."

Back at the Cowbridge Camp, Gwen feels responsible for her father's heartattack. When she asks about the status of her father, she learns that he has been reclassified and moved to category 1 since he is unconscious and his heart is failing. The nurse tells Gwen that she has to talk to the doctor, otherwise they will have to move him the next morning to the module.

Meanwhile, Esther begins to worry when she learns that Maloney's golfcart was found deserted. She asks her colleague about it, and Rachel tells her Maloney asked for a car, but she doesn't know what happened to Vera.

Rex documents his findings. The area is sealed off and there are three buildings in the module which by far not enough space for all category 1 patients.

Oswald finds Jack in the hall. Jack gives him a new speech and asks him to use his airtime to expose PhiCorp and to end this miracle. Oswald wants to know what he will get in return, and Jack promises him to help him to die when it's over. Jilly finds them. She is in a hurry because Oswald has 30 seconds left until his time begins. Oswald leaves and Jack tells him to do the right thing. Jilly wants to know who Jack is and what he told Oswald, and Jack guesses she might find out soon. Before he leaves, he tells her not to miss the speech. She calls him and when he turns, she takes a picture of him with her phone.

Before Oswald enters the stage, Jilly tries to find out what Jack told him and asks Oswald to stick to the script and use the word "revelation."

Oswald uses neither of the speeches. Instead, he explains 50,000 years B.C. human race made a leap from animal to human, and it has happened again. He adds that he can feel because Heaven is lost for him forever. The next step has been taken and he reveals that human has become angels while the audience starts calling out his name. He goes on and mentions that there have been agents of angels who planned for the Miracle to happen. Then he closes by telling the cheering crowd that this is his revelation and the PhiCorp logo appears behind him.

Maloney activates a mechanism that locks the door of the container Vera is in. Rex hears the alarm and the locking door and looks inside the container where he discovers Vera. He tries to open the door, but to no avail. Rex realizes that the container is an oven, but he can only watch as the inside bursts into flames. He picks up the camera to tape it.

Back in Wales, Rhys, who had to leave Gwen to do his work, calls her to tell her he had to run patients to the burn center. Gwen realizes as well that the containers are ovens to burn the patients alive.
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