Torchwood: Miracle Day

Season 1 Episode 6

The Middle Men

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Aug 12, 2011 on Starz
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Gwen still works on getting her father out of the overflow camp, while Esther and Rex remain trapped in the San Pedro Overflow Camp. Back in L.A., Jack approaches PhiCorp in hope of finally finding answers.

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  • Still too slow, but focus was better in this episode

    Things have been dragging far too long, but this episode course corrected to some degree. Jack and Gwen are the stars of Torchwood, and I'm glad we got to actually see them in this episode. Especially since we got some funny moments with Jack being his charismatic and some moments of Gwen being her kickbutt self. The pacing is still too slow - it's like if 4/5 of Children of Earth was investigating why the children were chanting in rhythm with zero progress or leads. We've spent too long talking about the Miracle, it's time to give us something - SOMETHING - about who is really behind it and why. The best lead, 'someone wants Jack dead,' is back here as the mysterious hostage takers demand Jack in exchange for Gwen's family. It's hard to root for TorchwoodUSA when Vera's toast, Esther's a blubbering useless mess, and Rex is a tactless jerk. Note to Rex and Vera - when you're at a disadvantage, don't antagonize your captors and expect it to turn out well. Anyway, this show isn't about the political and social ramifications of sudden non-death. It's a show about the Torchwood team protecting the human race. We've had too much of the former, how about some of the latter now?moreless
  • Who is behind the miracle, we have now watched 6 out of 10 episodes and there is still not no big reveal yet as to Who is behind the miracle... Far far far too long too long, too slow, and far too many american writersmoreless

    Who is behind the miracle, we have now watched 6 out of 10 episodes and there is still not no big reveal yet as to Who is behind the miracle... Far far far too long!

    too long, too slow, and far too many american writers as TW was a much better programme when it was more cerebrial. Now it is just an dull dreary sterotypical hollywood predictable plots.

    I personally suspect that starz writers haven taken 10 episodes that would have been 2 or 3 with British writers because they are inept and incapable of Holding an audience...

    you have taken so long to do the reveal, I have lost interest and Yawn will not bother with the last 4 episodes!moreless
  • Better Episode and at last we start to get information on what is happening but this should have been done 2 episodes ago before it started to get dull and people tune out to it.moreless

    This episode is way better than what has happened before. Esther does something at last but I am still having issues with her character. She is trying too hard to do something or be useful. I know she is not supposed to be used to this type of work unlike Rex but she strikes me more as being there for the sake of having an American Female character than actually having a purpose.

    Pizcrop finally get an airing with one of their main bosses apparently trying to work out what is happening and there being something centred in Singapore as we get to see a contact there get inside an apparently secret area of land and then jump off a skyscraper due to (what we assume) he saw in there. The conversation between Jack and the Pizcrop man was interesting and well played with a little information coming out but not enough to help us second guess what is really happening.

    Gewn's part was very strong and well played out as was the whole part in Wales, with a nice twist at the end regards to all her family being held for reasons as yet untold. Perhaps this is one of the more major things with whoever is behind this now have a level to use against Gwen and the rest of the team investigating what is happening. While some may think it is odd these people suddenly have access to the contact lenses to speak to Gwen with - it may not be. Remember in Children of the Earth the government team who set out to destroy Torchwood had access to some pretty decent tech which was on par with Torchwood's own It may be related to them or another organisations who also has access to some tech and maybe even some of the ex-Torchwood stuff (or from one of the other hubs before they where shut down/destroyed). So this is not a far fetched thing, just needs a little back-tracking and thinking about and it is perfect feasible.

    Where it will go next week who knows. Will Gwen seek to give Jack over to the those who have her family? Will she find a away to inform Jack of what is going on without them knowing (after all, if she shuts her eyes and writes a small message in front of Jack how are they to know exactly what she said?). There are a few ways this could go.

    Then we have the main nugget. The Blessing. What is this and what does it mean for what is happening. I am hoping next week we get told so they can then spend the next 2 episodes sorting it all out and the final episode wrapping it up nicely to a close.

    Overall good episode and shows much improvement but this should have been done 2 episodes previously before it started to get dull

  • Empty episode

    After watch this episode I only can think one thing: 10 episodes are too much for this story. This is a total filler.

    Why we need Jack to meet the secretary in the bar? Just Showing in the dinner is just fine. Why the calling to shangai? I think after doing that call someone should get a triangle spinning and bye to that investigation. So Why they made this? just to make more episodes... US TV style!!

    Hopefully the original RTD's script should be kept to be deployed at the end, and return the original Torchwood quality. Still, I'm guessing the next two episodes similarly slow and empty.moreless
  • A terrible, terrible episode.

    I don't know where to start with this one. More than half of the Torchwood team was nearly killed off (figuratevely speaking) by a balding fat guy. It makes taking these guys seriously next to impossible. A lot of time is wasted on Esther investigating Vera's dissaperance, which is pointless - we know where she is and what happened to her. Rex gets caught at some point in the most idiotic fashion possible, which again, makes it very hard to accept him as Torchwood, which is what he wants to be called now. Gwen's subplot is just boring and pointless - I feel no sympathy or any kind of emotion for her or her dad, because her dad was never an active character in the show so far - his drama is not compelling because I just don't care about him at all. On a similar note, that makes the ending cliffhanger terrible too - a bunch of characters that we don't really care about, with one exception, are kidnapped. Big whoop. Also, Gwen singlehandedly taking down the entire base with just a bunch of explosives she happened to find is just stupid, not badass. The absence of Oswald Daynes doesn't help either, as Bill Pullman has easily been the best thing about Miracle Day. The only thing kind of cool about this mess of an episode was Ernie Hudson's cameo, but that did not last long enough. It was also fairly early in the episode, making the rest of it drag all the more. Just a waste of an episode. An awful, bloody mess.moreless
John Barrowman

John Barrowman

Captain Jack Harkness

Eve Myles

Eve Myles

Gwen Cooper

Mekhi Phifer

Mekhi Phifer

CIA Agent Rex Matheson

Alexa Havins

Alexa Havins

Esther Drummond

Kai Owen

Kai Owen

Rhys Williams

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • In the episode "The Categories of Life," Rex Matheson is recording the events at the module. The viewer is able to see the battery and time left to record. Throughout the episode it stays at 54 minutes battery time and 1 hour 23 minutes time left to record. At the beginning of this episode the battery time is still 54 minutes and time left to record is 1 hour 23 minutes even with him recording the death of Doctor Juarez, multiple modules, and his recording information about his being in Torchwood.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Zheng: I asked my uncle what happened. He told me to never to question a miracle. You may not like what you find.

    • Rex: My name is Rex Matheson. I'm with the C.I.A. I'm on an operation inside the San Pedro overflow. No, strike that. I'm not with the C.I.A. or any U.S. government authority. I'm with Torchwood.

    • Ralph: We murdered her.
      Maloney: No, no. The modules were designed to kill. Therefore death within this compound is legal.
      Ralph: How does that work?
      Maloney: Because I say so.

    • Gwen: They built a concentration camp here in Britain today and you--you, you are one of the staff.
      Dr. Patel: The entire healthcare system is about to collapse. What else am I supposed to do?
      Gwen: You say no. You say no, that's what you do. For the love of God, you say no.
      Dr. Patel: I can't.
      Gwen: Don't you dare. Don't you dare. Don't you dare look at me and tell me you are obeying orders. Don't you bloody dare. Oh, one more thing. Don't call yourself a doctor, not anymore. Shame on you.

    • Jack: Your name is Janet Rae Tanner. You're 27 years old, 5'9", 119 lbs. The youngest daughter of Gerald and Elaine Tanner of Nantucket, Massachusetts. You moved to California to attend college where you earned a bachelor's degree in art history. You currently reside in a Westwood apartment. You go to the gym three times a week. And you drive your hybrid downtown every day to an administrative assistant position at Phicorp Industries.
      Janet: And you're some creepy stalker dude last seen on "America's Most Wanted."
      Jack: I may be wanted but it's not what you think.

    • Hat Check Boy: Love the vintage coat.
      Jack: Thanks. Maybe the three of us should have a drink sometime.
      Hat Check Boy: The three of us?
      Jack: You, me and the coat.

    • Gwen: Where the hell were you?
      Rhys: I was on time, only this officious bastard held me up.
      Gwen: Well, why didn't you just run him over or something?
      Rhys: I'm not the run-over type and you know that.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: August 13, 2011 on SPACE
      United Kingdom: August 18, 2011 on BBC One
      Germany: August 18, 2012 on RTL II