Torchwood: Miracle Day

Season 1 Episode 1

The New World

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jul 08, 2011 on Starz

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  • Well the name is back but it isn't Torchwood as we know it.

    Mind you, with only two surviving members it would be very difficult to get the old feeling back.

    But I found this a very confusing episode. Who wanted to attack Reese and Gwen? The CIA are bound to be involved as they are always portrayed as the baddies.

    The idea of instant immortallity is interesting but are these people going to heal or not? Rex seems to be healing to some extent. I liked the switch that made Captain Jack mortal again but I'm sure that newcomers could do with some back story to explain how he became immortal.

    I'll give it another couple of weeks but then.....?
  • Gwen and Jack are back but the feel of Torchwood isn't.

    The Torchwood team is back and they're ready for action… sort of.

    "The New World" opens in usual Torchwood style-a series of should-be deaths and multitudes of TV reports claiming that nobody in the world has died. As a result, the CIA begins to investigate 'Torchwood' because, well, Torchwood used to deal in this sort of thing. And this is where the new show is ruined for long-term fans.

    If you're a returning fan, be prepared to hear an overuse of the word 'Torchwood' as twenty different Americans incorrectly explain the institute's history long after the audience understands. The amount of provided Torchwood background information is redundant to the point it ruins the plot. New fans may be turned off to the series due to the sheer amount of over-explanation whilst bored, returning fans will eagerly await the first glimpse of their surviving heroes, Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) and Gwen Cooper (Eve Myles).

    After too long into the episode, we first meet Gwen who, almost unbelievably so, is living in a cottage on a remote island in Wales with her husband, Rhys (Kai Owen), and their now year-old baby. Rhys, as usual, is left complaining about the dangers of Torchwood although it's been a year since Gwen's heard anything from Jack. Again, this seems to be a ploy to introduce new audiences to the history of Torchwood, yet returning fans will wonder just how many more complaints Rhys can devise against Gwen's past line of work.

    Jack is then introduced as the familiar hero and RetCons an overly interested CIA agent in an attempt to eradicate the word 'Torchwood.' Frustratingly, the RetCon doesn't work and no explanation is provided as to why. This will irk returning fans who have never witnessed the failure of RetCon and make new viewers wonder just how incompetent Torchwood was. The still-informed CIA decides to track Gwen through PC Andy Cooper's phone records and Jack, of course, beats them to Gwen's hidden household. There ensues a gunfight.

    Torchwood hasn't lost its snarky humor and we can see Gwen shooting at a sniper with one hand and holding her baby in the other. Aside from a few tender moments between Gwen and her father, Gwen's character is completely lost in the explosions and action of this new episode. The amount of fiery carnage in the many battles is uncharacteristicly forced, but it's nice to see that Gwen hasn't completely given up on Torchwood, as she first led us to believe.

    The reunion between she and Jack was overshadowed and horrid. It didn't do the characters (or the fans) justice because Jack has finally found someone to complain to-he is injured… and he isn't healing. To longtime fans, this revelation is monumental, and to everyone else, well, it's confusing. The show missed the perfect opportunity to explain Jack's back-story.

    The show also missed the perfect opportunity to reel in a new audience. Torchwood has been taken from its gritty, perceptive, humble beginnings to just another show with Blockbuster appeal. In trying to make the show more understandable and exciting for a wider audience, we've lost what the show is all about. Torchwood is no longer making beautiful or terrible statements about humanity or desperately searching for what happens after death. Torchwood is now mainstream and American and filled with too much sci-fi.
  • Very nice (new) introduction

    To me this was a perfect comeback of the series. However I might say that some things were left out and the reunion was a bit rushed. I hope that during the next episode(s), they will answer to the newbies some of the remaining questions: What is the big deal behind Jack not healing? And so on.
    I loved all the references to the first series (on BBC): eg. when Gwen got a taste of the amnesia drug or when Jack was monitoring and watching Gwen's every search on the internet.
    I am very curious as to where it will go next, but I'm sure that it will be very good. Only time will tell.
  • The New World


    The New World was a great premiere episode of Torchwood: Miracle Day and I really enjoyed watching this episode. I must say that it didn't have the same feel as the rest of the series. The story was very interesting and great, the characters were played well, and the circumstances were interesting, yet some thing was missing. I liked the action, drama and intrigue in this episode which added to the over all appeal of this episode. I look forward to watching the next episode to see how this new season progresses with it's story line!!!!

  • TORCHWOOD is back.

    After an unnecessarily long delay TORCHWOOD has finally returned to our television screens and it's back with a vengeance.

    The episode was basically serving as a launchpad for a new TORCHWOOD allowing new and old fans alike to get to know most of the key characters and the events that are going to bind them throughout the series.

    In addition to providing An easy path for new viewers to get involved the episode also provided plenty of tasty nostalgia for us longtime fans - FBI Agent 'Owen Harper', The similarities of Esther's introduction to TORCHWOOD which was almost a carbon copy of Gwen Cooper's introduction to the team and of course the newly promoted Sergeant Andy - New fans may not understand the significance of that but us old fans certainly do.

    The writing and acting were brilliant all round plus there were some tantalizing bits thrown in for the episode that will obviously impact the whole story - What will happen to Jack now that he is apparently normal and everyone else has what he used to have although possibly without the healing side affects - Rex still didn't look too healthy at the end and if he'd had Jack's full abilities he'd be fully healed by then.

    There is of course the big question of what the miracle is and who\what caused it but something else I found interesting was the way TORCHWOOD was apparently splashed all over the CIA with no idea where that message came from - We know Jack was responsible for deleting the message and all electronic traces of the message but who sent it and why?

    Personally I'd have been happy with a dull pointless story as long as Jack, Gwen and TORCHWOOD were back on television though thankfully this episode has setup what will no doubt be a fun exciting and intelligent show that will enthrall new and old fans alike and most importantly it will allow TORCHWOOD to do what Jack always said they do (In the voice over sequence of every episode of Series 1 & 2) but never really did before Children Of Earth and MIRACLE DAY.

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