Season 3 Episode 5

Children of Earth: Day Five

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jul 10, 2009 on BBC Two

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  • Drama, Sci-fi, Heartbreak

    Loved this little Torchwood mini-series. The drama was top notch, all the acting very well done and they did well in showing how high the stakes were. It was a good perspective from how a government would deal with a crisis such as this. It kept me thoroughly entertained the whole way through. One thing that bugged me was the alien threat and that it was largely unseen. I mean, thinking about it now, that's probably what the point of it all was, to show that sometimes there aren't things you can physically shoot (as shown literally when Jack and Ianto tried to bravely attack the thing in its cage), but I just didn't like that we couldn't actually see it, and it's one of the elements I enjoy about the Torchwood tv show and, by extension, Dr Who as well. Also I thought there were a few plot holes here and there (eg why would the British government not have safety precautions so a bunch of people wouldn't get trapped being poisoned to death in a building?) I also think that even with all the main political powers mobilising their children I find it hard to believe other countries would immediately follow suit, and that they'd be able to organise it all within 1/2 a day. Highlights included Gwen and Rhys' relationship, and of course Jack and Ianto's banter. I felt the 1st and 2nd episodes did very well to create suspense and don't really fault the conclusion even if it was a bit quick. (Let's face it, most climax's are ;] ). All in all, a very enjoyable series.
  • Great five episode arc, but weak climax

    Great five episode arc, but with a weak climax.

    I know the children screaming in unison was supposed to be a "Gee, the answer was right in front of us all the time" resolution. But I don't think it worked. It just wasn't cathartic enough.

    It was weaker even than the Slim Whitman "Indian Love Call" resolution in "Mars Attacks!"

    What made Children of Earth great was the expose of how our "leaders" would sell us down the river in a heartbeat if push came to shove.
  • Children of Earth: Good start, weak ending. Does it always has to be the whole World that is at stake? I think the less apocalyptic stories are usually the more interesting ones (WARNING: REVIEW CONTAINS POSSIBLE SPOILER)

    While "Children of Earth" had a good start with the first two days, it started to get weaker on the third day, the storyline began to get weired and partly inconsistent - for example: I still don't know why Cpt. Harkness confronted the alien with such a dumb (and emptyhanded) thread, which as a result (SPOILER) killed Ianto.

    Next riddle is the weak Politician (who's apparently responsible for it all) runs amok instead of trying to save his family - and thus continuing a very incomprehensible plot: I still don't understand, why Torchwood had to be targeted to hide a fact (the incident of the 60ies) that revealed itself later on without any apparent consequences.

    But: Drama! Drama! Drama! Needless to say, that there comes the time in 5 hours, where it gets difficult to maximize the Drama (Drama!): yes, let Jack Harkness be the lonely fighter, the man who must lay aside his personal ethics to save the world and do such a horrible thing to save the children. Urgh.

    I would have detached myself emotionally from the ludicrous developments at this point latest, if I hadn't it done already before.

    Okay, I admit, there are some ethics worth to be discussed, but the overall impression remains: If it's apocalyptic, there's a 75% chance to mess it up. And this was way too much, way too overdone. If there will ever be a fourth series, I hope they stop saving the world/universe but instead turn down the bombastic volume again and concentrate on stories that don't impact the whole world. I still think the first series has been best, had some brillant ideas. I enjoy watching 45 minutes of a well told story much more than seeing an apocalypse in 4 hours and 55 minutes and it's prevention in the last 5 mins.

    If you look at Doctor Who (latest series) and the best rated episode, it's "Blink", a very small, very quiet, yet fascinating story.

    My rating for the "Children of Earth" episodes: Day 1: 9
    Day 2: 8
    Day 3: 7
    Day 4: 6
    Day 5: 5
  • A brilliant conclusion to an awesome story..

    I was kinda worried before this episode, i was worried that there was just gonna be a big reset button and everyone would be happy and that would be the end. I'm relieved to see that was not the case. Victory is achieved but at a terrible cost, jack has to sacrifice his own grandson in order to achieve it. This is a welcome change to doctor who stories where the doctor normally come up with some magical solution that solves everything. I can understand why a story like this wouldn't be on doctor who though, it deals with some disturibng themes and is not suitable for children. I also have to state my disgust at the reason for the aliens wanting the children, these have to be some of the most evil aliens i've ever seen. I just hope this isn't the last we see of torchwood, the BBC would have to be braindead to cancel it after this.
  • It's Payback time.

    And we're just.not.ready.

    I always thought they'd have more time, that when the time come to wrap this up Torchwood would at lest found a couple of new recruits, maybe pick up a baby name for Gwen's child or introduce the team to Ianto's family. When Suzie died it was shocking but at leat we got to see her again - heck, she's so resourceful we might not have see the last her yet - when Tosh and Owen died it was so devastating that even two years later we could still feel the void they left behind.

    When Ianto Jones dies the very world stops spinning: Jack gave up, Gwen doesn't even want to try and Forbisher spares his family the only way he knows how (in what it's perhaps one of the most eerie scene up to date). It's chaos an mayhem and earth's last line of defense can't do anything to protect it. The last act of Torchwood is for Jack to make a deal so Gwen could go to save Ianto's niece and nephew.

    And then the unthinkable happens and Clem's death actually gave them an idea as to how to eliminate these creatures only they have to sacrifice a child, any child, and the 456 would perish. So Jack does what no government could, what no father nor grandfather should and sacrifices his very own Stephen so the reast of them could live, the grandson that now will never know who was his grandfather, the only son of a daughter that now wishes she would've never been born.

    Jack's life shattered to pieces just like Torchwood itself.
  • Best 5 eps of Torchwood EVER. Except the rather disappointing ending

    Without a doubt in my mind this is one of the best mini-series/episodes of not only TW but also the Whoniverse. I never thought id say this but compared to the average episode of Dr Who, SJA and TW, this is in my top 10. Compare to just TW, all the other eps are 2/10 tops just so this can be a 10.


    For those who havn't seen how the end of this episode, then ill try not to ruin it for you. But i found it very disappointing and almost hollow. The build up to it was so epic, i was about to punch something as the army was taking the kids, and then its just sorta finished, the kids screamed and the 456 just fireballs away...
    Ok so it was a bit more intense then that, but still compared to the rest of the episode its nothing.

    Good Bye Cpt Jack, u will be missed...
  • Brilliant series of Torchwood

    Wow what an ending to the best series of Torchwood to date. Being amazingly adult, dark, heartbreaking and emotionaly drainging have made this one of the best TV events of the year. Its as if Russel T Davis has looked at everyones feedback regarding the previous seasons being immature and he has said I'll give them adult and boy has he. Jack and the team are back after having lost 2 team members at the end of the last series Torchwood is down to just 3 agents and when the children of earth begin to stop what they are doing and recite strange sayings, Jack, Ianto and Gwen swing into action to help save the earth from an unknown alien threat.
  • Good but rather predictable ending.

    This review is for all 5 parts put into 1. This epic is as you'd expect from Sci-Fi/Fantasy big event happens earth is under threat from enemy and the gang of good guys and allies rally and save the day with something really simple at the end (they could have done right at the start) but it's the chase that always matters more than the ending, and it was a good chase throughout here and though only fiction it's EXCALLY how a government really would handle such a situation. I think they way over did the 'Jack can never did' thing. He can't ever die ok we get the point now guys OK? But I liked the idea of him having a daughter and grand son being revelled that was a nice touch.

    Now Torchwood is over with only Gwen left I doubt we'll see more and I'm totally sussed with Jack leaving at the end. That's obviously going to lead into the Doctor Who Xmas specials. Overall good story, typical ''oh we can just do this and win" ending but the chase was a good ride and enjoyable. Would rather have had it spread over 5 weeks and not 5 days though as it build better anticipation throughout.
  • Not for the feint of heart

    I have always looked at Torchwood with a little distance. i saw a few episodes, and they are nice.....but then......
    This story, the Children of Earth is a whole different ball of wax. For a cheap label let's call it Dr. Who goes Spooks. This story is one with a difference. It is intense from the beginning, it is nervewrecking to see how the team get's smashed all over the place and it is unnerving to see what is all behind it all.

    These 5 episodes are truly magnificent!

    What to do when the choice is so hard? You can't feel but to lose tears over the dilemma of it all. Torchwood get's a blow to the head when the children of earth are in danger. not one or two, No all children! Yet that part is not the upseting bit. The overal storyline what happened and what comes is just overwhelming. you wanna shout out the the 'bad' guys, but the answers are even more upsetting.

    These 5 episodes are clear evidence that BBC remains still the undefeated champions of Drama, and that this cast is top notch from moment one until the very last second.
  • you wait and then...

    We can discuss about deaths, holocausts etc but i do not think we can disagree that this 5 part season was not set up and excecuted perfectly

    in part 5 all is on the line, millions of children to be exact. The truth is that it is not often that you see tv with more impact, the moments that you know, the moments that they give you to think about it and then it hits. Frobisher's last desperate act. Jack's sacrifice. People moan about main characters that die, perhaps they are right but the way they do, man what well written and acted they are. What will stay with me is the believable way the politicians came to their decision, that was scary because it feels like something they would.

    Any complaints? well the scenes where you would expect massive number of people felt a bit small

    all in all, the best tv in a long time
  • I look forward to season 3! I think the changes they made will refresh the show!

    I think they did a wonderful job of cleaning the slate to come back strong with another season. I will miss the old cast but look forward to seeing the new direction to show takes. As long as they keep Eve and John I am a happy fan! I cannot wait to hear more about what is coming and 5 episodes is so not enough to keep me satisfied. If anyone has some spoilers or info on what is m=next please let me know as soon as possible! And I don't think America should have to wait longer to see them!!
  • Torchwood finally learns the truth and everything now pivots around one man. Old allegiances are destroyed and true intentions are revealed. Can Jack,Gwen and Ryhs along with the childern save the day?

    Spoiler Alert!
    Torchwood season three is by far the best I have ever seen on TV. Its so awesome the way everything unfolds. Its show humanity at its best and worst all at the same time. Gwen getting pregnant in the middle of all the chaos is great it keeps her fighting when she needs to the most. Rhys is just great steps in and just does what needs to done . I mean he cooked for them I thought that was great he kind of took the roll of the guy either help or get of the way. Jack saw a new side of Rhys when he thought no would back him up for what he did to the children back then Rhys did. I saw Jack in the early days I’m guessing right after he stopped being a con artist.(More on Jack’ story on Doctor Who seasons 1-4ish) And Ianto tells him you know everything there is to know about me and I know almost nothing about you. Jack says that it that’s everything. Ianto tells him no its not you pretend it is but, its not you could see that Jack was hurt by the words. I am upset that they Killed of Ianto in the fourth episode right before it ends they just go off and kill Him. Then at the end of the fifth night the shoot 6 months in the future and Gwen is really pregnant by then, But they do not say what she and Rhys has been doing for the last 6 month sot if the baby is boy or a girl the do leave it as sort of a cliffhanger by at the same time they don’t. Anyway it’s one of my favorite shows I hope they come back for another season.
    I really hope the is a fourth season I live in the United States and Info on the show is not always avalible so any thing ya'll know about any uncomming season let me know.
  • miniseries was absolutely fantastic

    This miniseries was awesome. I was fortunate to watch all five episodes back to back and I was glued to the screen.

    Ianto's death was so heartbreaking and the plot was absolute perfection. Whenever the children would stop and say "we are coming," I was totally creeped out!
    All the lies and deception and intrigue, as well as Jack's part in everything, the past, the government plots to eradicate everyone involved, all the betrayal, all make for a hell of a good show!

    Using the children as drugs for these aliens was a spin on sci fi that I have never seen before. It's an interesting look on things, instead of just invasions and takeovers.
    I'm really impressed with the writers for this miniseries. I'm a little concerned that they won't be able to top it, to be honest though.

    With most of the cast having been killed off, except for Gwen and Captain Jack, I don't know how they are going to recover. Captain Jack took off, Gwen's having a baby, how in the world are they going to continue the show?
  • In Day Five, Gwen is left to face the chaos caused by the 456. Both Gwen and Jack have to deal with the reality of Ianto's death and the horror they are now faced with. Jack tries to combat the 456 while Gwen goes to rescue Ianto's niece and nephew.

    I liked the Children of Earth series. I was sad that Ianto died and Jack left and at some of the things that happened in between (Jack's grandson, etc.), but it was a good ending when you think of the series as a whole. I mean, the show can't go on forever. And now, it can go both ways. The show was basically wrapped up, but there is still room to expand. Gwen could gather Rhys and Lois and start a brand-new Torchwood without Jack. It wouldn't be the same without Captain Jack, but it could work, and I would certainly watch it. And I'm definitely going to buy the series on DVD.

    I do wish Gwen would name the baby after Ianto. Or even Jack. Or Tosh, if it's a girl.
  • Show committed suicide.

    One of those things that I can stand is gratuitous death. Once in a while you see this device, usually when the writers have run out of ideas, where they will kill people just to keep us paying attention. It was obvious that they had written themselves into a corner with a really stupid idea, that there is a omnipotent race that uses human children for drugs. Consider, humans make a lot of great drugs and we can't even make it to the nearest star for lunch. They were able to keep us distracted during much of this by pouring on one action sequence after another. This worked because Torchwood has always had some really excellent direction in terms of action sequences, and somehow the actors are able to all present convincing characters. But after the smoke had cleared at the end, they had to reach some kind of conclusion. So they create a hopeless confrontation and kill a major character And by playing to our natural dislike of bureaucracy, try to convince us that the most evil act of all time is about to occur. But the ending is just so much junk. I ended up playing the last bit in fast forward, because I could not believe that a show that had so much going for it was going to commit suicide. It is as if they told the writers and producers to kill the show and that is what they did. They end up destroying characters for no other purpose but to watch them die, and they completely destroy any morality that the main character might have had. They do all of this in context of what is likely the thinest plot ever presented in the series. This seemed an effort to just destroy the series. This is a real pity. This series always had a great potential and had only scratched the surface it what it could have done. It would have been much better to just not make any more rather than do a hack job like this.
  • I was really horrified with the "Children of Earth" episodes. I am not really a fan of morality. ... However, when it comes to TV series, it would not be too much to have the expectation that the message at the end is not too harsh to digest.

    This bloody episode – both literally and figurative – was too much to take in. The degree of violence was clearly high, which is quite acceptable for the main theme: Holocaust. But, – there is a big emphasis on the word "but" here – when a director makes a holocaust movie, he/she has to have some responsibilities, even if it is a science fiction.

    Holocaust is a one of bleeding wounds of humanity; it is not only in the bloody and shameful pages of human history, but also in the current world we live in. So, when it comes to chasing, killing, torturing, sacrificing, and classifying people –as in racism–, there must be clear limits. I believe one cannot make a movie or TV series, which includes such ideological issues, and say nothing critical about it.

    It would not be fair to say, that Western Europe is at the edge of a racial purification again. However, it is clearly obvious that the racism is increasing day by day, and the welfare states of Europe are facing a large scale crisis. Maybe it was what the directors concern to go over to this popular theme. Fancy I'd say. Science fiction is a very suitable platform for experimenting social issues; I am definitely for it. However, it must also be the directors concern to exclude messages like, "I want you to know that, John Frobisher was a good man". What do you think; was Hitler a good man? Neo Nazis say he used to love children. What do you think? Did he really do? Does it make any difference, if he had done?

    At the beginning I kept asking myself the same question: why the children? How naïve of me! With this ending the use of children was not only a brilliant idea but also a must. If it were the adults at stake, the director had to make a racist propaganda movie. Who in Lords name would not want to get rid of all those criminals, immigrants, asylum-seekers, people of color, Gypsies, Jews, Muslims, transsexuals, handicapped, etc?

    The main message of the movie looks like, "Do the Holocaust, bring down just a couple of victims at the end, and live with it. Life goes on. Even for the honorable statesman, who were just doing their jobs…" I regret to say that I believe Torchwood failed the idea of humanity once again.

    I can only hope that responsible people in the audience react to the movie as I did, and the director/producer takes an action to make it more politically and morally correct it in the following episodes.
  • This episode was upsetting and disturbing. *spoilers*

    I felt sick and weak, and I was shaking and almost cried as I saw soldier hauling children away. This was one of the most disturbing things I have ever seen. I know there are more upsetting things out there, but I try to stick to fun action and fluffy sci-fi. When the Colonel finally ask the aliens, the 456, the obvious question, what do you want with our children? And the alien responded, "They create chemicals, the chemicals are good." I thot I was gonna be sick. "You're shooting up on our children?"

    I was totally not surprised when Frobisher killed his family. The prime minister is the hugest jerk in existence. After everything Frobisher did, he tries to make him give up his own children to the 456. Soon as he asked Bridget for Aquisition 31 or whatever it was called, I knew it would be a gun. Death would be better than being hooked up to an alien and juiced for the rest of your extended life.

    I was also very upset that Jack killed his own grandson to get rid of the 456. But I was kind of relieved, considering how disturbed I was by what was going on. At least Gwen impressed me, as well as Ianto's family. Saving as many children as they could. A handful at first, but when they get caught Gwen just keeps running with the one little girl in her arms. I've always loved Gwen, which I know is an unpopular opinion, but now I love her even more. She's a heroine! But I guess that's what most of the world would be doing if they knew what was actually going on.

    Their solution felt very cheap and anticlimactic. The children just yell at the aliens and they die. After all that build up it was very unimpressive. And Steven had to die for it. :( And the ending was odd. What did Bridget do with the information she recorded? Did she release it or not? What were the consequences of what the government did? We didnt find out because they just skipped to 'Six Months Later'. And Jack's leaving? I'm assuming he'll come back, because you cant have a show with just Gwen. She's good, but she's not that good.
  • Torchwood - Children of Earth. An event worth waiting for.

    Rather than watch each episode as they were aired, I chose to record all five and watch them in one go. An excellent idea as each episode left me wanting more.

    The backstory, characters (and acting), and idea to show the story on five consecutive night was inspired.
    Each episode left on a dramatic note and I wanted more.

    Some people have suggested that this is the end of the series. I hope not. This is the best series so far and I would love to see another series - again over five nights.

    To conclude, excellent story, acting and idea. More please.
  • The bad aliens come to earth to take children. A sub-plot has the government bureaucracy making a snap decision to kill a dozen or so people to cover up an event in 1965 involving Jack.

    For all the expectation, the five-part "CHILDREN OF EARTH" hardly delivers enough to fill a two-parter. Simply removing or cutting back the scenes of people running down hallways and streets would delete at least a full episode. The storyline itself is full of holes, for example in E01 Jack screeches into the hospital parking lot to meet Dr. Repech (?) saying " I promise, we can zap these kids memories so they won't remember a thing ..." -- the only problem is the the kids already DON'T remember a thing --- and why would it be so important that Jack hurry out to visit this new guy to tell him this ? Only then does Repech tell him about the new dead Asian. The Torchmobile has a "triple deadlock", yet the local punks take off with it ? ( perhaps just a plot device to show a guy's butt ?)

    I thought the hiatus was to refresh -- it appears that the time away has caused it to become stale instead.
  • On The Fifth Day Written by Russell T. Davies Directed by Euros Lyn

    Gwen (to the camera): "Sometimes The Doctor must look at this planet and turn away in shame."

    At the time of writing, I am unsure as to whether I'm reviewing another season finale or in fact a series finale. The episode itself feels so much like the latter but until an official announcement from the BBC, it could go either way.

    The death of Ianto in some ways would be the kind of moment to make things stop if it wasn't for the severity of the storyline. For those of you hoping for a reset button, then forget it. Ianto is still dead and there's not even so much as a ghostly appearance or obligatory hallucination.

    In fact, there's no time for closure on Ianto's death. Jack himself is too busy getting Gwen back to Cardiff so she can tell Rhiannon of Ianto's death in person and Jack is also thrown into a cell for his efforts.

    Rhiannon's reaction to her brother's death is a little muted, even if she angrily accused Gwen of knowing nothing about Ianto. Of course, the other reason why Gwen was specifically sent to Rhiannon was to help save Mischa and David as well.

    The inoculation fib that the Prime Minister announced went into effect with soldiers out in force trying to snare as many of the children as they possibly could to appease the 456. I have to admit that I became more and more uncomfortable watching the pursuit of these children and the fate that awaited them.

    Even Frobisher realised that he wasn't going to be exempt when the Prime Minister told him quite coldly that his children would be among the ten percent offered to the 456. I thought Frobisher might try and get his wife and children as far away as he possibly could. I didn't expect him to shoot them along with himself in cold blood.

    The grittiness in the episode certainly felt like too much at times. Frobisher's mass murder of his own family, the understandable panic that erupted when the parents realised what was happening to their children, not to mention the reveal as to what the 456 wanted the kids for.

    It seems that kids are a recreational drug for the 456, which makes the carnage they've caused even than before. Watching the Prime Minister just sit coolly as the children were being collected sickened me to the core. Even though he got his comeuppance in the end, I still wanted Bridget to blow his brains.

    Bridget seemed to almost go thrown some kind of a redemption arc of sorts in this episode as well. I knew her conversation with Lois had more to do with getting her own back on the Prime Minister than just waxing lyrical about Frobisher being a good man.

    Lois in some ways got to help Torchwood again, even if the ending of this series seems to widely suggest that she won't be signing up anytime soon. All the government types in this episode weren't exactly at their best. Even General Pierce wasn't much good in the situation.

    Getting rid of the 456 was always going to be a hard thing to pull off. They had such ease in killing people with gas and really could've just snatched the kids themselves without having to involve any military or governmental bodies but in the end, they had to die.

    Another wavelength, a new one transmitted through a child was going to be the solution. I could tell with Alice and Steven around when Decker taunted both Jack and Johnson about the solution what was going to happen next. Like Jack, I was also hoping for there to be another way.

    Losing Ianto is one thing but being directly responsible for the death of your own grandson is another. Arguably even for a show that succeeded with being ballsy for this season it's a step too far. As much as I knew that Jack didn't want to put Steven in harm's way, all I could think of was Alice's reaction.

    Some absolutely heartbreaking moments from Lucy Cohu and John Barrowman, who both churned in the kind of performances worthy of BAFTA nods. Even Johnson, who was more willing for Steven to be sacrificed had a hard time watching the boy die in order to kill the 456 and she's pretty contributed to the mess of this saga.

    Alice's relationship with Jack was fragile beforehand but now, it's irrevocable. How could you forgive something like that? How can Jack even forgive himself? That kind of guilt has got to unbearable.

    It also tied in nicely with the final scenes of this episode. Jack may have saved the day but Torchwood is effectively no more. Travelling around the Earth isn't going to bring him out of his funk and something tells me that even travelling in space might not cure his ails either.

    Gwen went through the ringer in this episode. She believed the world was going to end, she believed that Torchwood ruined lives, she even considered having an abortion. Thankfully though, she didn't go through with the last one. The look on poor Rhys's face when she said it though.

    However even though she tried to get Jack to go easy on himself, she still couldn't stop him from leaving. It's really going to be interesting to see what exactly will happen next with this show. This episode had all the hallmarks of a series finale, just like the way Robin Hood ended two weeks ago and look what happened there. Until the BBC actually decide what's going to happen next, I guess we'll have to wait and see but I'll be surprised if this comes back for a fourth year.

    Also in "Children Of Earth: Day Five"

    Gareth David-Lloyd's name was removed from the credits with this episode. Ianto made no last minute appearance.

    Augustus: "You managed to survive."
    Decker: "I just stood back sir, strategy that's worked all my life."

    Predictably enough in light of Ianto's death, there's a fair amount of Facebook groups being set up. Even AfterElton have discussed the character's passing.

    Captain Jack (to Gwen, re Frobisher): "He's right. Look what happened. Phone Rhys, tell him we've lost."

    Frobisher: "If you put me on camera, I will tell the truth."
    Prime Minister: "Then your daughters will know where they're going."

    I noticed that Alice seemed to be wearing a very similar coat to her father in the last two episodes.

    Andy (to Gwen): "Don't you bloody hate people who don't finish their sentences?"

    Bridget (to Lois, re Frobisher): "He asked for me. I didn't think he knew my name. We made quite a team."

    Did anyone get the feeling that within the season that Bridget and Frobisher might have had a thing? She definitely seemed to have feelings for him.

    Gwen (to Rhiannon): "They're gonna come and take your kids. You'll never see them again. Never."

    Johnson (re Alice): "What do you think, Captain? She told me you were good. Was she right?"
    Captain Jack: "Let's get to work."

    We never did learn Johnson's first name, though Alice did ask for it. Johnson did blather on about believing in her work though.

    Rhys (re baby): "You didn't mean it, about getting rid of it?"
    Gwen: "Course I didn't."

    Denise: "You don't have to be here."
    Bridget (re Frobisher): "It's what he would've wanted."
    Denise: "You think so? I couldn't imagine why anyone would want to be in that bloody room."

    Isn't it a little disappointing that The Doctor didn't make a surprise appearance in this after all? Maybe they would've had to alter some of the plots to accommodate an appearance from him.

    Bridget (to the Prim Minister): "Your first thought now is to save your own skin."

    Gwen: "You fuss over me one more time."
    Rhys: "I'm just saying."
    Gwen: "Don't."

    The ratings for these episode have been spectacular. Days 1 and 3 pulled in 5.9 million, Day 2 ranked 5.6 million and Day 4 pulled in 6.2 million while Day 5 pulled in million viewers. Excellent.

    Gwen: "Are you ever going to come back?"
    Captain Jack: "What for?"
    Gwen: "Me."

    Captain Jack (to Gwen/Rhys): "I have had so many lives. It's time to find another."

    Chronology: I'm assuming late 2009/early 2010, given the six month jump at the end of the episode.

    "Children Of Earth: Day Five" really does end things on a downbeat, somewhat nihilistic note. For me, while I've always made some Torchwood/Angel comparisons, I was hoping that the show wouldn't end the same way as the latter series. If this is really the end, then it's been one hell of an adventure, just too bad it wasn't a positive note. I guess you can't have everything.
  • it was a great show but it cannot last

    i thought the actual sho was really good but i must confess i will never watch it again, how could i watch a show where i despise the main character how could i feel sympathy for jack harkness when he killed an innocent child, also it doesnt make sense because earlier on in the episode jack doesnt make a tape which could destroy the government and save the children public because they threatened his family yet he is perfectly willing to kill his only granchild to save the children
    he is not deserved of being in the "doctor who family" so to speak because truly he is an evil person who only cares about himself sarah jane would never do that, rose would never do that martha would never do that donna wouldnt do that captain jack harkness is evil how could an audience feel sympathy witha character that is really a murderer a con and a thief- and not in a good way russel t davis you have created man who makes peter sutcliffe look like mother theresa you should be ashamed !!!!!
  • A absolute disappointment!!!

    What the hell?! You give us four episodes of suspense and bits of action and then the BBC thinks its ok to post this tripe of a episode, I mean what a **** episode!
    They totally broke all what jack was about, they turned him from a hero to a bastard, he uses his own grandson to center the signal and all the kids use it to destroy the 456. He killed his grandson!
    He betrayed his own daughter!
    Gwen and Rhys are only pure things about this episode, they remain till six months later when she about 7 months pregnant.
    BBC if you read this, you failed to give an good ending and I suggest you go back to the board.
    Peace out!