Season 3 Episode 5

Children of Earth: Day Five

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jul 10, 2009 on BBC Two

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  • It's Payback time.

    And we're just.not.ready.

    I always thought they'd have more time, that when the time come to wrap this up Torchwood would at lest found a couple of new recruits, maybe pick up a baby name for Gwen's child or introduce the team to Ianto's family. When Suzie died it was shocking but at leat we got to see her again - heck, she's so resourceful we might not have see the last her yet - when Tosh and Owen died it was so devastating that even two years later we could still feel the void they left behind.

    When Ianto Jones dies the very world stops spinning: Jack gave up, Gwen doesn't even want to try and Forbisher spares his family the only way he knows how (in what it's perhaps one of the most eerie scene up to date). It's chaos an mayhem and earth's last line of defense can't do anything to protect it. The last act of Torchwood is for Jack to make a deal so Gwen could go to save Ianto's niece and nephew.

    And then the unthinkable happens and Clem's death actually gave them an idea as to how to eliminate these creatures only they have to sacrifice a child, any child, and the 456 would perish. So Jack does what no government could, what no father nor grandfather should and sacrifices his very own Stephen so the reast of them could live, the grandson that now will never know who was his grandfather, the only son of a daughter that now wishes she would've never been born.

    Jack's life shattered to pieces just like Torchwood itself.
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