Season 3 Episode 5

Children of Earth: Day Five

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jul 10, 2009 on BBC Two

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  • Best 5 eps of Torchwood EVER. Except the rather disappointing ending

    Without a doubt in my mind this is one of the best mini-series/episodes of not only TW but also the Whoniverse. I never thought id say this but compared to the average episode of Dr Who, SJA and TW, this is in my top 10. Compare to just TW, all the other eps are 2/10 tops just so this can be a 10.


    For those who havn't seen how the end of this episode, then ill try not to ruin it for you. But i found it very disappointing and almost hollow. The build up to it was so epic, i was about to punch something as the army was taking the kids, and then its just sorta finished, the kids screamed and the 456 just fireballs away...
    Ok so it was a bit more intense then that, but still compared to the rest of the episode its nothing.

    Good Bye Cpt Jack, u will be missed...