Season 3 Episode 5

Children of Earth: Day Five

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jul 10, 2009 on BBC Two

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  • Children of Earth: Good start, weak ending. Does it always has to be the whole World that is at stake? I think the less apocalyptic stories are usually the more interesting ones (WARNING: REVIEW CONTAINS POSSIBLE SPOILER)

    While "Children of Earth" had a good start with the first two days, it started to get weaker on the third day, the storyline began to get weired and partly inconsistent - for example: I still don't know why Cpt. Harkness confronted the alien with such a dumb (and emptyhanded) thread, which as a result (SPOILER) killed Ianto.

    Next riddle is the weak Politician (who's apparently responsible for it all) runs amok instead of trying to save his family - and thus continuing a very incomprehensible plot: I still don't understand, why Torchwood had to be targeted to hide a fact (the incident of the 60ies) that revealed itself later on without any apparent consequences.

    But: Drama! Drama! Drama! Needless to say, that there comes the time in 5 hours, where it gets difficult to maximize the Drama (Drama!): yes, let Jack Harkness be the lonely fighter, the man who must lay aside his personal ethics to save the world and do such a horrible thing to save the children. Urgh.

    I would have detached myself emotionally from the ludicrous developments at this point latest, if I hadn't it done already before.

    Okay, I admit, there are some ethics worth to be discussed, but the overall impression remains: If it's apocalyptic, there's a 75% chance to mess it up. And this was way too much, way too overdone. If there will ever be a fourth series, I hope they stop saving the world/universe but instead turn down the bombastic volume again and concentrate on stories that don't impact the whole world. I still think the first series has been best, had some brillant ideas. I enjoy watching 45 minutes of a well told story much more than seeing an apocalypse in 4 hours and 55 minutes and it's prevention in the last 5 mins.

    If you look at Doctor Who (latest series) and the best rated episode, it's "Blink", a very small, very quiet, yet fascinating story.

    My rating for the "Children of Earth" episodes: Day 1: 9
    Day 2: 8
    Day 3: 7
    Day 4: 6
    Day 5: 5