Season 3 Episode 3

Children of Earth: Day Three

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jul 08, 2009 on BBC Two
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As the 456 announce that they have arrived, the world focuses on Britain.

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  • yo bro.

    Where can I actually see this online? none of my friends have it, and I can't pay for stuff like that.



    have only just discovered torchwood, but know the general story line.
  • Love the team members' resourcefulness

    Love the team members' resourcefulness as they establish a makeshift, temporary Torchwood HQ in an abandoned factory. After all, as the tagline for Torchwood boasts, "Torchwood. Outside the government. Beyond the police."

    The government and police do nothing to save humanity. They obstruct Torchwood's desperate efforts to save humanity. They sell out the citizens they pretend to serve, just as depicted in "The X-Files."

    High officials confer special privileges upon themselves and their own families, while sacrificing ours to the aliens. Just like the primitive savages of Skull Island sacrifice young women to King Kong.

    Government as usual, is not solution. It is the problem.

    The aliens have got to be the creepiest aliens ever depicted in SF film or television.moreless
  • There wasnt quite as much action in this episode as in the last two, but a lot still happened. *spoilers*

    It moved ahead a lot further than I expected it to in one episode. I didnt think the aliens would actually arrive until the last episode. I wonder what will happen now, with two episodes left. I guess we'll have to figure out what they want and get rid of them.

    I'm really glad that Lois decided to help. I really like her. The contact technology was really cool. But the aliens are damn creepy! Spasing out all the time and throwing up or whatever it is. And then asking for 10% of the Earth's children! WTF!I sure as hell hope that no one tries to agree to it. But I guess that explains what happened in 1965. The aliens showed up and wanted children, so they gave them 12 orphans they didnt think anyone would miss. But why would the aliens just randomly show up on earth, in Britain, and only ask for 12 when now they want 10% of the Earth? And why was Jack there?!? Many more questions. It was quite an ending, but in a very different way from the previous two episode.

    So, this episode was a lot more about dialogue with the aliens than about action, but that means a lot of answers, and also a lot of new questions. The scene when the aliens first arrived was very cool tho, and pretty exciting. And the scene when the team steals all the things they need to continue working at a new location was cool and kinda funny.moreless
  • Events become even more sinister when the 456 arrive on Earth.

    This episode marks a shift as the fast paced action slows to a more thoughtful and reflective approach - an excellent juxtaposition for the previous episode.

    The team are reunited, and it's entertaining to see them out of their comfort zone and taking to the streets as small time crooks (very Hustle-esque). Although they cheat and steal, it's all in a good cause and we can sympathise with them.

    A thoughtful scene between Jack and Ianto as they discuss how their relationship will progress and end is wonderfully understated. Torchwood, as ever, refuses to be pretentious with its emotional content sensitively handled.

    The scene in which the 456 arrive was a masterpiece. The atmopshere was built exceptionally through the simple inclusion of silence - no music, little dialogue and an ominous gas from which the alien voice emerges. Peter Capaldi's performance was also excellent, serving to build on the sense of fear. Are the 456 friendly? It's difficult to tell. That's what makes the situation even more interesting.

    As for the final scenes as the 456 engages in talks, this was also excellent. The 456 repeating Frobisher's words builds a sense of foreboding, and although they agree to leave the children alone, there is still a tangible atmopshere of menace. It's revelation that it will take 10% of the Earth's children confirms their malevolent nature. With Jack's revelation, it seems that everything has been brilliantly turned on it's head with the audience's expectations completely inverted. Roll on tomorrow night.moreless
  • The message from the aliens is we are here

    As a massive pillar of fire is fire is focused on London, the eyes of the world turn to Britain's diplomatic efforts. The 456 have landed John is know as the spokesman for the 456 from Thames house in London. All the children are pointing to London .The 456 Want a gift the gift is they want 10pecent of the children of the world and the one that was left behind in 1965 keeps on saying the man and that man happens to be captain Jack gave the twelve children away.moreless
Peter Capaldi

Peter Capaldi

John Frobisher

Guest Star

Paul Copley

Paul Copley

Clement McDonald

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Nicholas Farrell

Nicholas Farrell

Brian Green

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • In the scene where Steven Carter is watching TV, the program he is watching appears to be Worzel Gummidge. It starred Jon Pertwee, who played the third incarnation of the Doctor in Torchwood's parent show Doctor Who from 1970-75.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Gwen: So what do we do? Hmm? Just sit here?
      Jack: Worse than that, do I have to stay in these clothes? I mean, come on, tracksuit bottoms? Not a good look.

    • Jack: So, we've got guns. Okay. And a pen knife, laptop, now dead, credit cards and a phone, which they can trace, Lemsip, book of stamps, pair of contact lenses and 15 quid.
      Gwen: Plus 25 pence. With some bloody alien thing turning up today.
      Ianto: We've still got some of the Torchwood software, though. We've lost the Hub, but the software still exists on the server. Trouble is, we're gonna need some more equipment. Not to mention electricity.
      Rhys: And how are we gonna manage that, hidden away like criminals?
      Gwen: Well, that's it. Brilliant.
      Rhys: What?
      Gwen: Criminals. Thieves. Us. Well, they're treating us like criminals, let's be criminals. Listen, I trained with the police. I know every trick in the book. Seen the lot. Come on, boys. You're gonna learn some tricks.

    • Captain Jack: (To Ianto) I'm a fixed point in time and space, that's what the Doctor says. I think that means it's forever.

    • 456: We have a request.
      Frobisher: By all means.
      456: We want a gift.
      Frobisher: Of course. But, uh, what nature of gift, exactly?
      456: A gift.
      Frobisher: Gladly. But what do you want?
      456: We want... your children. We will take your children.

  • NOTES (2)