Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 19, 2006 on BBC Two
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Whilst investigating a group of unexplainable deaths in a village, the Torchwood team are separated. Discovering further, Jack, Gwen and Owen find a scared man, hiding from the thing responsible for the murders. But Tosh and Ianto go that one step extra, and locate the killer, who wants them as their next victims.moreless

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  • I guess I understand why it has a lower rating than I expected...

    I was so surprised this episode didn't have a near-10 rating. I thought it was INCREDIBLE. The pacing was intense, I never wanted to look away. There was excellent character development for everyone, and I think Gwen and Owen are a great couple- tons of chemistry there!

    This is in my opinion an example of great TV. Some people are turned off by it because it didn't have aliens. I think it was a great change of pace because it shows that aliens aren't the only bad thing out there, and it challenges everyone's normal routine.

    It might not have been original, but I think the action-packed pacing as well as getting to know these characters better made it a fine episode.moreless
  • A lame horror episode. Not scary, shallow characters, not even good horror.

    A lame horror episode. Not scary, shallow characters, not even good horror. The subject was old and stale to begin with, and it did not seem to fit with the overall theme of the show. Yes humans can be horrible, but did the story and presentation also have to be horrible?
  • The gang at Torchwood investigate mysterious happenings in a deserted village...

    I have seen the other reviews of this story - and its obviously a love/hate episode. The main story was strange - it felt like a B-Grade horror movie, yet is supposed to be about supernatural things that Torchwood investigate...

    There are a lot of scenes/moments stolen from other horror films/tv shows - which make this story seem unoriginal. The Torchwood gang is reduced to snivelling wrecks - despite that they have faced many scary events in the past. The gang have guns but don't seem to know how to use them. Gwen is shot but continues to run around hardly affected. Jack acts out of character - not caring if Tosh/Ianto are dead! Gwen and Owen continue their 'relationship' even though there is no chemistry between these 2 characters. The explanation for the villagers' actions is missing. On the plus side, Gwen has a good scene when she is shot and Owen tries to recover the bullet. This was well acted. Tosh is given some good character-building scenes - even though she is involved in the biggest cliche of all - when she trips running away from the main demented villager! Also, the villagers are very well acted by the supporting cast - giving a scary edge to an episode that makes little sense.moreless
  • The X-Files...redux.

    This episode was pretty much a carbon copy of an episode of the X-Files (a boring copy at that). I didn't enjoy it in it's original premise (although, that could be because the main characters on the X-Files were so BORING!! themselves) and I certainly didn't want to see one of the programs I enjoy watching dive this low. Were the script writers out dead that week?!?! Spooky seemingly invisible boogy-men out to eat you alive? I laughed til I almost, well, I won't go there. Suffice it to say, if you skipped this entry into the short series known as "Torchwood", you'd be missing nothing, except maybe time when you could be doing something better, like clipping your fingernails with a chainsaw.moreless
  • Sometimes the scariest things aren't the monsters...

    This is definitely one of the scariest episodes of Torchwood. The vibe is so intense, you feel that at any second something could jump out at you. And it does.

    Seeing the gang go camping for a countryside killer was a nice change of scenery. I liked the camera work from the mysterious angles, of the team being watched, it's always given it that creepier feel. Gwen and Owen's chemistry just ratchets up in this episode, from their kiss confession to the interlude at the tree and leading up to the end. But my favorite scene of them was actually after she had gotten shot, which was also one of my favorite scenes altogether. They just seem very comfortable with each other, and the way her hand just rests on his neck says so much. It was almost unbelievable that she recovered so quickly from a gunshot wound, but I guess Owen is just that good.

    It was also nice getting to see Tosh and Ianto bond in their little way. You don't often see them together, so the way they protected each other was new but still felt sincere. The bodies were well done as well. Very real looking and very bloody and gross. Just perfect. The meat was great too. The whole concept seemed a bit weird but actually, it was kind of believable that a whole village or family would turn cannibal, luring tourists in and eating them. I have never liked what a big production they make of it though. It's a small deal when you go to the grocery store, right, which is essentially what these people are doing, in a horrific, disturbing way. Also the harvest reference just makes me think of Buffy, like always, so maybe that's just my tick.

    The people were perfectly creepy, and I liked that Jack did not kill them as well. Gwen needing to know why they would do what they do just seems so like her, and the guy she talks to is positively terrifying. They look he gives Jack before telling Gwen that it makes him happy, is soo good and exactly the right, only reason why someone would do things like this.

    If you're afraid of gore, skip right on past this one. But if you're interested in that, and a little romance to boot, this is the best example of great acting and writing.moreless
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Owen Teale

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Calum Callaghan


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • This is the first time we see Owen use his skills from his previous career as a medical doctor.

    • There are references to "Cyberwoman" - Ianto mentions the last person he kissed was Lisa (the Cyberwoman) and Owen reveals that he and Gwen have kissed (when they were in the morgue).

  • QUOTES (20)

    • Gwen: I had a good job before this. I thought in a year or two, perhaps a baby and Rhys would be a good dad, and I could try for Desk Sergeant and, well, it was all slotting into place. And then I met you lot. All these things, all these things, they're changing me, changing how I see the world and I can't share them with anyone.
      (Owen comes up behind her, topless)
      Owen: You can now.
      (They kiss)

    • Gwen: The whole village was involved.
      Evan Sherman: Every generation. Our tradition. Once a decade. Target those travelling through, those most likely to disappear.
      Gwen: And butcher them? What sort of people are you that you wake up in the morning and think "this is what I'm going to do"? Why do you do it? (Pauses) Come on, make me understand.
      Evan Sherman: Why do you care?
      Gwen: I have seen things you would never believe and this is the only thing I can't understand.
      Evan Sherman: So keep on wondering.
      Gwen: Tell me! I need to know why!
      Captain Jack: That's enough. Time to go.
      Evan Sherman: I'll tell you something, if you let me whisper. (Gwen nods; he gets close and whispers in her ear) Because it made me happy.

    • Evan Sherman: (to Ianto, holding a meat cleaver to his throat) Time to be bled. Like veal. Takes a long time but definitely makes the meat taste better.

    • Toshiko: What are you gonna do? Put us on meat hooks?
      Evan Sherman: No. Not yet. You see, meat has to be tenderized first.

    • Helen Sherman: Does anyone else know you're here? Have you managed to call for help?
      Toshiko: We don't need any help. There's three more of us in the village.
      Helen Sherman: I can't help you. I'm sorry.
      Ianto: What do you mean?
      Helen Sherman: I've been sent to collect you. I've got to take you to them.
      Toshiko: Tell us what's going on. We can help.
      Helen Sherman: No-one's safe. Every ten years, it takes us again
      Toshiko: What takes you? What is it?
      Helen Sherman: The Harvest.

    • Captain Jack: We have to assume the others who disappeared have been killed too.
      Gwen: So you think there's been seventeen deaths.
      Captain Jack: At least. These aren't casual killers.
      Owen: OK so what this means, the Rift is spreading and dumping aliens and psychos wherever it fancies.
      Captain Jack: Looks like that.
      Owen: Great, this conversation's cheered me up no end.

    • Gwen: What did this, Jack? Cos whatever it is, it can't be human. How far is this gonna spread?
      Captain Jack: Stay focused.
      Gwen: I should be at home having dinner with Rhys. What am I doing here with you? Don't you ever get scared, Jack?

    • (Whilst the team investigate the dead body, their SUV is stolen)
      Captain Jack: Looks like that body wasn't a warning, more of a decoy.
      Gwen: That would mean we've been watched since we've arrived.
      Captain Jack: Tosh, can you get a tracking signal?
      Ianto: Already done. I took the liberty. It's currently three point four miles west from here.
      Owen: Gunning at ninety, no doubt. You steal a piece of equipment like that, you drive straight on till morning.
      Ianto: Actually, no. It's been stationary for the past four minutes. I'd go so far as to say it was parked.
      Gwen: There's a small village in that area. Other than that, nothing for thirty miles.
      Toshiko: Call me suspicious, but this has all the hallmarks of a trap.
      Captain Jack: Yeah, I was just thinking the same thing. Anyone fancy a walk?

    • (Gwen and Owen find a dead body in the woods)
      Owen: Well, it's not Ellie Johnson, that's for sure. This is a male, late forties, fifties, wasn't killed here, no blood spatter or signs of struggle. Must have been brought here after he died.
      Gwen: Why do that? It's not like they tried to bury him here.
      Toshiko: Maybe you disturbed them and they ran away.
      Ianto: Maybe it's a warning? Whoever's responsible, marking out their territory?
      Captain Jack: Cause of death?
      Owen: Impossible to say. Body's been stripped of the flesh and body organs, so all that's left is a carcass.
      Toshiko: Could the Weevils have come out this far?
      Captain Jack: No, Weevils don't finish off their victims like this.

    • Gwen: Couldn't you have kept that to yourself?
      Owen: What's the matter, you embarrassed?
      Gwen: You're such an arrogant shit sometimes, Owen.
      Owen: See, to my mind, that was a good kiss. It was borderline great, so good, in fact, you've been avoiding me ever since.
      Gwen: Country air's making you delusional.
      Owen: How long did it last? Ten seconds? And the things I can tell from that kiss...
      Gwen: Oh, like?
      Owen: Like your sex life's ain't up to much.
      Gwen: (Grabbing him and pushing him against a tree) You what?
      Owen: See, although Rhys makes the earth rumble, but he don't make it move, does he?
      Gwen: You'd better shut up before I lamp you one!
      Owen: (Grabbing her and pushing her against the tree) When was the last time you screwed all night? When was the last time you came so hard and so long you forgot where you are? Doesn't happen with him, does it? Too familiar. Whereas you and me, we're not cosy at all. We'd be amazing. And that scares the shit out of you.

    • Gwen: Who's the last person you snogged?
      Owen: You even sound like an eight year old. Who the hell says 'snog'?
      Gwen: Mine was Rhys.
      Owen: Yeah, well, there's a surprise.
      Gwen: Tosh, your go.
      Toshiko: It's easy for you.
      Gwen: Oh, come on. Spill the beans!
      Toshiko: Owen.
      Owen: What?
      Gwen: Really?
      Owen: Tosh, love, in your dreams.
      Toshiko: Three am. Christmas Eve, in front of the Millennium Centre, waiting for a cab. I had mistletoe.
      Owen: Christmas. You've not had a snog since...?
      Toshiko: No.
      Owen: Well, lucky me, eh?
      Toshiko: So, who was yours?
      Owen: (After a pause) Gwen, actually.
      Toshiko: When was this?
      Gwen: It was complicated.
      Toshiko: Didn't take you long to get your feet under the table.
      Gwen: What?
      Toshiko: So was it just a kiss or...
      Gwen: Tosh. Leave it.
      Owen: Jack?
      Jack: Are we including non-human life-forms?
      Owen: You're a sick man, Harkness. That is disgusting!

    • Ianto: You're used to this, aren't you? That facial expression you all share. When things get a bit, out of control. Like you enjoy it. Like you get a high from the danger.
      Toshiko: You want me to apologise for that?
      Ianto: Don't you ever wonder how long you can survive before you go mad,
      or get killed, or lose a loved one?
      Toshiko: It's worth the risk. To protect people.
      Ianto: And who protects us?!

    • Gwen: Do you miss being a doctor?
      Owen: Excuse me. Still am a doctor! I just don't do it with patients anymore, that's all. It's ideal. That was the bit I always hated.

    • Tosh: Who are these people?
      Sarah Sherman: (Laughs) This is our village.
      Gwen: The villagers are dead!
      (Gun is pointed at Owen)
      Tosh: They've all been doing it.
      Evan Sherman: This is our Harvest.

    • Jack: No other race in the universe goes camping. Celebrate your own uniqueness!

    • Toshiko: Need a hand getting it up, Owen?
      Owen: If I did, I wouldn't ask you.

    • Gwen: We're Torchwood, have you heard of Torchwood?
      Huw: What's this then, a band, is it?

    • (Owen is preparing an injection for an injured Gwen)
      Owen Harper: Right, do you want a quip about feeling a small prick?
      Gwen Cooper: No but thanks for offering.

    • Ianto: (Handing out burgers) Sure you don't want anything, Tosh?
      Toshiko: Really sure. A friend of mine caught hepatitis off a burger from one of these places.

    • Owen: I hate the countryside. It's dirty, it's unhygienic and what is that smell?
      Gwen: That would be grass.
      Owen: It's disgusting.

  • NOTES (4)


    • Owen:Just lie back and think of Torchwood.
      This is a joke on the infamous phrase used by mothers when describing sex to their daughters in turn-of-the-century England. Since the sun never set on the British Empire, a wife's duty was to put up with the distastful pratice of sex to produce more English children to help populate the world, mothers told their daughters to "just lie back and think of England" during the process of love-making.