Season 1 Episode 13

End Of Days

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 01, 2007 on BBC Two
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With the Rift having been opened, people and objects throughout time are falling through it, and being spread across the world. "The thing in the darkness" has finally come, and Jack realises that he is the only one who can save planet Earth from the destruction that "the son of the Beast" will cause.moreless

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  • wanna know why this was so good? then read my review! by pressing the continue button

    this ep was a great series 1 finale. it has action , fun , thrilling scenes and amazing computer animation.

    i have no doubts about this and i am sooooo glad there will be a second series. so keep up the good work john barrowman and bring on the monsters! i hope series 2 will be even better than series 1! L8rz

    ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !! ! !! !moreless
  • No lovers quarrel has ended up as badly as Gwen's and Ianto's during this episode and I can't help but to blame it on Jack, on both cases.

    The rift has been opened to get the Captain and Tosh back only, apparently, it also brings back Bilis who tinkers with everyone on the team to get them re-open again: To Ianto he offers Lisa, the flesh and blood one, the one who still loves him; to Owen he offers Diane, the one that's still lost in time; to Tosh he offers family, an interesting choice I may add and to Gwen he offers Rhys, the one who would end up dead otherwise. For a guy who has recently cheated on his significant other, Jack is awfully ready to underestimate the strength of Gwen's bond with her boyfriend, she may not have cheated on him with an out-of-time Captain from whom she stole her name from but she's fully aware of the difference between these connections and she's ready to do whatever it takes to mend the damage. Ianto however, is not, or so it seems right up until the moment Owen shoots Jack dead and they are all forced to abandon torchwood because everything goes exactly like Bilis expected.

    The Captain regains conscience in front of his teammates, one less secret to confess at the end of the day, and prepares to face Bilis's master armed with the excess of life force that could finally destroy them both. After Gwen and Ianto have mourned him for what it seems to be days, he returns just in time to assert Gwen that everything would be okay, to certain someone that he was not a "part-time" anything, to Owen and the rest that they're in this together no matter what. That is up until a familiar glow and a brush of fresh air tells him "the right kind of Doctor" has arrived and so the rest of his team might have to handle the next adventure without him.moreless
  • Captain Jack sacrifice's himself to kill abaddon

    What an amazing episode, in my opinion the best episode of series 1, its got everything a series finale needs, an apocalypse, secrets that are revealed, and a cliffhanger ending. as good as this episode is there still are some pritty crappy bits in it, for one thing theres abaddon which is revealed to be the thing in the darkness that was mensioned in two other episode's, when everybody turns agaisnt Jack and to top it all off Owen kills him and then theres the ending when a freak gust of wind blows in to the torchwood hub caused by the TARDIS which should be impossible because the TARDIS is out side. apart from a few things this episode is exellent so give it a try.moreless
  • Good end of season but the end was rushed.

    Ianto's decision to stop Owen, even if he failed, was the right choice. Owen's recklessness could end the world. Jack doesn't tolerate insubordination – if Owen apologized, Jack would probably have relented.

    Full blown mutiny. Only Gwen's seen Jack come back to life before, though Tosh sort of knows about it. Jack warned them of the consequences and they didn't listen and they summon a demon?!

    Who doesn't love a happy ending?! First time Jack has really kissed Ianto.

    Gotta love Ianto! Remembers Jack's coat on the way out the door!

    Jack mentions the Doctor again. All you hear is the TARDIS and Jack just left without even saying goodbye. Who can blame him for wanting to get away for a while.

    Very good end of season though the end is a bit rushed.moreless
  • Where's Godzilla when you need him?

    "You people love any story that denies the randomness of existence." I'm not sure if Jack was talking to his team members or the TV viewers when he says this at the episode's start, probably both. As the Torchwood story goes, this installment falls a bit flat for a series finale yet still holds emotional intensity and some action.

    Not to give things away, but expect some death and rebirth here, much cussing (I'm guessing the "F" word is okay on British tele), and, yes, more male kissing.

    I hope next season will tighten things up a bit on Torchwood security, stop the silly intra-team sexual encounters, and work on an overarching nemesis that drives the show along. Cheers!moreless
Louise Delamere

Louise Delamere


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Caroline Chikezie

Caroline Chikezie


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Murray Melvin

Murray Melvin

Bilis Manger

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Kai Owen

Kai Owen

Rhys Williams

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • As stated in the commentary on the DVD box-set, when Owen is fired by Jack, you can see a script sticking out of his back pocket when he's walking away.

    • On many episodes of Doctor Who, whenever the TARDIS (de)materialises, air is displaced causing a small gust of wind to blow people's hair and litter around. This happens to Jack at the end of this episode, making it seem as if the TARDIS materialised next to him. However, in the Doctor Who episode "Utopia", the TARDIS arrives above ground where the wind effects should not have reached the underground lair of Torchwood.

    • The name "Abaddon" was first mentioned by the Ood in the Doctor Who episode The Impossible Planet.

    • The first scenes of Abaddon killing people beneath his shadow were filmed on Queen Street in Cardiff city centre.

    • There are many different continuity references in this episode. When Lisa and Diane visit Ianto and Owen respectively, brief clips of "Cyberwoman" and "Out Of Time" are shown. When asking Jack to bring Rhys back, Gwen mentions the resurrection gauntlet (seen in both "Everything Changes" and "They Keep Killing Suzie"). When the rest of the Torchwood team unite against Jack to open the Rift, he mentions Toshiko sleeping with an alien that gave her a pendant ("Greeks Bearing Gifts"), Owen getting in a cage with a Weevil ("Combat"), Ianto hiding his girlfriend at the base ("Cyberwoman" again) and Gwen having an affair with Owen (which began in "Countrycide").

    • At the beginning of the episode, whilst the news reports aliens over the Taj Mahal and a shoot-out between police and English Civil War soldiers, the ticker tape at the bottom of the screen reports some other incidents: fears of guillotine appearance in Paris, a Samurai warrior on the rampage in Tokyo subway system and the Beatles on the roof of the Abbey Road studios.

    • You can clearly see Jack's neck moving, like he was breathing, when they declare him dead, and yet nobody seems to notice.

    • The Roman Solider speaks Latin incorrectly. Latin does not have the sound of "v" and the Roman Soldier is clearly pronouncing the "v" sound. It is more common to use "w" instead of "v".

    • The episode ends with a familiar sound effect - the sound used in Doctor Who for the materialisation of the TARDIS.

  • QUOTES (23)

    • Owen: I would say thanks for the memories.

    • Tosh: These aren't contemporary clothes.
      Owen: Her teeth aren't exactly modern style either.

    • Gwen: Did you have to pick on him in public?
      Jack: All of our actions have consequences.
      Gwen: And all of your staff have feelings, even Owen.
      Jack: Well, you'd know.
      Gwen: He brought you back. Would you rather be stuck in World War II?

    • Owen: What's the matter?
      Gwen: He was just here. Something's taken him. Jack's gone.

    • Gwen: What's happened to the Rift?
      Jack: It closed up when Abaddon was destroyed. But it's going to be more volatile than ever.
      Gwen: The visions we had. We all saw people we loved. What did you see?
      Jack: Nothing. There was nothing.
      Gwen: Jack, what would have tempted you? What visions would have convinced you to open the Rift?
      Jack: The right kind of doctor.

    • Bilis Manger: From out of the darkness, he is come.
      Gwen: What is he talking about?
      Bilis Manger: Son of the Great Beast, cast out before time, chained in rock and imprisoned beneath the Rift.
      Gwen: What?
      Bilis Manger: All hail Abaddon, the Great Devourer, come to feast on life! (A gigantic demon comes into view) The whole world shall die beneath his shadow.

    • Owen: (Turning the gun on Jack, who is on the floor) We're relieving you of your command, Captain. We're opening that Rift and getting back what we lost!
      (Gwen works at the computer which says retinal scans of all Torchwood members are needed)
      Gwen: Shit!
      Owen: (As Jack begins to get up) Stay down!
      Jack: You wanna be in charge, Owen? You've got to have significantly bigger balls!
      (Owen shoots Jack three times)

    • Gwen: (After Rhys has been killed) I'll have to tell his family.
      Ianto: We'll deal with it.
      Gwen: The way you dealt with that porter the first time I met you? No, you won't deal with him, Ianto.

    • Rhys: (Coming to in one of the Torchwood cells) Am I dreaming?
      Gwen: This is where I work.
      Rhys: You work in a prison?
      Gwen: These are just the cells.
      Rhys: You locked me in a cell? What the hell are you playing at?
      Gwen: I was just trying to keep you safe.
      Rhys: I was safe at home!
      Gwen: No, you weren't. You really weren't.
      Rhys: Listen here, Gwen, you'd better tell me exactly what's going on, cos I have taken some shit over the past few months. I mean, what's all this?
      Gwen: Rhys, listen to me. I need you to trust me. Okay, it may not seem like it at the moment, but I am just trying to take care of you. I love you, sweetheart.

    • (In a bar, Owen is visited by Diane)
      Diane: I'm lost, Owen.
      Owen: (Reaching out to her) I can touch you. I don't understand. Where did you end up?
      Diane: Please, bring me back, Owen. You can do that, can't you?
      Owen: I don't know. Everything's out of sync.
      Diane: Please. Please, bring me back. Open the Rift.

    • Gwen: How can you be in two time zones as once?
      Bilis Manger: I can step across eras like you'd walk into another room. At first it was the most incredible gift. Now I know the reality: it's a curse.
      Gwen: Why?
      Bilis Manger: I can see the whole of history, but I don't belong anywhere within it. So, your return to this time had a price. Time splintering. This city exists on a Rift in time. The only way to make it right is to fully open that Rift, let it suck back what fell through.
      Jack: No way. It's too dangerous.
      Gwen: Can we even do that?
      Bilis Manger: Of course you can. Isn't that right, Captain?
      Gwen: Jack?
      Jack: You've seen what happened. If we open that Rift fully, millions of lives will be at risk.
      Bilis Manger: And yet if you don't, more will fall through. Lives will be lost.

    • Owen: (After being fired from Torchwood by Jack) Good luck with the end of the world.

    • Owen: We need to be prepared. We're helpless. All we're doing here is putting sticking plasters on gaping wounds!
      Jack: What do you suggest?
      Owen: I suggest you lead us and you tell us what the instructions are.
      Gwen: Owen…
      Owen: No, come on. You're all thinking it too. You're the big man here. You keep all the secrets. Well, now's the time to tell us a few and tell us how the hell we're going to get out of this!
      Jack: You wanna know the secret? There is no solution. I can't fix this. Because this was never meant to happen. The first thing you learned when you joined Torchwood is "don't mess with the Rift". But you disobeyed those orders, and now everything that's happening is down to you.
      Owen: I only disobeyed instructions to get you back!
      Jack: And now people are dying.
      Owen: What, so I shouldn't have bothered? Who the fuck are you anyway, Jack Harkness? You don't even exist. We've looked. So if you're not even a real person, then why the hell should I follow your orders?
      Jack: Get out.

    • (When Ianto is in the vaults, he is visited by his former girlfriend Lisa, now fully human)
      Lisa: Hello, Ianto.
      Ianto: What do you want? Why are you here? This isn't happening.
      Lisa: There's only one way to stop this, before things get worse. People will die, Ianto, thousands of people, unless you open the Rift.

    • Gwen: If Owen managed to open the Rift to get you and Tosh back, can't we do the same for these people? We've still got the Rift manipulator.
      Jack: There's a world of difference. We're talking about taking control of time, not bringing two people back from the past. Besides, look at the damage Owen caused. We mess with it further, we'll put the whole planet in danger.

    • Owen: People are dropping through time and they are gonna bring every disease in history through your doors. So you'd better be ready.
      Tosh: Owen...
      Owen: You scared enough yet? 'Cause fuck knows I am!

    • Andy: Everyone's saying it, you know. Word on the streets. Do you think this is the end of the world?
      Gwen: Oh, Andy, don't be silly. Do you think the world's going to end on your shift?
      Andy: I've seen you use that smile on a lot of people.
      Gwen: What smile?
      Andy: The smile you use to reassure people when, deep down, you know everything's gone to shit.

    • Jack: (As he prepares to drug a violent Roman soldier) Under any other circumstances, an exuberant Roman soldier would be my idea of a perfect morning.

    • (Andy calls Gwen to help him: he has a Roman soldier in custody)
      Andy: Double murder. Stabbed two blokes in Penarth. Brutal it was, no mercy. What are we supposed to do? He doesn't speak a word of English and he's dressed as a bloody Roman soldier.
      Jack: He's not dressed as a Roman soldier, he is a Roman soldier and he's shouting in, Latin.
      Andy: The only word I could pick out was Gelligair?
      Gwen: Gelligaer. There's a Roman fort up at Gelligaer, built around 75AD.
      Jack: So he was on his way there, time splintered and he ends up here.
      Andy: Excuse me? Hi. Any time you feel like talking sense…
      Jack: That soldier came through a crack in time
      Andy: He's not serious, is he? This sort of thing just doesn't happen, not in Cardiff.
      Jack: Just because you can't understand it doesn't mean it isn't true.
      Gwen: I know it sounds mad, Andy, but...
      Andy: Alright, Mulder and Scully, say I do believe you, which I don't because it's bollocks, but say I do. How exactly are we meant to handle a prisoner from two thousand years ago? I mean, has he got the same rights as anyone else? How's this going to work with the CPS?
      Jack: We'll take him off your hands.

    • Ianto: (Reading from a book) "Abaddon, the great devourer, who will lead the world into shadow..."
      Jack: Yeah, thanks, Ianto. I can do without the superstition. You people love any story that denies the randomness of existence.
      Ianto: Thanks, that makes me feel a lot better.
      Jack: Okay, I've been fielding calls all night. The government, UNIT, the CIA. Half the Western world and a good proportion of the Eastern are all asking the same question: is this anything to do with us?
      Gwen: And is it?
      Toshiko: I've run a profile on every reported temporal anomaly and tracked any physical or temporal pattern.
      (Toshiko runs the computer program; a series of red lines spread from Cardiff)
      Gwen: Shit!
      Jack: The cracks in time trace back here to the Rift. This city, this Hub, is the centre. What you're seeing are ripples and aftershocks. (To Owen) The Rift is splintering because of you.
      Owen: What?
      Jack: You opened the Rift without knowing what you were doing. You've caused the temporal cracks to widen. Time is seeping through.
      Owen: If it wasn't for me, you two would still be in the 1940s. So are we going to sit around crying into our lattes, or are we are going to do something about it?

    • Owen: The infected will need 30 mg of streptomycin and chloramphenicol, plus 2 of Tetracycline.
      Hospital Doctor: That's Plague Medicine. Standard issue for Bubonic.
      Owen: Well done, House. That's what you're up against.

    • Gwen: This is what happens here. We all end up alone. Not me. No way. You bring him back.
      Jack: No.
      Gwen: The resurrection gauntlet...
      Ianto: Was destroyed.
      Gwen: You've gotta have something else.
      Jack: I said no.
      Gwen: No, there's something wrong with time so we, we can go back and, to the moment, to the very moment...
      Jack: Gwen!
      Gwen: Well there's got to be, there's got to be something that you can do, otherwise what's the fucking point of you! You bring him back! You bring him back, do you understand me Jack fucking Harkness!?
      Jack: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

    • (Jack is talking to the team as they begin to open the Rift fully, whilst pointing a gun at Gwen)
      Jack: You're a united front now, Toshiko, the poor girl who'll screw any passing alien that gives her a pendant. Owen, so strong he gets in a cage with a Weevil, desperate to be mauled. Ianto, hiding his cyber-girlfriend in the basement. Your three comrades here pumped bullets into her, remember?
      Gwen: I've got to get Rhys back.
      Jack: Yeah, 'cause you're so in love with Rhys that you spend half your time in Owen's bed.
      (Gwen punches Jack in the face)
      Gwen: Fuck you!

  • NOTES (3)

    • International air dates:
      Australia: September 11, 2007
      Israel: August 5, 2007
      Mexico: October 1, 2007
      Sweden: September 9, 2007
      United States: December 01, 2007
      Canada: January 6, 2008
      New Zealand: October 1, 2008
      Germany: June 3, 2009

    • "The thing in the darkness", that was originally mentioned by Suzie, is referenced in this episode, multiple times.

    • An alternative title for this episode was "Apocalypse".


    • There are several Biblical allusions in this episode.
      Abaddon is described in Revelation 9: 7-11 as the king of the bottomless pit, Jack (a type of Christ) defeats Abaddon with his "eternal life", Jack dies, and is resurrected days later, one of Jack's team (Owen) betrays him, as did Judas, and Jack forgives his team.

    • Jack: This isn't the end of the world. Trust me. I know.
      Presumably this is a reference to some point in the future that Jack has visited, either with the Doctor or as a Time Agent. However that wouldn't affect anything - as the Doctor said to Rose in "The Unquiet Dead", the future can be changed at any time.

    • Owen calls the Doctor in Accident and Emergency Department as "House". This could be either a reference to the popular FOX drama House MD or to a "House Surgeon" which is a type of Doctor in the UK and many other parts of the world.

    • Jack: He scavenged antiques pieces from the past, brings them here, sells them for a profit. Not a bad business plan.

      This makes reference to an episode of the original Doctor Who series, Evil of the Daleks - Episode 2, which used the same scam.

      Jamie: Hey Doctor you know you told me outside it said genuine Victorian Antiques, well all the stuff in here's brand new.
      The Doctor: Hmm you've noticed that.
      Jamie: Of course I did, the man's a rogue.
      The Doctor: Yes so it seems. Except!
      Jamie: Except what?
      The Doctor: Except that all these things are not reproductions. They're all genuine.

      The Doctor and Jamie discover the truth later.

    • The scene where Ianto tidies up Jack's office and holds Jack's coat, smelling it, is very similar to a moment in the film "Brokeback Mountain" where Ennis (Heath Ledger) does the same to a shirt of Jack's (Jake Gyllenhaal).

    • Abaddon is referred to by Bilis Manger as "Son of The Great Beast". The Beast, who was also imprisoned beneath the surface of a planet, appears in the Doctor Who episodes "The Impossible Planet" and "The Satan Pit".

    • Andy: Okay Mulder and Scully, say now that I believe you.
      Mulder and Scully are the two main characters from the television show "The X-Files" in which Mulder and Scully work for the United States Government, investigating paranormal activities.