Season 2 Episode 13

Exit Wounds

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Apr 04, 2008 on BBC Two

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  • Fantastic! Keep them coming!

    What I love about this show is the genuine emotion you feel. One of the best examples was "ADAM." I have never watched a series before that in only 2 seasons has captivated me and others so quickly. The characters are very realistic and believable. I think that this was definitely one of the best season finales I have ever seen. It was very smart of the writers of TORCHWOOD that they introduced Captain John Hart, make you, or at least me, completely forget about him up only to have him reappear in the season finale. It was very heartbreaking to see Owen and Toshiko die in "Exit Wounds" but in many ways it was fitting that they died as a pair. The only difficult thing about Torchwood is that if there is a Series 3 will they be replaced and if so will new members make or break the show? In ways it reminds me a lot of Doctor Who when Rose Tyler is "replaced" by Martha Jones. Series 3? I am not sure how I feel about it yet.
  • I thought it was dreadful. It was a terrible way to end the season.

    I am shocked that everyone liked this one. It was total rubbish! So we already know Jack gets to live forever and eventually become this ugly face in a jar thing because he looked into the heart of the Tardis. OK, whatever. I missed how Jack's brother gets his powers to time travel and have long life. It was a silly and stupid plot twist to have Gray turn out to be the evil brother. I didn't find it believable at all. It was nice that Jack ended up forgiving his brother with anger management issues, but I don't forgive the writers on this one.
  • Open letter to Russell T. Davies and Julie Gardner

    Dear Russell and Julie,
    Regarding the "Torchwood" Series 2 finale, dear heavens! I was blown away. I can only just now (over a month after it aired stateside) bring myself to write about it. It was that impacting. How could you kill off Tosh and Owen (extenuating circumstances notwithstanding) in the same episode?! Did you realise what a number this would do on your devoted, adoring fans? While not quite as devastating as killing off Jack would be (a, you can't; b, it would provoke a mass suicide among fans of the show everywhere...just warning you)...I couldn't believe my eyes and ears and any other senses that might have been in operation at the moment! In fact, I'm still slow to believe it. I mean, Owen is one thing. I love him and all, but he was already dead, and how long can you stretch that out for? But Tosh?! Why did Tosh have to die?

    Alright, I'll stop whining. All I'm saying is they will be sorely missed. And as Toshiko said, "you're breaking my heart." Besides that shocker (and including it), this episode was fannntastic. I couldn't have picked a better reintroduction of Captain John and Grey. Turning Jack's beloved brother against really don't pull any punches, do you? And the episode's all the better because of it. Having John become just a pawn in Grey's plan was even better...he seems like the kind of guy who's always in control, and making him unable to control anything he does...amazing idea. By the end, you really believe that maybe Captain Hart does love Jack...and that maybe he's a good guy after all. Great writing accomplishes this with the character set up to be a complete, unredeemable rake. Of course, so does great acting, and returning James Marsters to the Hub was a fit of genius. Thank you, thank you, thank you for that. Of course, the acting in the show is usually fabu; kudos to the main cast. John, Naoko, Gareth, Burn, Eve and Kai are amazing actors and actresses. Every episode it is a pleasure to watch them interact with each other. And I am not just referring to that scene in "Adrift". I swear.

    Also thank you a thousand times over for giving Tosh and Owen a proper send-off, one they totally deserved. Beautiful scenes, both. They of course only reinforced the wonderfulness of both characters and how much they'll be missed next season. The beauty and cinemagic of the scenes definitely made me cry even harder at their deaths.

    The plot of this episode--with the menace in the dark and the power plant, and Jack gone--was much more terrifying and suspenseful than last season's. Who knew a mass power outage could be scarier than Godzilla trampling Cardiff? Much darker, stranger, but still terrestrial--and therein lies its terror. It might actually happen, and Torchwood won't be there to save us. Great ideas.

    The thought of Jack being in the crypt the whole time gives me the heebie-jeebies every time I see it now (when I'm rewatching old shows). Even more so when I think about him under the ground...shivers just writing that. In fact, I could not watch the television when John was burying him. Of course, I had to keep looking up to see when it moved off that scene, so it didn't work very well, but I tried. (And I cried. Did I mention the crying?)

    This episode accomplished everything "Torchwood" is about: it was dark, freaky, sexy, scary, awesome, well-written, beautiful, and shocking. And sad. Undeniably sad.

    Have I said thank you yet? Well, thank you.
    Sincerely, Beej (A Fan) (A Tearful Fan) (A Tearful Fan Who Will Do Anything For John Barrowman's Telephone Number)
  • A very emotional episode

    This episode sees the return of the violent captain John Hart. He has returned to take revenge on torchwoodyet all is not what it seems. Weevils are parading around the city causing havock yet thats not the worst of it. Captain John Hart has set up explosions that blow up parts of Cardiff. He then takes Jack back to 27AD before Cardiff has even been built. There Jack is reunited with his little brother that he lost years ago. Of course Gray is not so forgiving and takes revenge. He buries Jack alive for almost 2000 years and takes the lifes of 2 of the most important people to Jack. This is a truly emotional finale!
  • Torchwood's finest hour.

    this finale was pro ably the best torchwood episode I have ever seen, it was totally shocking having 2 regular cast members killed off, Owen and tosh will be deeply missed. It was also pretty surprising to see that jack's brother had turned evil. it was pretty cool how they had jack buried underground for about a thousand years, I wonder if this might have some effects on his character in future episodes. Owen's and Tish's deaths were very well done. James Masters as captain john was also very good. I'm hoping he will make further appearances on the show. He may even be made a regular, torchwood need's some replacements for Owen and tosh.
  • Dammit you made me cry.


    I'll go on record as never liking the characters of Owen and Tosh. The characters NOT the actors - both Burn Gorman and Naoko Mori are excellent actors and tried, week by week to overcome their characters flaws.

    Over the last few weeks, there were flashes of both characters making a turn in the road. Tosh showed a more forceful, less whiny, "Poor me" side. Even after his first death, and the histrionics that followed, Owen was starting to find a peace.

    But, tonight they killed them off - Owen melted in radioactive coolant and Tosh dead at the end of a bullet from Jack's brother's gun. I mourn the loss of characters that were starting to grow and I mourn the loss of actors with much talent.

    Of course, this IS Torchwood and they might be back next season.
  • Wow. Incredible Storytelling.

    This episode is truly a masterpiece of the television arts. The drama, humor, story, and character works were all top notch. Even the melodrama of this episode got to me. And despite absolutely hating the characters of Toshiko and Owen in the first series, I was sad to see them pass.

    The second series of Torchwood has impressed me greatly. It was far superior to the first season, and I am saddened to hear that the show has not been renewed for a third series (at this point.) I hold out hope; this show has gotten better, and it only beginning to reach out and realize its potential.

    To me, Torchwood's second season reminds me of season two of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and not just because of James Marsters.) I wasn't impressed with the first season of either show; they seemd unfocused, like they were having trouble finding their "zone" and establishing themselves. The second seasons, though, were tremendous; the shows found their footing, both in substance and style, and took us on one hell of a ride.

    Some shows have a strong beginning, but hit a creative wall in their sophomore season. Shows like Lost and Heroes, for example, came out of the gate running in their first season, and built a huge fanbase, but these shows faltered in their second season. They had enough good will up-front to weather the rough spots, but their success and popularity were questioned.

    Torchwood, like Buffy, had a rough start, but both shows had strong second seasons, and left me with a desire for more. More Torchwood, BBC!
  • ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!!!!! This cannot be the end. Torchwood is the highest rating show BBC 3 has ever had. It would be commercial suicide to "dump it" now!

    Great episode. I would have thought with the writers stike on in the US that the Brits would have taken advantage of it and put more shows in this season. Gives some continuity in the way the last "Torchwoods" ie T2 and T3 happened to come and go. You know death, mayhem and destruction. Also with Grey in suspended cryongenics, it allows him to come and go ocassionally. And James Marsters. Fantastic as always. His Julliard training really shows through and he never hesitates on any of his lines or his actions. Plus his eyes have the intentions of his character written in them. It really gives authenticity to the role he is playing.

    I really hoped at the end of this episode that Captains Jack and John could somehow take the world back in time and set everything right again like it all never happened. That way we would still have Tosh and Owen. Its like a Shakesperean Tragedy without the two star crossed lovers ever getting together.

    But now the world knows of weevils and the such like, life can never go back to how it was can it? How will Season 3 progress? Maybe Rhys will come on as a team member? I dont really know.

    So many unanswered questions that will have to wait until Season 4.
  • Cardiff is cut off from the world, as Torchwood tries to stop the destruction, people die.

    I had read a review about this show before I actually saw it and was apprehensive about watching it. I knew what was going to happen and I did not know how to handle it.
    I liked the way they spun your head around with who was actually behind the destruction of Dr. Jack and Cardiff. It was a nice twist.
    This episode had a lot of things going on in it. They brought in the first Torchwood, which I think they will bring in from time to time to help plot points. I hated that we lost Tosh, she was nice eye candy and did bring something to the show. I did like that they did an outtake with the cast about the episode and that it was a real emotional roller coaster for them as well.
    Will they bring in Martha as the new doctor, I hope so. I cannot imagine someone replacing Tosh, but then when Sasha Alexander left NCIS I felt the same way but Cote DePaulo brings something to the role.
  • This episode was brutal. And I mean that in the best possible way.

    What a season finale! There is no way I can cover everything in one review, so I'll focus on the main elements that really overwhelmed me.
    Firstly, I am so glad the whole situation with Grey was resolved. On one hand, I love how they didn't make it some sappy reunion scene, I think that would have been way to predictable and easy. On the other, what did happen was devastating for the character of Captain Jack. Which brings me to the next topic I want to explore, the fact that Captain Jack as burried in the ground from 27AD until the 19th century. That's basically 1900 years, which is a shockingly long amount of time. Fictional or not, it boggles the mind. And while he was there, he was dieing, over and over and over again, for 1900 years. It's a miracle he wasn't stark raving mad when they dug him up! Which is another thing that keeps bothering me, as insignificant as it is. His clothes would have rotted away in that time, no question. Yet he still has his military coat, looking none the worse for wear after 1900 years in the ground. Finally, of course, I can't forget to mention the fate of Owen and Tosh. What an emoional scene! I never saw that coming, and after it happened, I was still waiting for them to revive or something, to reveal that they wern't dead after all! But it didn't happen. Well, we know for sure Tosh is dead, but I suppose there's a chance for Owen, we never saw his body after all. Still, I really liked Tosh as a character. If they decide to bring in someone new next season, it's going to be a hard act to follow!
  • captain john comes under the control of jacks brother cardif is partially destroyed owen and tosh die.

    I cant believe they killed off 2 characters. Owen was my favorite out of all the people. But now i understand why he wasn't in the doctor who episode the stolen earth. i almost cried and i don't cry over television shows a lot. the last time i cried over a television show was when rose had to leave the doctor in doctor who season 2 finally. i really hope that if they bring new characters in that they are good ones or i will be really mad.i cant picture tosh and owen being replaced and i hope that they dont.
  • This was a great episode to end the series and had the right balance of comic moments, dramatic moments, sad moments and action moments. Chris' wrighting is at its best! Written By: Chris Chibnall Directed By: Ashley Way

    Tacking place straight after 'Fragments', Owen relises captain John has nicked the SUV, whilst Toshiko tells of rift activitie all over the city (in a hospital, the police head quarters and the centeral service center respectively) and Jack sends the team, including Rhys, to the locations. At the police station Andy tell Gwen and Rhys that the aliens, which turn out to be Weevils, have killed the four most senior officers. Gwen subdues them with the Weevil spray. At the Hospital a nurse saw an alien and locked it in a room. It's a Hoix and Owen stops it be injecting it with something. In the Service Building Tosh and Ianto find hooded figures and shoot them down. At the Hub Jack meets John and after some convosation John shoots Jack. Jack revives chained up. His coms and weapons has been removed. Jack asks where Grey (his brother) is but John evades his answer and uses the rift machien. John takes Jack to the top of a building and John sppeks to the rest of Torchwood through his vortex manipulater. He tells them to go to the top of there buildings and when they are there he sets of 15 bombs all over the city. They are in stratigic points and nobody can get out or in cardiff. Gwen tells Andy to get every police officer in as John and Jack time travel. Everything is down - computers, phone lines etc. A bomb has gone off in a nuclear power plant. In 27AD Jack and John land in where Cardiff will be built. John reavels that his is a servant to Gray and after a hug with him, Gray stabs Jack. Gray tells John to get a shovell.

    Gwen tells the police to tell people the situation is under controll and sends them off to stop the panic. Tosh tells Ianto the reactor is criticall and go to it.

    Jack revives again and Gray and Jack have a talk. Grey blames Jack for Gray getting lost. Gray pushes Jack into a hole and tells John to bury him. John does does but not before he tosses a ring into the whole claiming it has 'Sentimental Value'.

    In the morden day torchwood vaults Grey appears. In the Police head quartes Gwen starts to believe she cant fight but Rhys says other wise, calling her a hero. Tosh tells Gwen that there is rift activitie in the Hub and Gwen goes there leaving Rhys in charge at the police station. At the Hub she meets John and threatens to shoot him. He tells him where Jack is burried and tells Gwen it's all Gray's fault. John tells Gwen it was he who found Grey but he learned terrible things and John becomes free of Gray's wrath. John tells Tosh to find a signal - a signal coming from the ring. she cant find it. Mean while Weevils start to invade with some in Torchwood. Owen tells them he cant get to reactor as he is King of the Weevils. Weevils attack Gwen and John but Ianto and Tosh turn up and shoot them. John tells Ianto and Tosh what happend but Gray traps Gwen, John and Ianto in the hub vaults. Owen takes controll at the power plant but Tosh tells him to do this and that and tries to help him but is shot by Gray. He then un does everything Tosh done to help him. There is knocking from the morgue and Grey goes to investigate. Tosh makes her way to the surgery bit of the hub. Grey opens the morgue to find Jack alive. Grey asks who Jack was found. He tells them a previous Torchwood team found him and he asked them to put him in the morgue and tells them to set the timer for the present day. Jack then puts Grey to sleep. John then sends out a signall from his only weapon to make the Weevils go back to the sewers and vaults etc. Tosh manerges to help help Owen get power back through her hand held device but she finds out that they cant stop the meltdown. She tells him though to divert the fuel into his bunker and seal the building but remember to get out first. Tosh shen cries in agony unheard by Owen. Jack frees Ianto, Gwen and John saying thank you to the later for giving him the ring. There is then a power malfunction at the power plant and Owen goes mad as he cant get out. Tosh tells him to stop as he is braking her heart. They then say Owen's body will decompose. They then talk about old times and how Tosh has saved Owen's back pletny of times. Owen then says sorry for never loving her. Then the radiation starts to flood and Owen dies. Jack, Gwen and Ianto then find Tosh and try to save her but it's to late. She dies to as Ianto, Gwen and Jack look on i despair. Later on Jack and John put Grey into suspended animation (he's frozen alive). John gives jack a kiss on the cheek ans says sorry for all that he has caused. The Torchwood team then pack up Owen and Tosh's stuff and shut down there profiles. But Toshiko as recorded a good byr message on there saying all her thank yous and telling Owen (even though he isn't there) she loves him. Jack then says they need to carry on.
  • I can't remember the last time I cried so much

    Definately the best episode of Torchwood yet. Capt. John Hart is back for what seems like revenge but he is merely a puppet, controlled by the long awaited arrival of Gray, Jack's missing younger brother who IS back for revenge. He blames Jack for being capture by the aliens who tortured him for years because he let go of his hand.

    As the city crumbles down around them, it's up to Torchwood and Captain John heart to stop Gray before he destroys everything Jack loves.

    And while all this is going on, Owen is at the local nuclear plant trying to contain an imposing meltdown which occurred after the one of the explosions in the city. Toshiko is talking him through it back at the Hub, but gets shot midway by Gray. Like a trooper Tosh stumbles into Owen's lab and continues talking him through stopping the meltdown and as he does it he gets shut in the plant and a radiation leak is about to occur decomposing his lifeless body in front of his eyes.

    And so cue the MOST upsetting death scene in the history of television, Tosh and Owen saying their goodbyes and Owen still unaware that Tosh is also dying. When the radiation hits Owen, Jack, Gwen and Ianto find the dying Toshiko who tells them Owen is also gone and she dies with a smile on her face in Jacks arms as she 'reunites' with Owen At this point I'm in floods of tears as are the 3 remaining torchwood members are gathered in front of Tosh's computer watching her goodbye speech and yes, she did good.
  • An amazing season finale but i can't see how the are going to top that in season 3!

    I haven't been so sad watching TV for ages! When Tosh got shot and was bleeding to death but she still tried to save Owen but then he died as well anyway and then she died... that was one fo the most emotional moments I've ever seen on TV!

    I also really love dthe story line with Jack and Grey, that was interesting to see Jack with his brother. Rhys also made me laugh a few times. I have a newfound respect for his character.

    I will miss Tosh and Owen because Owen was my favourite character and the potential relationship between him and Tosh had me on the edge of my seat a few times in this series. Alos he comes out with some great one-liners e.g. "King of the Wevils, remember?" that one had me laughing.

    Looking forward to seeing who their replacements are - aparently Martha is coming back to be the full time medic (but i am disappointed by that because i want her back on Doctor Who!) Season 3 should be good because it looks to be the start of a new beginning for the survivors! RIP Tosh and Owen, I will miss you :( x x x
  • Basically it turns out that grey is mental and blames Jack for everything that happened to him. Jack is now approx. 2150 years old. Owen and Tosh die, boo hoo. Oh and John has been forced to do all this evil stuff like blowing up Cardiff.

    Woah I can't believe it. It was so cliched i mean it was superb and all but I have never seen such a cliched episode. Jacks performance was superb as well as Owen, Tosh and Ianto. But Gwen, I think that she could've done more than take control of the police. I mean it's not like the whole world rotates around if the police are there to support everyone. I think it was a real eye opener for all the people out there thinking "who is Captain Jack Harkness." The writing of this episode was superb and I must congratulate anyone who had involvement with this series of Torchwood as it was just superb.
  • The end of Torchwood as we know it.

    For a disclaimer: I've absolutely loved every single incarnation of Torchwood on this show. The cool and efficient version from 1918 with Gerald and Harriet, the brave yet slightly violent victorian version from 1890, the brief and doomed version from 1999 and even the 1900 one that features this season finale. That being said this "Fragments" like version was my torchwood, the one that I've grown to love and both Owen & Toshiko were a big part of it: They were the ones who received Gwen, they were the ones who used to gossip about Jack & Ianto, they were the ones who lost Suzie. I can still picture them living their own imperfect lives, trying in their own imperfect ways, dying their own unexpected deaths...

    They were the ones that made this place home, the ones that lived and died in it, the ones that saved the world. For awhile it seemed as if they would be here forever that I forgot they've already been here forever or as long as forever meant for any member of the torchwood team and so they vanished like Gerald & Harriet, as brave as their victorian ancestors, as fast as the 1999 ones, maybe stronger than Suzie or Lisa but just as unforgettable as torchwood itself.
  • Best of not so good series

    I wanted to award this episode a higher score, but I feel overall the quality of this show has fallen. The plot is about an 9. The potential was there to have a very complicated conflict between Jack, "Spike", Jacks brother and the team. The beginning heralded a very big disaster ahead and the plot imo should have been stretched over 2 episodes, with a true finale shown in the first episode of the next series. AS it was, alot seemed to be chopped out and the writers opted for a simplified shorter version of their idea. In fairness to them - what can one expect with so many characters?! You have to stretch things to allow all the characters to at least have a good showing in an episode, while the main conflict between Jack and his brother was barely touched upon. In the end, even though the 2d best performances for the entire series can be found within here (Owens dying episode was the best and his performance in that is better than everyones here).

    Overall, the ending was a tearjerker but it didnt fulfil the promise of the episode setup and just felt flat.

    Definitely the best episode of the series but could have been so much better. In my estimation the series is on the precepice of quality and it looks like its about to push itself over. Fingers crossed for the next series but if its dumbed down even more for kids, I wont be watching.
  • chaos insues when jack is taken and cardiff attacked

    i LOVED this episode!!!!!!! it had me gripped from begining to end. there was no letting up it was constant action all the way through. i like captain johns charecter and it was plain frome the start that he didnt want to do the things he was doing, i hope to see a lot more of him in the next series. he adds so much more humour and knows more about jacks past than anyone it would be great if he revealed more. i liked the fact that there wasnt a happy reunion between jack and grey something that most shows would have done. although it was really sad that we lost both tosh and owen i was glad that they went at the same time i think tosh would have not been the same without owen. i cant wait for the next series to see haw they cope with such a big loss and who they can possibly get to replace them. role on series three its going to be a long wait!!!
  • A Near Perfect Final.

    Exist Wounds is a near prefect Torchwood and this is exactly why I watch the show. Exist Wounds is full of fast paced action, jaw dropping moments and great drama. If you ignore the clucky acting of John Barrowman and Lachlan Nieboer then there is not a whole lot not to love. Exist Wounds is smartly written by Chris Chibnall with top dialog and is full of stand out moments. Cardiff getting blow up is devastating. John being back is great James fits well into the cast I hope we see more of him in the future. Both Tosh and Owen get some nice scenes and moving exchanges. The computer message is a fitting tribute and will make you cry. Exist Wounds makes up for some of the more lack luster episodes this season. Torchwood has recaptured my interest with an Incredible season closer. Can't wait to see what they have in store for season three.
  • Captain John returns to take his revenge on Jack but all is not what it seems when it is revealed the Gray (Jack's Borhter) is actually farcing John to do what he is doing

    This episode is absolutley fantastic!! The episode before (Fragments) ended with such a good cliff-hanger where Captain John appears and shows Jack Gray. But then when all the bomb's detonate, we get a chance to see what Torchwood would be like without Jack. Gwen in charge is actually good and shows what it was like while Jack was With The Doctor in between series one and two. How could they kill of Tosh??? i never realy liked Owens characther but i loved Tosh and the show will not be the same without her! What will happen now then?? Will there be two new characthers introduced or will Martha come back and they wil cope with only 4 members of the team?? But i think it would be a bad idea to "un-kill" Tosh and Owen after such great last moments!! Like I said a real tearjerker when Tosh said "You're breaking my heart"!!
  • Even more enjoyable on second viewing

    As the finale this worked in tying up many elements from throughout the Season and took so many risks. The Bombing of Cardiff may not have been as shocking as it could have been but I liked the fact that it concentrated on not worrying about showing the aftermath and more with sorting it out. This in turn gave Gwen the chance to be a leader and if anything was to happen to Jack you could easily see her taking the reigns now.

    The introduction of Adult Gray was a little undermined by the fact that it was obvious to me that once he was mentioned in the first few minutes I had the feeling he was going to turn out to be the bad guy. However once the actor spoke you could feel the hate in his voice (which the actor made to sound so much like Jack it was amazing. In fact on first watch all I could think was that he'd been partly dubbed) and you saw him as a true adversary. Actually as he's not dead I wouldn't be surprised if he returned in a later season.

    Captain John, the sewer dwelling Weevils, Owen the King of the Weevils, Victorian Torchwood all make an appearance and all make an impression. Not to give too much away but the ending was really a daring moment and has me worried and yet excited for the next Season.
  • Exit wounds. Written by Chris Chibnall. Dir. By Ashley Way. I enjoyed the Finale, the whole series really, and I hope it comes back for a 3rd run. But if the powers that be kill it, i'll still be happy Because the show was ended Brilliantly!

    OK, if Burn Gorman doesn't win an award for his performance as Owen Harper this season, there is no justice in T.V. land! He was great. All in all the story as a whole was great and i'll tell everyone that will listen to me to watch the show.
    But I did have a problem with "Gray" Jacks missing for years long lost brother. The brother who we was lead to believe that was captured and tortured ( ill assume for years ) by a savage race of creatures.. except for a strange mark on his neck he looked like he just had a bad day at a country club, not beating and abused by a race of alien.... "whatevers"
    or did they use some short of high tech mind probe to en-flick pain, and leave no marks,,,
    yeah yeah,,that was it..." RIGHT". Ok so I'am picky...'Sides that the episode was brilliant, the time travel and the socking ending was well worth the wait.

    I hope to be reviewing the series next year, Thanks for reading. Now on to the Doctor!!


    Samuraikuroi USA
  • I. Loved. This. Episode.

    ~ Here there be spoilers! ~

    This episode was a brilliant season finale. Odds are the word 'brilliant' will pop up a lot in this reveiw.

    First, Grey. Suzie was a more sympathetic character than this guy. He has a *very* long-standing grudge against Jack for letting go of his hand when they were kids and 'letting' him be abducted by aliens. Wow. So, he slaps a bomb on Capt. John and sends him to go, basically, ruin Jack's life. He makes John bury Jack alive ((in the year 27 AD!)), sets off over a dozen bombs all over Cardiff, shoots Tosh, locks Gwen, John, and Ianto in cells with the Weevils, sets all the Weevils loose on the streets.... Seriously, Grey needs some help! What he got was knocked out by Jack ((After Jack's tearful speech about how he forgives him)) and put in one of the freeze-y boxes. ((That's a technical term, in case you were wondering.))

    John Barrowman was brilliant ((see, told ya it'd pop up.)) in this episode. Not saying he's not otherwise, but this

    Owen gets locked in the nuclear-thingy ((technical term too)) during the meltdown that happens when one of the bombs cut all the ower in the plant. And he sorta freaks out. Toshiko, who'd just been shot by Grey and they had just about all her equipment shut off, manages to calm him down and, in a beautiful scene, the two share goodbyes right as the radiation starts to vent into the room Owen is in, with Owen telling Tosh it would be alright.

    We see more of Rhys in this one episode than I think we had over the whole first season, and between him and Andy - another character they seem to have been trying to throw at us - there's some fun scenes.

    Eve Myles was great (('brilliant' takes to long to write)). After Jack dissapears, Gwen takes charge, and does it very well.

    Naoko Mori...they need to give her an award for this episode, honestly. From the beginning where Toshiko and Ianto calmly shoot down three weird-o's in cloaks with scyths ((my sister called them Death Eaters...she loves HP waaaay to much)) to the part where Tosh dies, she was brilliant.

    I seriously can't say enough good things about this episode!!! And I'm wondering, now that Mori and Gorman are off the show ((or so it'd seem, though I'm hoping they won't...un-kill them or something; that's kinda tasteless and their death scenes were both awesome)) what's going to happen? Will Martha be coming in? Andy, maybe ((he did ask in 'Adrift'))? Or two new actors? I've even heard that Torchwood might not be coming back for a s-3, though I'm *really* hoping that's not true.
  • A perfect series finale!

    John has kidnapped Gray. Owen goes to the hospital to deal with the Hoix problem, Ianto and Tosh go to the communications place and kill some cloaked figures, Gwen heads to the police station to stop the weevils, and Jack goes to the Hub to stop John. John kidnaps Jack and they witness Cardiff falling apart and the Weevils engulfing the city. John and Jack teleport where Gray comes and kills Jack. Gray is really the villian and attached a bomb to John, so John must do whatever Gray says. John buries Jack and throws a tracker in his grave. Owen goes to the power plant to stop a meltdown from happening. John, Ianto and Gwen get locked in rooms with Weevils, Gray shoots Toshiko and she helps Owen stop the meltdown, but Owen gets locked in the power plant. Jack appears and knocks Gray out, saves Gwen, Ianto and Jack and freezes Gray. Toshiko dies in Jacks arms and Owen dies as his body decomposes in the contaiment room. The series ends with owen and Tosh dead.
  • Death Becomes Them Written by Chris Chibnall Directed by Ashley Way

    Owen: "We never did get that date you and me. We sort of missed each other. It was my fault. I didn't notice until it was too late. I'm sorry".
    Toshiko: "Me too".

    Well having to wait two weeks for a new episode, it was time we got down to the season finale and this time around; there is actual devastation in the wake of things. No cheap resets are going to be surfacing in this episode, that's for sure.

    Captain John returned in quite manner with his scheme to blow up the gang and it's enough to get them on red alert to his activities. The funny thing is not many of the gang take an interest in the fact Gray also happens to be alive either. That's an error in judgement especially seeing as they saw the holograph.

    John has been a busy boy as well with the setting up of rift activities in at least three different places. With Gwen and Rhys at the police station, Owen heading for the hospital and Toshiko and Ianto at Central Service, it's obvious that John wants some alone time with his ex-boyfriend.

    As ex-boyfriends go, John also doesn't seem to be letting go so easily. While it's a nice revelation that the bomb weren't intended to kill Jack's gang, John's anger over being cast aside in favour of Gwen, Toshiko, Owen and Ianto is rather chilling. Good job that Jack doesn't actually keep any pets around or else he'd be getting served a rather unpleasant stew.

    John however is acting pretty erratic by the way he's apologising to Jack one minute and then tying him up the next. Okay I'll take my mind out of the gutter but you have to admit that something isn't quite right with this picture. It's like John actually doesn't have control over his actions and is in trouble himself.

    That might sound rather contradictory when he goads all of the gang to watch as he blows up Cardiff into a right state but like I said, something isn't right with this picture. Visually seeing Cardiff blown up is a delight. This episode wants to be dangerous and it's certainly going the right way to make you feel the danger.

    Both the hospital and the police stations are crawling with monsters. Owen gets to deal with the Hoix creature seen in "Love And Monsters" and the police station is crawling with a lot of Weevil. Seeing Rhys and Andy's reaction to these creatures is priceless.

    However to be serious, with Jack as a hostage, it's Gwen who instantly steps into the role of leader and she's not only getting the rest of the gang to get on with their jobs but she's also motivating the police to protect the streets. That would be a lot easier if there weren't so many Weevils crawling around the place though.

    Rhys is also particularly made of awesomeness as well as he effectively tries to build Gwen's spirits. Gwen might be good with the speeches but even she doesn't believe that she stands a chance against Captain John. Her reaction to Rhys' show of support was heart warming though. I did chuckle when she asked him to marry her again.

    As for Captain John, when I said that things weren't right with him, I wasn't kidding. John might have a thing for carnage but something tells me that it's more on a smaller scale than the explosions in Cardiff. One of the first things he does after teleporting Jack in time was to apologise.

    Not that I would blame Jack for refusing to believe John. No one would believe John's pleas of innocence under the circumstances. Still it's kinda relieving to know that John was an unwilling participant in all the carnage that is going on. The real culprit is Gray.

    Well John did brag about finding in "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang" and we did briefly see Gray at the end of "Fragments" so it's not entirely unbelievable that Gray would be the real baddie of the piece. Of course Jack's first reaction upon seeing his brother is of utter joy. I felt bad for Jack here because I just knew that Gray was going to stab him, even literally.

    Sadly though, Lachlan Nieboer who plays Gray is a bit of a disappointment. He's not exactly bad but some of his scenes do feel a little on the wooden side and that's not really good when his first scene is supposed to emotionally heavy and sinister. Good job that John Barrowman and James Marsters are more reliable.

    Jack apologises until he's blue in the face for losing his brother but all Gray feels is hatred for his older brother. The fact that Jack also happens to be immortal adds to that hatred and soon enough John gets forced into burying him alive. It's telling that Jack doesn't struggle but it's also more telling that John drops in a very handy ring when burying his former lover.

    Of course John having to deal with Gray isn't the only obstacle as a return to the hub also has Gwen ready to end his existence. Its fun to see Gwen in pure anger mode but it's more interesting to see that John literally had a bomb attached to him. And they say that lightening doesn't strike twice? One of these days John will probably be on the ouch end of a bomb. However it's not going to be today.

    Because he loves Jack so much, he's willing to help Gwen track down his grave by feeding Toshiko and Ianto co-ordinates and even helps put away some of the Weevils after Ianto and Toshiko injure them during an attack in the hub. Again, I love the use of the weevils. Not only did we have them in the streets but Owen uses his control over them to get to the power station before Toshiko and Ianto went back to the hub. Ianto's over protective attitude and his threats to kill John if Jack was dead was also a sweet touch. This is the closest to a gay love triangle we've had on this show and it's rather cool. Both of them care for Jack but only one of them is really suited to Jack. I'll let you decide who that is.

    Sadly though Gray is still around and he's one determined bastard. As if having his brother buried alive and getting John to go nuclear on Cardiff wasn't bad enough, he also decides to ruin the other vital aspect of Jack's life – his team mates. This is the exact point where any sympathy I might have had for this guy goes out the window big time.

    First off all he manages to trap Ianto, Gwen and John in the cells with Weevils which is bad enough but there's one thing he does that is unforgivable. Toshiko is doing her best to help Owen at the nuclear factory and Gray shoots her instantly. More annoyingly he begins to ask her what death is like.

    It's this part of the episode that two weeks prior to its transmission, I wish I had resisted reading spoilers for. Because this episode does exactly the opposite of what "End Of Days" did with Rhys, Toshiko actually ends up dying and believe me, not only does it suck that no-one gets to her in time but she isn't the only casualty of this episode. Nope, Chris Chibnall is really happy to hurt us twice over.

    With Owen, he's been more or less dead since "Reset" so the writers had to make a decision to either restore him or finish the job and they ran with the latter. Worse still, Owen's being the hero and trying to save the day, only to be presented with the grim reality of the radiation in the power station decomposing his body. There are some bits of gore I don't want to see and it was wise that Owen's death wasn't graphically shown. Not that I'm squeamish or anything but it might have detracted from the sadness if Chibnall had gone for gore instead of emotion and the real belief that Owen and Toshiko were dead.

    Hats off to both Burn Gorman and Naoko Mori who are just brilliant in their final scene. Only able to communicate through their devices, Owen knew that Toshiko had been injured and Toshiko had to watch another person she loves die while knowing that she was seconds away from death herself.

    Owen's reaction to knowing he was officially a goner was a raw moment for the series. I had difficulty watching him screaming frantically about not wanting to die, only for Toshiko to tell him to stop because it was breaking her heart. Never has a piece of dialogue on this show been so utterly perceptive. Even if you loathed Toshiko and Owen, you'd have to have a heart of stone not to be gripped by those scenes.

    Even with the spoilers I still got a little teary towards the end. Jack's reaction to knowing his friends had died was superb, even one of Barrowman's best performances yet and I liked seeing how it affected Gwen, Ianto and even Captain John. Killing off one main character is risky enough but two at the same time when you've only got five regulars, is really risky.

    With Toshiko and Owen being utterly dead, there is an obvious question – will it just be Jack, Gwen and Ianto for most of next season (assuming there is a third season) or will we be getting replacements, like Martha and Mickey? The latter seems to be a popular belief and in terms of medical and technical abilities it would complete the team but in terms of character, I don't think Owen and Toshiko can effectively be replaced, regardless of who their successors turn out to be. We've just lost two fantastic characters and actors in Burn and Naoko.

    Seeing Jack dealing with survival is the eye opener of the episode. Gwen and Ianto looked like they couldn't go on but despite Toshiko and Owen's deaths, John's exit and Gray having to be frozen; Jack is determined to keep going on. How the gang will go on is going to be an interesting to see. As for Toshiko's little video at the end, sweet doesn't even begin to cover it.

    Also in "Exit Wounds"

    The amount of promos for this episode have been significantly less than the ones for Doctor Who. I didn't see that many all week.

    Captain John: "Come on, sing song. It's our song."
    Captain Jack: "We don't have a song but if we did, it wouldn't be this".

    This is the second finale in a row that Jack's wound up in chains. Maybe his appearance in Season 4 of Doctor Who will make it his third.

    Captain Jack: "This is a little extreme, don't you think?"
    Captain John: "Oh what, you're anti-bondage all of a sudden?"

    Captain Jack: "I'm sorry".
    Gray: "Sorry's not good enough".

    Gray didn't seem to reference Jack by his real name but then again neither his mother in the flashbacks either.

    Rhys (re Gwen): "She's bloody impressive".
    Andy: "She is that. Lucky sod".

    Rhys: "You're a bloody hero Gwen, so keep going because we need you".
    Gwen: "Will you marry me again?"

    Did anyone else jump for joy when Toshiko mentioned the space pig from "Aliens Of London"? All she had to do was mention The Doctor and that would've been great.

    Gwen: "On your knees".
    Captain John: "Honestly, it's just sex, sex, sex with you people".

    Ianto (to Captain John): "If anything happens to Jack, I'll kill you slowly".

    Rhys asked if the Time Agency was based in Cardiff when he learned that Jack and John were a part of it.

    Nira: "It sounds more dangerous out there than in here".
    Owen: "I'd say it's pretty much even".

    Gray (to Toshiko): "I've heard people say death is such a waste. I'd imagine it's more of a relief. Tell me what it's like".

    Toshiko's video had her confess to loving Owen and wishing that she didn't die for something silly. Her thanking Jack for saving her was sweet.

    Toshiko: "Just remember how to get out".
    Owen: "Yeah, I think I'll remember that bit".

    Captain Jack: "Thank you".
    Captain John: "Least I can do".

    We got a flashback to Torchwood in 1901 with one of the Victorian lesbians and a mystery man. Please tell me we'll see more of them soon.

    Owen: "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't keep bloody screaming".
    Toshiko: "Because you're breaking my heart".
    Owen: "I'm sorry".

    Captain John: "You didn't struggle when I was burying you. It's like you were welcoming it".
    Captain Jack: "It was my penance".

    Standout music: The song "I Lost My Heart To A Starship Trooper" more or less stood out for me.

    Toshiko (via recording): "I love you. All of you. I hope I did good".
    Captain Jack (reacting to it): "Now we go on".
    Gwen: "I don't know if I can. Not after this".
    Captain Jack: "You can. We all can. The end is where we start from".

    It's funny that the BBC haven't announced a third season. Please tell me that there is going to be one?

    Well that was certainly something alright. "Exit Wounds" made sure that both Chris Chibnall, Burn Gorman and Naoko Mori left the series in an unforgettable manner. Season Two has been so consistently good that this episode, despite it's tragic consequences is a stunner. RIP Owen and Toshiko – you will be missed.
  • Exit wounds indeed......I feel emotionally wounded

    OMG I just cant get over how sad this episode was. I had a feeling that they would kill off Owen, but I wasnt expecting to lose Tosh as well. It was all too sad for me, what will they do without her brillant computer expertise.
    I was happy to see it wasnt all the fault of Capt John but in fact Gray that was behind all this disaster. I didnt want to end up hating his charactor as Im a fan of James Marsters and now it leaves it open to a chance he might appear in future episodes. This episode was fantastic but very emotional. The acting while Tosh and Owen were about to die was so good, I had tears running down my cheeks.
    I am going to miss them both. It just wont be the same without them. It does beg to wonder who they could replace them with though and I do hope the writers consider Andy. I like him and it would bring an interesting angle with him as a team member of Torchwood, especially knowing how he feels about Gwen.
    Its going to be a long wait for season 3 but at least we have Doctor Who to keep us happy.
  • A great episode, but sooooooo sad.

    So, We lose Tosh and Owen. I'd heard rumours that Tosh might die, and suspected one main team member would die, but TWO?!?!?! I just can't cope. Torchwood will never be the same again. The final scene with Gwen, Jack and Ianto was heartbreaking, seeing how empty the hub was without Tosh and Owen. Can't wait for the next series to see how the team adjusts and changes without two of their most important characters. The only good thing is that Ianto didn't die as I'd heard rumours he would. Can't believe we have to wait another year for more torchwood. At least we have doctor who in the meantime. RIP Tosh and Owen.
  • Bloody Hell How To Masacre a Csat, The Begginers Guide

    The thing that i have always critiszed Torchwood about is the fact that they dont take risks... you know at the end of the day that everyone will be alright.

    Thats why i think this is obviously the most outstanding episode of Torchwood ever.
    I have Hate Owen since DayOne and thought id enjoy his death, like i did when he died mid-season, but it was very sad
    and when Tosh went aswell that completely shocked me and i think it was a fantasic move by the writers and a huge risk to take

    I liked that the ongoing storyline of Jacks Brother was adressed and i thought the epsiode was an amazing way of ending the show
    Killing Tosh was unneccesary, but it creates teh foundations of a show where you dont know whats coming next and can never get to attatched to the cast
    and thats the type of show that i love to watch
    Three Cheers for Torchwood
  • Near Perfection.

    Best. Episode. Ever. Better than anything from Dr Who... or any other sci-fi for that matter! A devestating story with rollercoaster emotions and genuine shocks. I heard rumours that there was a possibility of a main character dying... but two? Whoa!
    The acting was just incredible. Especially from Tosh and Owen. The special effects were actually very good for the BBC.
    I've loved Torchwood since the beginning but it always felts like it was trying to find its feet. I was very surprised by the decisions the writers made, and hopefully, Torchwood will now be the show that it has the potential to be. Roll on series 3 of a show the Britain can be proud of! Woo!
  • Excellent, fantastic can't wait for series three.

    Thrilling episode, exiting tearjerking, a shock ending to an excellent second season. It has been extremely well written and very thought through to do what they have done in this episode. It obviously took a lot of tough decision making on the writing side of the program. Also the actors and actresses have had tough time performing the roles for this episode, but thed did a fantastic job and gave great performances throughout the whole of season two. James Marsters gave a wicked performance as Captain John Hart, a very well done for him. So roll on Season three I am sure it will be as good as the first two seasons.
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