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Who would you like to see on Torchwood?

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    [1]Nov 24, 2011
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    Whatever the reason there was not enough of a fan base to keep Torchwood going. So who could make it better. How does Lady Christina from Doctor Who The Death Planet sound. This was a suggestion from another post that the more I think about it the more I like it.

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    I think it could gain a lot of popularity back by returning to the episode-by-episode format of the first two series. Children of Earth was intriguing (not to mention heart-wrenching), but I found it dragged on a little, like a too-long movie instead of a television program. Miracle Day was even worse. The plots are still amazing as a whole, but if I wanted to spend what feels like five years getting through one plot I'd go re-watch the Dragonball series.

    The way Miracle Day ended has a lot of promise for continuation. I just don't want to see another tedious mini-series instead of an actual season. I agree that Christina would make an interesting addition. I really liked her character and would like to see her in either program. I'm all for her either coming back as a Companion to the Doctor, or joining Torchwood.
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