Season 2 Episode 1

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 16, 2008 on BBC Two

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  • Two big gay kisses, as much violence as you can shake quite a large stick at and a romantic...hexagonal?

    Well this beginning to the new season was hyped for a very good reason!

    Starting off with a car chase, ending with a ticking clock (courtesy of the always reliable Ianto), this episode didn't leave space to think. Which, considering the dodgy solution to that pesky bomb situation, is probably a good thing.

    So, plenty of intense action but still leaving plenty of room for sharp, witty dialogue (a notable Star Wars reference being amongst the best quotes). It's everything a fan of Torchwood has come to expect.

    Not forgetting the fact everyone in Torchwood HQ appear to be suffering from a very friendly version of cabin fever.

    It was also wonderful to see almost equal screen time for each character. Tosh deserves it and Ianto is proving himself quite interesting.

    Who else is desperate for the next episode? Nice touch to leave us gasping for the rest of the season. It doesn't seem they're going to leave us disappointed.

    An absolute must see episode.
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