Season 1 Episode 9

Random Shoes

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Dec 10, 2006 on BBC Two

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  • Great episode. Really interesting.

    I can say this is one of my favorite Torchwood's episodes. I loved the plot.

    Everything starts with Eugene Jones waking up on the middle of a road and finding the Torchwood team checking over his body. He finds out he's dead. The story of his life is all told by Eugene's voice over. His life's disappointments and anticipations, the mysterious alien eye he got from a teacher when he was a kid and his crush on Gwen.

    It was very interesting to see Gwen using her detective skills to solve the mystery of Eugene's death. During the episode it seemed that Gwen was able to see and hear Eugene. I really enjoyed it.

    I really felt sorry for Eugene. The way his friends threated him wasn't nice and his death was their fault.