Season 1 Episode 9

Random Shoes

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Dec 10, 2006 on BBC Two

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  • In this epi, we see Eugene, an avid Torchwood follower receive the rare and unintended invite to see the inner workings of an actual Torchwood case. We see events from his perspective and benefit from a joyful narration throughout.

    This episode is a lot like Doctor Who - Love and Monsters. Even the cheery naivete of the main character recalls Elton of L&M. That said, I loved Love & Monsters and I thought that this, if anything, was a great homage to that epi. Following the character of Eugene following Gwen and the investigation of his death was fascinating, giving viewers a first-person view into not just the world of Torchwood but also that of an average alien enthusiast living in Cardiff, Wales. What is also interesting is that the episode reveals the depth of Gwen's sensitivity, not just emotional and intuitive but even a quiet, confident psychic ability- and one which she doesn't share with the others but keeps to herself, in dogged pursuit of the truth in the mystery. The adoration Eugene feels for Gwen is cute. And Gwen really shines as a caretaker/investigative cop.