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  • why was it canceled

    why when a tv show is really good it gets canceled, no fair.
  • Mixed bag

    Torchwood Season 1 was excellent, perhaps because it remained faithful to Russell T. Davies' vision. Season 2's storyline was uneven and uninspired and the acting was mediocre. Season 3's Children of the Earth offered a fitting ending to the series. Bringing it back in the . was a risk that didn't pay off. It left many diehard Torchwood fans with a sour taste.

    Rather than hope for a return of another mediocre season of Torchwood, let's hope that RTD becomes once again inspired to write more sci-fi of the same caliber as the best of Dr. Who and Torchwood. Some things are best left as memories.
  • Bring it back

    Just watched the whole series. Loved it, but they need to stay out of the US!!! Much better in the UK!!!

    I hope they decide to bring it back again!!!! It was an awesome series!!! And now there are so many more questions that need to be answered!!!
  • Can anyone please tell me...

    How come season 4 hasn't got all 10 episodes in the episode guide? If someone could send me a message that would be highly appreciated.
  • Give us an update or end it!!!

    Seriously, the network should tell us if they plan on killing this spinoff altogether or continuing it. Torchwood has always been the "Darker Side" of the Doctor Who universe, but since Doctor Who episodes have had a darker/more adult theme lately I'm wondering if Torchwood is still needed. Honestly, I can't say that I've missed it that much. So many characters have been killed off and the Miracle day miniseries wasn't that great. If they get a new cast of characters and give the show a life of it's own like it had when they first started, I'd be interested in watching it again. Either way, just tell us what's going on.
  • Love this show

    I loe this show. Love all the characters.
  • What's going on with Torchwood?

    Is this show coming back on or what ffs?
  • Love it!

    Love Torchwood. the cast was brilliant and the scifi story lines were pretty good. the only thing i was disappointed in was Torchwood: Miracle Day, they aired it on Starz and showed none of the new viewers what had happened during the last seasons. *Spoiler* i dont know about you but i teared up when Ianto, Tashiko and Owen died and for them to be forgotten during Miracle Day was bs.

    Highly recommend watching it but skipping miracle day (or at least watch miracle day with not many expectations)
  • love Jack Harkness, hate everything else about the series

    When the show tries to be dramatic, it's just super depressing. Other than that, it's uninteresting, and the ream falls far short of being heroes.
  • it just a spinoff?

    In answer to my question: Is it just a spinoff? The answer is absolutely not. The difference between Doctor Who and Torchwood have an obvious difference to those who have seen both shows. Doctor Who has a lighthearted feel at times with serious information put in every episode. Torchwood has serious information with a lighthearted feel thrown in every episode. From the very beginning, I have been aware of all of the characters. They all have very important functions on the team, and they all have their own individual problems. Whether they like it or not, their personal problems impact everything they do in their jobs. *Spoiler Alert!* At the end of Season 2 during "Exit Wounds," we have seen the loss of both Tosh and Owen, both of them being vital members of the Torchwood organization. Of the many Torchwood fans in America, I am interested in finding out how they have continued to function due to the now defunct members of the original team.
    I started watching Torchwood when I heard James Marsters was going to be a guest star, and being a Doctor Who inquisitor, decided to watch both shows to catch up on what was going on. I was very pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed both shows, and am now dedicated to each show that is produced. I am by no means an expert on either show, but I will continue to enjoy them for a long time.
  • Torchwood

    Its a very good series and i hope it comes back hopefully this year

  • Started to wane

    There is no T.V programme I have been more loyal to than Torchwood. After the Jack Harkness character was introduced in Doctor Who I fell in love with the seemingly pansexual, smokin' hot alien, and so I was really pleased to find out they were going to run something on Torchwood. The first series' were fantastic (made me proud to be British, really. Russell T Davies makes everything glitter) and even after they killed off certain people (cried for days) children of earth was pretty great but I honestly will never guess why it had to end like it did; they literally eliminated all the characters I loved the most. Miracle Day was ridiculous, I hated it. It was so American and felt like such a betrayal to the whole show. It dragged on for so long and didn't live up to expectations at all. I have the early box sets, though, so I'll treasure and remember the way it was in the early days.
  • the show follows captain jack harkness(john b.)who is an immortal man who hunts aliens and getting weapons preparing the human race for a war thats coming.


    at first i thought this show was gone be bad b/c i hate hearing british accents b/c its hard to understand what they are saying but maybe its the american in me but i was surprise by the accents.they werent to strong so i could understand the cast fine and it was a plus the main character jack was american, it so much nicer on the ears.

    the writing is very good.i love the storyarchs and how the writers write each character giving them great depth.

    the acting is great b/c the actors/actress have great material to read from.

    the special effects takes a while to get used too b/c they arent nothing like american special effects.its not bad but its different and the action is okay it could be better.

    also the thing that is so unique is with captain jack being gay or whatever u want to call it.i think its nice to see b/c its very differnt to have a character like that on a scifi show and then not to have him in one of those gay sterotypes is nice to also refreshing to see the cast have same sex or whatever u might want to call it ''a experiencement,trying something new''but the point is, most of the cast go through first i didnt know what to make of it but after a while i saw how unique it was.


    wrting great,acting great,and characters are great.

    this would be a 10 but the special effects and the accents sometimes thorugh me off.

    its still a good show.i just got into it a couple of days ago and the show so good im moving past seasons like it aint nothing.thats how good the show is.

    i say watch it but if u dont like same sex things going on u might want to stay away b/c the main character is like that and most of the cast experiencement with it.

    but its a good show so i say watch.

  • No Thanks

    I've watch dr. who and torchwood for a long time. I watched it when I was young in Michigan and I'm now old. I know that government and corporations are alike but I watch because the doctor always pulls everyone out at the end even himself. To have the grandson died I will not be watching torchwood ever again. I'm a 56 year old *** living in San Francisco CA, U.S.A and I do not want to see sometime like that. I know just how cruel the world is. I even know how cruel silicon valley is but I don't need to watch for a ray of hope and have that happen. There is a reason why dr. who has lasted for so long.
  • Getting really bored with it


    It started out as a possible interest, but has gone to "snore" town.

    There is never any upside in this show - when does the sick and disgusting stuff stop and a light at the end of the tunnel begin? When does this "miracle" turn into something beautiful and happy for the world instead of miserable and deadly?

    This is becoming a really sick show that just makes me sad - think I'll start watching something else. Too bad too, because the lady in the show is a really good actress and so are some of the men...they're just trapped in a really lousy plot by unimaginative, depressed writers.

  • And Jack is still an enigma....

    The first and second seasons were all good fun but those five episodes of Season 3 were epic. I still can't believe how good that was...the secrets, the deceit, the wonderful acting and writing. I was on the edge of my seat and I couldn't predict a thing. That's what made it so amazing. The twists and turns happened naturally and much of the reasoning made sense to me. The characters seemed real and relatable as opposed to caricatures. With that said, I thought the interactions between Gwen, Rhys, and Ianto's family were well acted and appeared genuine. These were my initial thoughts after watching it. If I still think the same way after a few months, then it will mean that the series was really that good. After everything that happens, I wonder exactly how much does Jack care? What happens to a man who can continue to live on while the people he loves die around him? omg children of earth was such amazing tv.
  • Well to summarize, get rid of the lady with the gap in her teeth and bring in a looker that doesn't over act or try to pry in every situation. Tell the writers to, maybe its their fault.

    I love the whole series by this writer. Characters are all fun in both Dr. and Torchwood series. The one issue I have is the lady with the big gap in her teeth. She seems to want to be the number one star on the show. She is always doing what she shouldn't and deffinatly over acts. It really distracts from the fun of the show and storyline. And leaves a bad taste in my mouth because i like the show so much. I don't suppose the Dr. could show up at Torchwood and get into a fight somewhere meanwhile leaving her in another dimension just like Rose. Keep up the good work, but seriously, get rid of the cop girl, way to pushy. I mean if the doc can change girls Torchwood could use a new looker at least.
  • Captain Jack Harkness

    To start this show is awesome!!! John Barrowman and Eve Myles make this show. Everyone else is replaceable. On that note if and when we get a series four, I hope John returns. If he doesn't I'll still watch, I think Eve can keep the show afloat. It wouldn't hurt to add Freema Agyeman and maybe even have James Marsters return. I think those three could keep the show awesome. Sorry I got off track, my point was going to be whether or not John comes back. If he does that's great, if he doesn't I have an idea that I think should be considered. I think the BBC (with John) should do a show for two or three series of Jack on his jouney and transformation into the Face of Bode. Just a thought, and please Torchwood fans comment me I want to know if my idea is a good one or if I'm and idiot!
  • Brillian UK sci-fi. Different from that of the States and quite satisfying. Great storylines and action make this show well worth its praise.

    Another piece of UK brilliance. Torchwood has all the elements that a good sci-fi show needs. The show follows an underground and above the law organization, that protects the world from extraterrestrial beings. Their charismatic leader Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) leads the charge as an invincible and immortal humanoid alien. The team battles strange creatures and keep the aliens at bay and out of sight of the general population. This show has excitement, decent special effects and a great storyline. Although the cast is a bit weak and unknown, they still pull it off with brilliance. Let us just hope and pray that the US version never sees the light of day.
  • A pathetic rip off of everything American television creators have worked so hard to develop!

    I find this show horribly embarrassing on every level. Supposedly, the series revolves around an organized group of professionals who fight to protect earth from alien threats, but let me just say, if it came down to these people being the only thing standing between me and a bunch of extraterrestrial terrorists, I may as well grab a hand gun and go out alien hunting myself, because I think I could handle the job better than these bunch of goofballs!
    I mean, seriously, this show is the most unrealistic piece of work I have ever seen produced by BBC! About 90% of the story revolves around sex, drugs, and murder, which i wouldn't mind if it could be carefully woven into some semblance of a decent plot, but the series doesn't even come close to that. The drama in this series is so HORRIBLE its hilarious; characters hook up and break up faster than a viewer can blink. In one episode, a love-struck Ianto keeps his girlfriend alive as a Cyberwoman (for anyone unfamiliar with Doctor Who mythology, the Cybermen are a mostly-mechanical race who are hellbent on dehumanizing our world, forcibly transforming earthlings into what are essentially cold machines), which in of itself is ridiculous. One can expect that behavior from some people, but I mean, come on, a professional who's supposed to keep me safe from monsters? We're talking about earth's only supposed defense from alien invasion here, and one man will throw it all away by transforming his lover into a freaking robot, only to fall for a man a month later! I mean, that's wrong. I wouldn't care how much my BF or GF loved me, I would rather die than spend my life wired to a machine, even if his intentions were to one day restore me as a full human, the risk is just to big! And dude, seriously, everybody in this show is bisexual, which, granted, in of itself I don't mind, but people change their sexual orientation on a whim, fall madly in love with someone just to stir up drama, and then run off and do something stupid that puts the whole world in peril, only to break up with the same person a week later and hook up with someone else. There's no character development, no relationship development, no real chemistry or passion...just mindless, pointless sex and changes in sexual preference without any real feeling or affection behind it...I could go on forever. Anyways, people get the point. Very unrealistic; I would trust the Ghostbuster crew more than I would trust the Torchwood people to protect my planet, and that's saying something!
  • Amusing first season, awful second, painful third

    I liked this show on it's first season with all it's quirks. In the second one everything went crazy, and not in the good way. All that omnisexuality is depressing and confusing. There is no more story line, or rather there are tens of them but none developed enough. It's like an unscripted show with amnesic performers. Add to all of this all that parody feel of dr. who and you are left with a strange thing I cannot categorise but I am most certain it's not SciFi. I love Sci Fi and I hate shows that dilute the genre.
  • Torchwood is the best Doctor Who spin-off to day.

    The show has all the premises to make a viewer interested - charismatic lead characters (how could one not mention Captain Jack Harkness here, eh?) and excellent stories to keep you enthroled for a long time.But while Doctor Who IMHO is mostly about action and breakneck adventures in time and space, along with all the possible aliens and alien technologies, etc., Torchwood is less about technology and a great more about humanity and what makes it. Technology matters here, but it is a compassion and heart which give the main tone to the whole show.
    The show, or rather 1st season, starts as a little bit slow paced, but gathers its speed on the way and in 3rd season, which is actually mini-series rather than a full season, one already gets a highway speed paced show.
    Care for a good sci-fi show with a heart to it? The Torchwood could be a good choice for you.
  • You can't run away Jack... Torchwood (Season 3 if you can call it that, I mean 5 shows???)

    We watched the shows and could not believe how quickly the time flew. All of a sudden each episode was over (and we use a DVR so we watched some episodes consecutively). It is very hard to see where this show is going after the ending. Where do you go from there? I cannot imagine Torchwood without Captain Jack or Gwen or even Ianto. It appears to me that the writers were closing the book on the show regardless. Thanks for watching, now good bye. I feel like the show "forgot" the intro line "the 21st century is when everything changes..." I don't have a need for the show to go on for eons but I am not sure that 2 and 1/3 seasons is enough to explore the possibilities.
  • I have purposely taken my time in reviewing Torchwood again - because I felt I needed to take a step back and think about why I felt so angry and betrayed by the writing in series 3.

    My anger certainly has not subsided but at least I can review it without having to blank out every other word!

    What had I been expecting from series 3? Well a good storyline, something to capture my attention for five days. As an avid viewer of the other two series I had expected a progression in the existing characters, in keeping with what we had already seen in their appearances in Dr Who last summer and also the radio plays and books that were out. Also writers, producers and actors had promised that fans would not be disappointed with the continuance of Jack and Ianto's relationship - that we could expect them to be a couple acting like a 'normal' couple with 'normal' issues. The hype that has surrounded Torchwood through conventions, appearances and interviews seriously enticed fans to expect a great deal from the relationship. Given RTD's background with QAF, maybe fans were misguidedly influenced into thinking that whilst their relationship may not be hunky dory it was certainly going to develop nicely. Well - how stupid were we, the fans to have been taken in by all that hype? How the writers et al must be laughing their heads off at pulling off the biggest con in history and of course laughing all the way to the bank. No wonder RTD can afford to move himself to LA and live Hollywood style - a bit different from living in the north of England or in a Cardiff flat by the bay!!

    Because that was exactly what series 3 ended up being - one big con. Now I am not going to take away from the fact that the storyline was quite inventive, shocking even. At times it had the genuine Torchwood article of keeping us wondering what was coming next but it made two huge mistakes - one of which was to underestimate the fan base by killing off Ianto Jones without resolving any of the relationship between him and Jack and the other was to graphically kill a child on the pretext of high drama.

    We have all seen the arrogant interviews RTD has given to EW, at Comic Con and the rest; one of the worst being on the dvd of series 3 when he says he killed off Ianto to give the storyline more drama. The man must be an idiot if he thinks he succeeded! OK I get that Ianto had to die otherwise Jack would not have been able to have killed Steven, his grandson, but actually with greater thought, the 456 could have been defeated in an even more dramatic way without losing sight that the whole crux of Torchwood was Jack and Ianto, without that there is no Torchwood. There was absolutely no need to kill off another main character, especially having lost two at the end of the last series.

    Now, personally I think that is the whole point - I dont think there is meant to be a series 4 and RTD killed off his baby a) so he could concentrate on his new Hollywood life and not be drawn back to the UK unless it is with a real movie deal for his passion which is of course Dr Who and not Torchwood. Torchwood was just his extra cashcow - has been for everyone involved and has given some people that necessary leg up to further themselves in the business. So to end up with Jack cutting off all his ties to 'Earth' - well it was his fault that Ianto and Steven died; one from sheer stupidity and arrogance and the other from his neverending lust of having to be the hero - so he had to fly off into the starry beyond to fight another day elsewhere. Of course he will be back in the final two episodes of Dr Who at Christmas and the New Year - which will be interesting to see how that fits in with what has transpired in TW S3.

    However, for me - Torchwood is over, dead and gone. Even if there is a series 4 I will not watch it because RTD's arrogance has destroyed a really excellent series that had all the possibilities of breaking all boundaries with a gay relationship being seen on screen secondary to the main storyline showing the world that all relationships have their ups and downs and Jack and Ianto, just like Gwen and Rhys, can happily live together.

    There is also no reason why Ianto could not be brought back - did they not shift the rift [now there's a good slogan!] for pointless Rhys? Did Owen and Suzi not get the glove?? Well the Doctor might not like the old timey wimey stuff but seriously where there is a will there is a way - and RTD had better get his act together and find a way or just not bother!

    Finally - I think the biggest insult to fans was RTD sending up those fans who had complained about Ianto's demise by sending coffee to BBC Wales - "only 9" he laughed "hardly an important protest!" ... well maybe he should look at the amount of money fans have collected for Children in Need and another charity that helps horses that Gareth David Lloyd is a patron of - it is amounting to several thousand pounds that has already come in. Not laughing so much now are you your Royal Smugness? Wait till November until Children in Need night and see how smug you look then!! Just remember all those thousands of fans that will have donated will not be watching more Torchwood .. and I think that is only the tip of the iceberg that HMS RTD is steaming towards!!!
  • Torchwood (season 3) has begun nicely. Exciting and delightfully unpredictable story line keeps you on the edge of your seat. Torchwood has turned a new page in its third season. A big thumbs up!!!

    Despite losing two of its characters in the final show of the second season, Torchwood (turned miniseries)season three starts out with a bang as all the children in the world STOP and herald the return of an alien. Add to that government sanctioned murders ( unsuccessful as they are) and the relunctant assistance from a new character, our torchwood group manages to regroup and begin they're mission to stop the governments of the world from handing over ten percent of its children. The third season rocks. Great shots of the city, excellent background music and a story line that looks to become its best season yet. As a spinoff from the Sci-fi show "Dr Who" I suspect it may become just as popular with American audiences.
  • One of The best things I've ever seen.

    I will not spoil it for anyone. It is bit slow getting going but when it gets to episode 4-5 it's some of the best TV ever written.
    How they got away with this script, given the political climate in Britain is utterly amazing.
    It also heavily reminded of the current climate here as well.
    Watch it.
    Tell everyone you know to watch it.
    It is amazing.
    The third season of "Torchwood," the "Doctor Who" spinoff about a team of supra-government agents fighting aliens and monsters in and around Cardiff, Wales, has been conceived as a single-story, five-night event, "Torchwood: Children of Earth." (It begins tonight on BBC America and runs through the week.)
    "We are coming" some of the scariest words ever. A magnificient triumph.
  • Seaon three is a big thumbs up for me

    Been a fan of torchwood since season one. The story line did get little weird for my liking at time, but over all thought it was a good show.

    The third season, my eyes where clued to the TV and I was glad I had all 5 eps to watch in one go. The story line was fantastic, and was good to see little more about Jacks mystery past, but not giving too much so that everyone is wounder.
    For me the story line of season three was little dark and freaky with the whole kids freezing and relaying what the allenes had to say, but that is also what I did like about season three

    Shame it was only 5 episodes, the ending has left the storyline open where it can end or continue. Hopefully Torchwood will be back for another season,
  • I thought it was fantastic! The acting was great, the story very clever and thought provoking too. I wish it was not over so quickly though. Please bring us more Torchwood and it would be great to have a crossover in to Dr Who. I miss it already....

    I thought it was fantastic! The acting was great, the story very clever and thought provoking too. I wish it was not over so quickly though. It kept me gripped all week. I am very thankful of SKY+. I do hope Russell T Davies has lots more for us. It would be great to see a new team formed and some more fabulous story lines. There feels like there is so much more to uncover about Jack. Please bring us more Torchwood and it would be great to have a crossover in to Dr Who. I miss it already....please tell me there will be another series.
  • I feel now is the time to post my review of Torchwood after following it from the beginning.

    Torchwood began in October 2006.

    Series One was not the greatest start to a series. Most of the episodes were weak and over the top but by the season finale, we could see that Torchwood could deliver.

    Series Two delivered what Torchwood was promised to be with some of the greatest writing I have seen. The season finale of season two was a great ride and was bound to have shed a few tears. This was bound to guarantee a future for Torchwood.

    Season Three came along and blew us away. Four out of the five episodes were good, we have to admit Season Three was just extra space.
    But Season Four blew us away with the death of the beloved Ianto Jones and I know people shed tears for this episode.

    Episode Five was dark, and a little disturbing but was still some great writing, apart from the final scene which felt rushed and pointless.

    Rumours are abound that Season Three could be the end of Torchwood altogether. Let's hope not.
  • Oh No! Ianto's dies, Jack dies again, that weird crazy guy who has cool nostrils dies, and the world is going crazy

    I did like this episode, that is of course omitting my displeasure at the absence of any of the usual banter between the characters that was in the first and second season, right up to when Ianto dies in Jack's arms, which is kind of cliche but so damn sweet!, and at the same time that cool crazy old man who can 'smell' the aliens and i can never remember the name of dies, and of course Jack dies....lets just say...i bawled my eyes out.

    nice to see Rhys is still getting some action time, nothing beats a completely loyal, sweet meaning sidekick getting some screen time!

    I can only assume there is a massive twist at the end which brings Ianto and such back to life since poor Gwen and Jack have three recent teammates deaths on their hands.
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