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  • Torchwood is a great series, but does everyone feel that way?

    As a 'Doctor Who' and 'Captain Jack Harkness' fan, I was thrilled to hear about the spin-off Torchwood. As I watched the first episode, I wasn't disappointed at all. It has the same amazing writing as the new Doctor Who series, complete with all the mind-blowing twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat as you watch. I have plenty of friends who got into watching Doctor Who 2005 and 2006 with me, but I'm not sure what to tell them about Torchwood. It's amazing and I love it, but I'm not sure they will. It's similar, yes, in it's plots, but it's also much more adult. It\'s very sexy and in a few episodes, that seems to be the more important theme. If I had to critisize one thing about the show, that would be it. While, ultimately, I feel that the sexual tones of the show make it all the more watcheable, I can\'t freely say it's for everyone as I would say about Doctor Who. When it comes down to it, Torchwood is a great series and very different from the show it stemmed from.
  • A brilliant show, Si-Fi CSI for adults.

    This is an utterly fantastic show from Russel T. Davis and others who brought back the Doctor Who we all know and love, now up to date and refreshed but still with the ability to get kids watching from behind the sofa

    Torchwood (an acronym of Doctor Who) however is made for adults; to get us all sitting on the edge of our seats, considering things deep and meaningful, getting all hot and bothered and enjoying some good old British humour.

    The show is dark, gory and sexy, in an oh so pleasing and generally well written and thought out way. Most of the episodes have a common theme of dealing with and confronting mortality and death mainly due to Captain Jack's inability to die. Even so the episodes aren't always entirely morbid; hope and appreciating the short time we spend on this planet seem to seep though the death and despair. This show does have a rather Si-Fi CSI theme to it but still remains original.

    Overall a thoroughly entertaining way to spend 50 minutes on a Sunday evening.
  • A masterpiece which just keeps getting better!

    Torchwood is proving to be an imaginative and wonderfully well written programme which gets better every week. The days drag by as you eagerly await the next episode to find out what the gang are going to be dealing with this time and Russell has produced another brilliant rollercoaster ride for us to witness. The characters are all wonderfully written and so real and the ever evolving relationships between them which underline the whole series are stirring. The relationship between Owen and Gwen is especially interesting to watch as it is both touching, passionate and uncertain – things that everyone can relate to in any relationship.

    Gwen is a wonderful character to view this whole new and weird and scary world with and it is nice to see that she is still so human that she is shocked by everything she sees – her reactions to what we are witnessing are reassuring.

    Countrycide was a particularly chilling episode, and it’s the characters reactions to what we are seeing in these episodes that makes it all so intense and hard to believe. Overall, the programme has been a huge success for me and I can’t wait for the DVD so I can watch the whole series all over again!

    (oh, and there are some rather attractive cast members which makes for much enhanced viewing pleasure!)
  • When it good its great, when its bad I want to kill myself.

    Torchwood got off to a fantastic start in \"Everthing changes\". That episode really set the trend for the rest of the show. Then came \"Day one\" where Torchwood took its adult scifi motto and way way way overdid it. And that\'s the sort of pattern I\'ve noticed with Torchwood. Way up, then way down. We\'ve had some truly fantastic episodes (Cannibalistic Welsh villagers anyone) to some truly abysmal ones (fairies? FAIRIES!?!?). If this show was a little more consistent than it would be as good as if not better than regular old Who. But as it stands its excellent about 50% of the time and the rest is just blow your brains out awful. That said, we really do need another series BBC, this show has a lot of potential and if it goes unfulfilled it will be a terrible injustice.
  • Outside the government, beyond the police and another good show from the BBC.

    A weekly favourite of mine on BBC3 when you know you don't want Monday to come. Torchwood is a spin-off of its anagram Doctor Who and features the new saviour of earth Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman). The tie ins to Doctor who are immediate, this is a continuation of the Torchwood institute from Doctor who series 2 after the cybermen incident in London. This show has a lot of potential and perhaps many people feel it could have done better with such a good concept. What keeps you hooked is the many unanswered questions that keep appearing about the institute and Jacks history, how did everything come to be. His invulnerability and the many aliens that spill through the rift seen created during Doctor Who. The series has a distinctly more adult target audience featuring sex and violence. I think this show could go far especially if the eagerly awaited 3rd season of Doctor who (2005) starts to draw upon events from Torchwood (and visa versa). This is a show to keep your eye on and will continue to be a regular feature of my viewing week.
  • It is similar to Doctor Who in many ways, but different in other ways. It is its own show, not a Docotr Who copycat

    Torchwood is a new spin off to hit TV show Doctor Who. It is very similar to Doctor Who and contains many links to that show. It sometimes even goes so far as to share storylines with Doctor Who.
    Although while it is similar to Doctor Who in many ways, it is different in ohers. Firstly, it is not centred around an alien and his companion traveling the unverse, but a team of humans defending the earth against alien attacks. They do this by scavenging any alien technology they find and use it for there own purposes.
    The other main difference between, Torchwood and Doctor Who is that Torchwood has been designed for a much more mature audience. This means more swearing, and sex scenes. In fact, something that I have noticed about Torchwood is the writers seem to like same sex kisses.
    Torchwood, while having similarities with Doctor Who, is its own show, and I have a feeling that it will be very popular.
  • I really enjoy the new version of Dr. Who, so I wanted to like this too

    I'm someone who can like a show for what it is, I can love a high quality drama, or a fun episode of geek fair like Stargate. It doesn't bother me that the special effects are pretty lousy, budget things I can let pass. I really wanted to like Torchwood, I thought "Cardiff" for me a Canadian who has in the last few years come to truely appreciate the sheer Greatness of some UK shows, notably Huslte and Life on Mars, first two seasons of Ultimate Force were pretty darn good too. Anyway I read of other UK fans dislike of the Wales accent, but I have to agree, a little hard to take for a whole episode. UK fans might be interested to know that I fell its as grating as a Central Massachusetts accent. The Real problems here are the big ones, Acting being a little rough but forgivable at times. The hardest thing for me to get over is that if "Torchwood" were so elite why are they the worst special agents ever on TV. Totally incompetent
  • not the best show in the world

    okay well, its a show about torchwood (obviously) and its okay. i only saw the first episode so im not sure if the rest are good or not. but its about captain jack harkness and he runs the torchwood in cardiff and he runs into this a little to nosy police officer and tells her everything about torchwood only to drug her later so she forgets everything and she tries desperatly to write it down and remember but she forgets. but then events happen in her life and she remembers again and she goes to talk to capt. jack again! and thats it!
  • Nice revision of the new Dr Who but perhaps too similar to the new Dr. Who at the same time.

    I\'ve watched the first 5 episodes and the series holds lots of promise. Cons: There isn\'t much chemistry between the actors and that\'s arguably the most serious flaw that needs fixing. Torchwood episodes look and feel an awful lot like the recent episodes of Dr Who. There are times I feel like I\'m watching a re-run of the new Dr Who.

    Pros: The lead actor is good though he doesn\'t always seem comfortable in his role. The actress 2nd lead is excellent though her character is too close to the role that \"Rose\" played in Dr Who. Overall I get the sense this off-shoot may not last more than a sean or 2.
  • A spin-off of doctor who.

    This is a spin-off of Doctor Who following the life of Captain Jack. I thought it would be good at first because he played a good character in Doctor Who. Unfortunatly it turned out to be quite rubbish. I think children who saw the first to episodes will be mentally scared now as it has a couple of adult aspects to the show. To be honest i never knew that this show would be like this. I knew it would be more for adults but i only thought it would have blood in it. Anyways it's okay but not brilliant.
  • A fantstic spin-off to Doctor Who

    Although this show and some of the charcters come directly from the heart of Docto Who this program manages to stnad on its own two feet and wow me.

    Although written by the same guy Torchwood is completely seperate to Doctor Who and approaches each storyline with a different attitude.

    Torchwood is the more violent equivalent of Doctor Who for older viewers and I love it. The story lines are innovative and unique, the acting is brilliant and the monsters are so terrifying that you almost think they are real.

    This is a really must see show and as the series is going on it just keeps getting better.
  • An interesting and fun to watch Doctor Who Spin off that could use a bit of tweaking here and there.

    Torchwood follows a division of the secret institution of torchwood introduced in the series Doctor Who. The main character Gwen, a police women, runing into Torchwood and ends up replacing a member at the end of the pilot episode.

    Torchwood is very interesting in that it gives a completely new perspective on the Doctor Who universe. One of the main characters is also Captain Jack Harkness, a short time companion of the nineth doctor. When Captian Jack was left behind he was clearly in Earth's future. Torchwood appears to take place present day, although the actual year has not been clarified yet, and if Jack did travel back in time it is unlclear how this happened. Like in Doctor Who Captian Jack is full of mystery. Unlike Doctor Who Torchwood's content is more suited for a more mature audience. While absent in Doctor Who, Torchwood is more graphic, has more sexual content, as well as swearing.

    The story writing over all in my opinion is pretty decent. I was not a big fan of the second episode, but I was satisfied with the pilot, the third, and fourth. The fourth episode dealed with the Cybermen which I liked very much. I look forward and hope for original writing but at the same time more references to Doctor Who would be nice. A reference to the original Cyberman seen in the original Doctor Who run would also be nice.

    It's a shame that Torchwood will only be one season. It may be a little rough around the edges, but it's definitly worth watching for any fan of the last two seasons of Doctor Who.
  • A great idea. A great team figure. A great team. A great amount of special effects. A poor amount of writing.

    Don't get me wrong, I am enjoying Torchwood at the moment, but it does need some fine tuning.
    It is a great idea. A group of people who are beyond basically every power in the world and study alien technology and at the heart of the team is Captain Jack, a former companion of the Doctor.
    A fabulous idea, and also a fabulous crew. Ianto has not done much, but bear in mind I am writing this before episode 4 has aired which looks like a Ianto-centric episode. Dr Sato is ok but she hasn't been given her own episode yet.
    Owen is just a bit too student-y for me to realistic believe that he works for such an important organisation such as this.
    Gwen however, I believe is the star of the show. She is smart, and plays the role very well, if only the storylines were good.
    Episode 1 cannot hold a proper storyline when your introducing 7 or 8 new characters. It is very difficult to do so I'll skim over this episode.
    Episode 2 was much better scripted and though it is just a recycled story from other TV shows, it was still done very well.
    Episode 3 however did not match up to Episode 2. It seemed rushed and truly stupid and unrealistic.
    This show needs better storylines if it is going to survive. Hopefully the next few epiosdes will pick up and hopefully will rival Doctor Who!
  • I had such high hopes for this show, but now my hopes are gone. There is nothing good that can come from this, nothing.

    This is the most unoriginal, unengaging stupid crap I\'ve seen in a long time. First of all, if you run a secret agency you do not take over a crime scene for a couple of minutes using your actual name. If torchwood did that conspiracy freeks all over the world would be on to them so fast they wouldn\'t have time to wipe each and everyones personal hard drives. On that note, why would Gwen use her computer to help her remember torchwood after having seen what they could do, not to mention it would have been quicker just grabbing a napkin and a pen at the closest bar instead of runing home and getting the computer started! And the pizza? No-one would be so stupid as to use their secret agency name when ordering pizza, it\'s not even close to being funny it\'s just utterly stupid and tiresome.

    Regardless of being utterly stupid it\'s also badly scripted, as in boring, predictable, blunt with horrible dialouge that\'s completly deprived of humor. Not to mention how uniteresting and badly presented the charcters were... It\'s in other words completly lacking all the qualities that make Dr Who such a brilliant show. The constant theme of standing on rooftops (in the pilot at least) is the most unoriginal, useless and completly pointless feature of the show. Why do you do this to me Ruseel T. Davies? Get them of the roofs now! And the dinosaur that circles the roof at the end of the pilot, oh my god, just kill me now... And lets talk about how horribly ugly the sets are, very ugly indeed is what they are! The torchwood set in particular leaves a lot to be desired. And what about the lighting? Lighting does a lot for a show, good lighting can make ugly set look gritty and interesting. The ligting on this show makes everything look fake and plastic and it makes me want to run crying to the bathroom.

    I had such high hopes for this show, but now my hopes are gone. There is nothing good that can come from this, nothing.
  • Whedon Wannabe

    Nice effects and filming but embarrassingly bad writing. Doesn't Russell T Davies ever get anyone to read his scripts and ask some obvious questions? Like – Why would the police at a murder scene simply get out of the way when a bunch of people in trendy coats turn up? Harkness says later that Torchwood is beyond the government, UN, etc, so how would the police know anything about them? They'd just tell Jack and co to F-off.

    Why are weevils the only living things to come through this space/time warp thingie that just happens to be in Cardiff, and how come alien artefacts slip through it without the aliens accompanying them? And why is Torchwood the only group that appears to have found this stuff?

    How come no one else has bumped into weevils if there are 'hundreds' of them beneath Cardiff? They're supposed to be in the sewers, so how come sewer maintenance teams and cameras haven't spotted them?

    How and why did Torchwood get the weevil into the police station, and how come they weren't with it when the heroine arrived?

    Why did she write down what she remembered (before succumbing to the amnesia drug) on her PC? Any cop would write in her notebook with a pen.

    What is a pterodactyl doing in Torchwood (i.e. it's not an alien artefact)?

    Why doesn't anyone fall down the hole left by Torchwood's lift? (Not good enough for the writer to not answer the question on the grounds it's just like the Welsh to ask it, especially when it would actually be just like the English, Scottish, French, etc, to ask it too, on account of it being a very obvious question.)

    What exactly is this great catastrophe that's coming to threaten everyone? And why is Torchwood helping, especially when at the start of this programme they show quite clearly that they don't give a stuff for human life?

    How come Harkness is too stupid to see that one of his team is a murderess? And why is she anyway? Well, I could go on. What's also embarrassing is that this is such a poor rip-off of Buffy/Angel and Men in Black. However, where Buffy/Angel keeps our interest because we care about the characters, in Torchwood, outside of the female cop, all the characters are superficial, glib, amoral and completely forgettable. The dialogue is also a poor version of Joss Whedon's. Where he has genuine wit and sophistication, all we get with Davies is slightly amusing mannerisms and tics, along with 'just because I'm me' cop-outs whenever the main character is asked an awkward (i.e. one the author hasn't bothered to work out) question.
  • Captain Jack (a character introduced to us in Doctor Who) and his team tackle modern day threats, aliens etc, in modern day Cardiff (capital of Wales). A female police officer stumbles upon this top secret unit 'Torchwood' and soon becomes a member.

    I really don't get it. Nudity and adult themes are shown but not tackled; the dialogue, hammy acting and story lines just aren't complex or mature enough for the target audience. With minor changes this could be shown before 9pm (watershed), it wastes an opportunity to do more. The lines are predictable; you can finish their sentences. Too many clichés and stereo-types, e.g., techno nerd having trouble with the ladies, who would have thought? Captain Jack is also mysteriously indestructible (thanks to Rose), a little too Captain Scarlet. It's early days, what else is there to watch Sunday evening?
  • The second episode of the Doctor Who spin off Torchwood needs a little more spit and polish.

    It's not so much that the new sci-fi show is hackneyed or relying a little to much on the Doctor Who fan just feels like it hasn't found it's footing just yet. What promised to be a delightful new Cardiff meets X-files has quickly proved it can weave a fantastic narrative that combines sex, aliens, and a decent vibe for the fledgling series.

    However, there's still a lot that needs to be banged out. Sometimes I found the character Gwen to be the spot on "every man" if you will, but other times it just seems she was there as an excuse for the other characters to over explain simple leaps of plot. Also, the dynamic between Gwen and her boyfriend feels entirely to forced. I personally don't buy them as a couple, and the scenes with her "zoning" out did nothing for the plot or her character's development. They clearly missed out on the more interesting dynamic of her old partner feeling left behind as she moved to her new position in Torchwood.

    Big kudos do go to John Barrowman who's incredible talent has really deepened the character of Capt. Jack. You really do see a man who cares for others, a rogue, and a guy swept away by his mysterious past. The other characters are dynamite as well with a big nod going to Burn Gorman who plays Owen.

    It's been quite some time since I was so annoyed and yet completely entertained by a character like this. I can only think back to the classic show M*A*S*H and that lovable yet extremely loathed Dr. Burns. I can only hope he can move beyond just being a one man red light smart mouthed character and gain as much depth as I'm sure this show is capable of doing.

    To's a great could be better...and I'm betting it will get there provided the show runners keep on loving this great new series.
  • Although it seems to steal from others it is a good show

    If you have never watched Dr Who (Like I haven\'t)...I was told to watch this. I have seen the first two and like what I see so far. It seems to be a cross between Men in Black and a really toned down CSI. I have always liked what the BBC has put out and am anxiously awaiting the next episode and I haven\'t been that way about a series for a while. The only thing that I am not too keen on is the story outside of Torchwood....the characters need a lot more outside of work . Overall I give this 1.5 thumbs up!!
  • A fine mish-mash of ideas and scenes lovingly ripped-off from various shows and other media. Completely unoriginal.

    Just watched the first episode of torchwood on bbc2 and frankly i want my 45 minutes of life back. What a completely unoriginal production this is! It watches like a rip-offs gallery and it is not only the TV series they have ripped-off. No, they obviously looked for influence in every type of media. To start with, the whole premise that there is a space-time ripple under the city of Cardiff is a shameless copy of Buffy. One of the plot points of the first episode involves a metal glove with special powers, which slowly takes control of the wearer in time. Sounds familiar; it should, it is influenced by Witchblade of course. I am not even mentioning the X-Files; that is a given. However, they have even ripped a scene off Silence of the Lambs for the first episode. But I am sure if asked the writer and the director will just say they are nods to previous productions. I call it laziness. Obviously the first episode basically introduces the team and the new member. Let me try to describe this new member to you; it is a Billie Piper look-a-like with black hair. Yes they are so unconfident, they actually ripped their own show - Dr Who - off. That is just class.

    I am not going to talk about acting because there is not any. What everybody doing is just posing. Most of all the invincible Capt Jack Harkness, which the writer manages to rip a scene off X-Men 2 to demonstrate his healing abilities. I am sure there are still tons of other stuff they just copied and pasted from other shows and stories but this series just not worth any more talking about. All I can say is there are far better shows out there to invest your time in.
  • Spin off for Mom and Dad after the kids have gone to bed serves up a thrilling crime drama with some goo laughs thrown in.

    Every time he’s been interviewed for the last eight months, John Barrowman, who reprises his role as Captain Jack Harkness from the mega-hit First season of Doctor Who, has been telling fans to put the kids to bed. Now we know why. Torchwood’s record breaking premier seen by 2.4 million viewers on 22 October on BBC Three at 9pm isn’t anything like the family-friendly series Doctor Who.
    Spin-off shows are hard because they assume the viewer has seen the original series. Captain Jack was a 51st century con artist before he met the Doctor and Rose in the episode “The Empty Child” and stole the show as a flashier, sexier, and funnier time traveler, he was killed and revived in the final episode of Series 1 and hasn’t been seen since. Since then, he’s somehow made his way back to 2006 and is helping to prepare humanity for the future when “everything happens.” According to him, whatever it is, it’s going to be big. The first episode “Everything Changes” begins in the Welsh city of Cardiff with Gwen (Eve Myles who appeared in the first series of Doctor who as another resident of Cardiff named Gwyneth), a police constable, poking her nose into a strange new Special Ops division called Torchwood which has interfered with her unit’s investigation of a serial murderer. In true MIB style, Torchwood shows up, takes over and begins investigating. Gwen displays police physical stamina by running up to a vantage point and watches the amazing investigation. She is spotted by Harkness and brought into the clubhouse.
    Only two minutes into the show we get an F-Bomb and a reanimated corpse. By the end of the episode I counted three total F-Bombs, one other word you can’t say in American (Non-premium) prime time, a gruesome killing by an alien with lots of blood, and a suicide. Also, almost everyone gets a good snog except Harkness. This is his spin off, so it makes sense, as he was notorious for being the raciest thing to happen to the Doctor in 900 years. The second episode “Day One” is where the fun really starts, with Gwen being promoted to the team and on her first day releasing a “Sex Gas” alien which inhabits a sexy young twenty something that kills by absorbing men as they climax. This episode is shocking because Doctor Who never had any mention of sex in 40 years of stories, and The Doctor was very covert about relationships in general. Gwen gives the team human perspective and encourages them to go beyond their research and prepare parameters to help the people of Cardiff (shot on location). She shows off her skills as a police officer as she tries to fit in with the four other specialists Captain Jack has recruited. It is obvious from the first that this is a darker, more adult series than Doctor Who. It is also made very clear that it is the same world, referencing key events of the last two seasons, including the pickled hand in the jar, a very quick link to the Christmas Invasion (recently aired in the US on the SciFi Channel) where Doctor Who’s Doctor loses his hand in a sword fight (it grew back). The subtle references are the handiwork of Russell T Davies who scripted the comeback of the Doctor in 2005 and is also well known for the original hit Queer as Folk (adapted by Showtime in the US). Barrowman and Myles look comfortable and clearly have a handle on their roles, the numerous aerial views of Cardiff help root the show into reality, which is exactly what they are trying to do. This is not as clinical as X-files (Fox), or as comedic as Eureka (SciFi), but blends the style of both in a fun and adult way that people who have grown up with the Doctor will want to stay up and watch. Plans have already been made for Torchwood to be seen it the US, as the BBC Tree website is unable to transmit any video for rights reasons.
  • Even though its creator claims its not "Doctor who" for adults, It sort of is

    Don't get me wrong, its set in one time and place, but the style set by Doctor who still remains clear even though everything else is new and fresh. Of course setting it in Wales means we have a huge amount of Welshness that's still in my head hours after watching it, but it makes a change from the constant mancunian accents people from the south east put up with on TV. Okay I'm being mean, but a few annoying accents are easy to ignore when you've got such a brilliant show as this.
    The way Torchwood is written is similar to doctor who but completely different at the same time, of course there's the more explicit content but its more mysterious than Doctor who, differences and similarities in style make this a must watch for any doctor who fan
    It deals with more mature subject matter that the bbc would have got in trouble for if they put it into Doctor who, but I'm glad they feel they can show this. And we won't get mediawatch complaining because someone used the word "knoodle" (see Doctor who season 1 episode 6). Could've been a bit gorier but I'm guessing there's more to come in later episodes.
    Still, Torchwood is a great new show, and I can't wait for the next episode!!
  • Well where do i start?

    I am not sure how to even start this, I am enjoying this show to the point that I have even added this to my Sky+ box too.

    My main issue is that as this is a spin-off from Dr. Who it had the same feel, which I guess is good and will give all us Dr. Who fans a treat until the next season, but I found this to be a little too similar but at the same time a little different. Saying that I would love to see a cross over episode when Dr. Who comes back on air again, although we sort of had it when in Dr. Who they blew up the Alien ship.

    I hope this develops with a little more humor and more interesting storylines.
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