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Season 1 Episode 8

They Keep Killing Suzie

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Dec 03, 2006 on BBC Two
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Episode Summary

A Suzie-themed episode
Using the Resurrection Gauntlet that former Torchwood member Suzie Costello originally had, the team is able to bring a number of murder victims back to life. However, these all have a link with the now-deceased Suzie, and the group has no choice but to bring her back. After the process goes wrong, and permanently keeps her alive, Suzie manipulates the naïve Gwen into taking her to see her father.moreless

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  • This show just keeps getting better and better...

    Seriously, this was the BEST episode of the season so far. I was riveted, which is a feat considering the sometimes over-dramatic acting perpetrated by Capt. Jack and Owen. Anyway, when a couple are murdered like a similar, basically unseen couple before them, Torchwood is called in. Although, this time it is because the killer has written Torchwood in the victims blood. They hit an impasse in researching the murders until they realize that all of the murdered people were apart of a group, Pilgrim, which Suzie might have been a member of. So they pull out the "risen mitten" to talk to the victims and find out that the killer knew Suzie and has been killing every member of Pilgrim. Because of this they bring Suzie back but can't seem to send her back. So Suzie stays alive, but no one knows for how long. They are then able to stop the killer from killing his last victim and they bring him into Torchwood. Suzie is jealous of Gwen, she's replaced her, even in Owen's bed. And Gwen feels sorry for Suzie, apparently no one knew that Suzie's father was dying of cancer or even notified him of Suzie's death. So in a badly timed move, Gwen takes Suzie out of Torchwood to see her father and the team learns that there is a connection between Gwen and Suzie as Suzie is literally sucking he energy out of Gwen all while the rest of the team gets locked in the Torchwood facilities. At the hospital we learn that Suzie apparently hated her father (dying of cancer or no) and Gwen's headache since bringing Suzie back has actually been her getting slowly shot in the head (WTF). Meanwhile Torchwood is able to get out and search after Suzie and Gwen. When they finally catch up with them Jack shoots Suzie multiple times but she just wont die and Gwen is inches from death. Jack then tells Tosh to destroy the glove which kills Suzie and revives Gwen but not before Suzie tells Jack that "there's something in the dark and it's coming" for Jack. This was a great great episode made even better by the scene at the end with Ianto and Jack. Ianto asks if he should lock Suzie's draw in the crypt and Jack says no, they're out of the resurrection business. To which Ianto replies "you never know. that's the thing about gloves they always come in pairs."

    great great ending to a great great episodemoreless
  • O...kay. That's one thing you will never see on "Heroes" (or "Lost", or BSG, or any other Sci-fi show for that matter)

    I almost forgot the last time we saw Ianto smile a real smile, the last time he was joking or just goofying around, I don't think we ever saw him quite like this before and just when I was thinking "What could have possibly made him this happy?" we're confronted with one big controversial revelation.

    I suppose it could work. I mean, strangest things have happened like the way Suzie comes back from the grave only to prove the rest how unprepared they all are to face the likes of her, funny how the most capable member of Torchwood 3 is also the most complex if not corrupted one, someone who has carefully planned every single detail of her escape and predicted the team every reaction to it with months in advance. However, Suzie has strong motives to do what she does: she's been dead before and she doesn't want to be dead again. Is that why Jack and Ianto are all of the sudden so "cozy" together? Because both of them have experienced what is like to be dead inside and don't want to experience it again. Is this because Toshiko read their thoughts? There's a certain way in which these things develops in most of American shows that I can't say doesn't happen here, we're just too distracted to notice because it develops between two males, and yet there's something about it that fits much like Suzie's glove fits her purpose or Gwen Cooper fits her plans. For good or for worst, both Jack and Ianto fit together even if we are yet to find out if whatever they have would fit Torchwood.

    All in all it was a good episode; there're funny bits involving the local police force and great character interaction aside the stopwatch scene, torchwood definitely started to feel like a team there and is almost ironic how an episode devoted to death could turned out to be such a celebration of life.moreless
  • Never Fade Written by Paul Tomalin And Daniel McCulloch Directed by James Strong

    Suzie: “This is sick”

    Captain Jack: “You started it”.

    Indeed she did but the old tit for tat aside, the long awaited, hoped for and in recent weeks spoiled return of Suzie Costello is finally here and man; it certainly wasn’t a waste of time either. Rarely do you get a compelling second outing for a dead character (besides Buffy/Angel) but this was enigmatic. Textbook enigmatic even!

    In fact, this may be the best episode of the entire series, which is weird considering I already threw similar platitudes on the dark and creepy “Countrycide” and we have five episodes left to go but hey, when standards are this good, then praise deserves to be heaped on the series at any opportunity and especially when it’s warranted.

    This week starts off like a regular day for Torchwood – investigating the brutal slaying of a suburban married couple that sees consequences and old patterns surfacing for the ever morally ambiguous Torchwood team, because, hey **** often hits the fan and this fan has been turned on to full blast.

    At our crime scene of the slain couple, Jack and company quickly realise that they’re not flavour of the month with the actual authorities when the delightful Detective Swanson gives the former Time Agent a short shrift on how Torchwood act like they own Cardiff despite no-one being totally aware of their purpose and intentions are. It’s nice that after eight episodes, a complete outsider mentions this and it’s even better that within only one scene, not only do I like Swanson but I also want her to pop up in more episodes. I think there’s great potential with this character and if Russell has enough self-awareness, he’ll find other ways of bringing her back in. Go on, Russell, I’m sure there are plenty of viewers out there who wouldn’t object.

    Anyway the somewhat caustic Detective Swanson not only isn’t happy to see Jack and his crew but she also holds them responsible for the couple and a previous victim – Alex Arwyn deaths because the killer made sure to write “Torchwood” in blood over the bodies. You could accuse the writers of ripping The Carver off on Nip/Tuck but it does prove the crime scene element of the series nicely.

    Owen makes a good point of noting the amount of people who Torchwood have managed to rightly piss off in how many amount of years they’ve been in operation and Ianto also makes notes of the same amount of people they’ve slipped the old amnesia pill when a suspect of the murders is discovered to have retcon in his blood stream.

    Yeah, the issues of episode one “Everything Changes” are back in style and the nagging problem of the retcon is a welcome return. Finding out that a killer out there has taken the amnesia pill makes Gwen concerned for herself as Captain Jack drugged her back then. There’s a joke about her not going near sharp objects but overall you do wonder what other side effects that pill could potentially have when in someone’s bloodstream and whether or not traces of it are still in Gwen’s. I’d wonder too given the circumstances.

    In an attempt to actually do some detective work and stop the killings, Gwen comes up with the notion of using the resurrection glove from the first episode to briefly interrogate the victims. Everyone else is pretty vocal about not using the glove due to what it did to Suzie (I have a feeling the glove can only blamed to a certain extent) but given the lack of resources and options out there, amongst Ianto and Toshiko coming with names for the glove, it’s Gwen who ultimately wins.

    The funny thing about the glove is that everyone has had a try of it beforehand and Suzie was the only who could actually work it. Neither Owen, Toshiko nor Ianto are keen on using it and Jack is pretty damn useless with it as well because he can’t muster enough empathy/compassion for the glove to work. He nearly gets electrocuted for his efforts as well.

    In a case of seeing the writing on the wall and because Suzie is dead, the only person who can use the glove successfully is newcomer Gwen who channels enough empathy/compassion (and here was me hoping it was because she was connected to Gwyneth/The Rift) to gets two victims talking. It’s further proof that the writers really do view Gwen as the heart of the team and that she’s in it until the bitter end.

    Alex Arwyn provides no real information and begs for his mother but Mark Briscoe is kept long enough to ask for his wife Sarah, identify his killer as a man named Max, mention a group called Pilgrim and the ultimate bombshell – saying that Max mostly talked to a woman named Suzie? The surname wouldn’t be Costello by any chance? We all know well and proper that it is Miss Costello but some odd reason it’s like everyone except Gwen (and possibly Ianto) don’t want it be her or acknowledge her in any way. Maybe they’re feeling raw that she betrayed them or maybe it’s that they really don’t want to have any responsibility or connection in any way to the killings but when Gwen questions them about Suzie, there isn’t a single person who can actually say they know her or anything about her.

    Sure Suzie was brilliant at her job, if she wasn’t she wouldn’t have lasted as long as she did but any outsider can come to that conclusion. It really goes to show how little Jack really knows about his crew and how little the crew know about each other outside of work. Over the past seven episodes Suzie betrayed the group in a big way, Ianto went to insane lengths to bring his girlfriend back to life, Owen and Gwen starting screwing each other and Toshiko withheld a valuable piece of alien artefact until the very last moment. You do wonder how Torchwood actually survives with these kinds of deception and occasional mutinies being a risk.

    Suzie’s involvement with both Max and Pilgrim though is confirmed when after raiding through all her belongings they find a leaflet for the harmless group. It seems all Pilgrim did was discuss the nature of God but with this information, the group have no choice but to raise Suzie from the dead. No need for Osiris urns with your own resurrection glove and the very knife Suzie used on her victims but it’s not like anyone is actually enthusiastic over the idea and when the do, they are some very interesting consequences in store for them.

    Instead of the usual two minutes in which most people to get live for, Suzie seems to have been permanently raised from the dead and she’s isn’t best pleased about either. Not only does she have to face her old workers, but her learning of Gwen’s placement in Torchwood has struck a mean streak of jealousy when she accuses the former policewoman of replacing her in every single way.

    Seeing as Gwen’s role is allegedly the heart and mostly unspecified, I find that a little hard to believe. If ever there were two women on opposite sides of the spectrum, then Gwen and Suzie are those very women. Suzie was the second in command and a whiz with computers that makes Toshiko look like an amateur. Personality wise, she’s ten times more private than either Ianto or Toshiko and she’s a lot colder and abrasive than Gwen or Owen. I can understand her not being a big Gwen fan but besides shameless “isn’t Gwen just brilliant” plugging, I can’t see it. Suzie gave up her job by betraying the group and shooting herself. Did she really think that Jack wouldn’t have hired someone else down the line? Is that really why she tried to kill Gwen in “Everything Changes”?

    If Gwen is on her hit list of people she’d rather not interact with, then so is Jack as he quizzes her about Max and Pilgrim and showed no emotional empathy to her whatsoever. Even when she pleads with him to visit her father, he flat out refuses. It seems Jack really can hold a grudge.

    Suzie may not like being helpful but she’s self-aware enough to realise that she really doesn’t have much of an option so she tells Jack that Max is in a nightclub where one of the Pilgrim members – a student called Lucy McKenzie is working. It’s a pretty noisy nightclub and it takes for Gwen to nearly get stabbed for the gang to catch Max and haul him back to Torchwood. This is all while Ianto gets a shout out and Toshiko chooses to be abrasive to Suzie, even if she isn’t totally in a position to ultimately judge her. Out of everyone, I was a little curious that Ianto didn’t show empathy or even interact with Suzie.

    We learn that Max was a friend of Suzie’s while they attended Pilgrim. To deal with the pressure of her other life, Suzie would tell Max about Torchwood and then retcon him and then tell him again. If that isn’t suspect, then what is? Either that or Suzie really was lonely/slightly self-obsessed?

    Indira Varma definitely deserves some kind of an award for her role in this series because hey, while I didn’t hate her as Niobe in Rome, Torchwood has definitely shown her versatility a lot more as there are moment when you do find yourself sympathising with Suzie in spite of yourself. Her baiting Gwen about the latter’s role in Torchwood and Owen showed a darker motive and spinning a line about her father having cancer. A part of me thought bull**** when she said that but I can see how it would work enough for Gwen to break protocol and spring Suzie out of there for a road trip. Plus Jack wasn’t especially helpful with his attitude towards Suzie when talking to her.

    Proving that Suzie is far from dense in any real way, her little Trojan Horse Max starts reciting Emily Dickenson in a pretty creepy manner and soon enough the hub goes into complete lockdown much to Jack’s total annoyance. Even former staff can dupe you more than once. Owen was right for seeing the pros in Suzie’s dastardly plans. The girl deserves some kind of medal. Having some random bloke commit enough and arouse enough trouble that your former colleagues would have no choice but to bring you back is a stroke of genius. But you do wonder why? Being alive is great but Suzie is more or less a fugitive now so that’s not so great.

    It’s also good that some employees are really resourceful in a crisis and thankfully for the team, Ianto is able to make a connection with the water tower for Jack to call Detective Swanson for help. For a detective sick of Torchwood’s constant interference, it’s a pretty sweet moment for Cathy when she get Jack to admit to her whole force that they’re stuck in their own office but jokes aside, she does actually help them by reading the ISB number of the Emily Dickenson book (Toshiko’s idea), which successfully breaks the lockdown. After that, Cathy Swanson needs to return again. It’s great that she dislikes Torchwood but will help them when it’s important.

    Meanwhile in the most interesting road trip between two women since Thelma and Louise, Suzie really gets to lay her feelings on Gwen when upon being asked about there being an after life; Suzie makes a point of noting that when you die, nothing more or less happens to you. There’s darkness, even aliens clinging to Earth out of instinct but not necessarily an afterlife and as someone who isn’t deeply religious, I wouldn’t dismiss Suzie’s claim either. It’s here where you see the real sinister side to Suzie as Gwen begins to show some physical changes but it’s upon arriving at the hospital, when Suzie kills her father that the consequences of her resurrection are brought to light.

    It seems people don’t come back for free. In order for one person to live, the person who brought them back has to die and sadly for Gwen, that means the same way as Suzie did when she starts feeling a bullet being lodged in her head and although not the easiest thing to act out, Eve Myles sells it brilliantly. You’d be pretty heartless to not feel for Gwen here, although Suzie’s slight bit of compassion for Gwen is far less than the satisfaction of being alive again. Having to come back to kill a man you hate must be satisfying but Suzie knows she can’t stay in Cardiff and takes Gwen hostage to get away from Jack as fast as she can, though calling him on the phone and baiting him about her mortality and being replaced by Gwen was sloppy for a woman who seems pretty damn smart.

    Her desperation to live is quite staggering and the lengths she took see her going from desperate to downright evil as she leaves Gwen behind on Hedley Quay and tries to catch a boat while Jack gets all gun happy and shoots her a good few times. Being smug does suit Suzie as bullets prove useless this time to her but it isn’t long before Jack figures out that by destroying the glove, Suzie will die and Gwen will live, so the ever likeable duo of Toshiko and Ianto attend to that matter in hand.

    Destroying the glove is great but if you’re going to exit a character again, you need to make it more memorable than before and Suzie’s dire warning of there being something in the dark coming after Captain Jack Harkness more than fills that quota. One good exit for Indira Varma was lucky, two however is amazing.

    However just because Suzie met her maker yet again, it doesn’t have to mean she can’t come back in other ways or even be the thing that’s after Jack in upcoming episodes. Ianto also throws in a good pointer about gloves coming in pairs which means another one could exist but whether or not another glove would do the opposite of the first is unclear.

    Besides Suzie, Ianto was another strong point of this episode. Whether it was coming up with names for the glove and the knife, getting a phone to work or bringing the sexy to a stopwatch, the wonderful homoerotic moment between him and Jack was quite a delight to behold. You do wonder whether or now if him and Jack are really at it (I think most of us would like that) or whether or not he’s out to get even for Lisa (let’s not go there please) but either way, they should get Jack and Ianto to end every episode together.

    Also in “They Keep Killing Suzie”

    There was actually a “Previously On” in this episode, although it mostly contained clips of “Everything Changes”.

    Captain Jack: “You’d rather see me naked?”

    Detective Swanson: “God help me, the stories are true”.

    Gwen: “I’ve taken retcon”

    Captain Jack: “Then better stay away from sharp objects”.

    Victims: Alex Arwyn, 28, Estate Agent, Mark Briscoe, 33, Surveyor and Sarah Briscoe, 33, Education. Does Suzie have a thing about the number three?

    Owen: “Give Ianto a stopwatch and he’s happy”

    Ianto: “It’s the button on the top”.

    Ianto came up with “The Risen Mitten” (resurrection glove) and “Life Knife” (Suzie’s weapon of choice). Anyway you slice it, it’s better than Toshiko’s “Resurrection Gauntlet”.

    Gwen: “What if I leave my stuff to Rhys?”

    Captain Jack: “Then we’ll stash him too”

    Toshiko (re Suzie): “She’s good at everything”

    Owen: “She’s good at murder too”.

    Why doesn’t Jack just bury former employees instead of storing them in reefers? Why does Torchwood want every single possession of their former employees as well?

    Gwen (re Suzie): “Empathy even if she did try to kill me”

    Captain Jack: “You and me both”.

    New things we’ve learned included 2008 people being retconned by Torchwood and Suzie sleeping with Owen during her conversation with Gwen.

    Suzie: “Can’t you just let me go?”

    Captain Jack: “You don’t get off that easy”.

    Suzie (re Torchwood): “Best job I ever had”

    Gwen: “Me too”

    Suzie: “And the worst”

    Gwen: “Oh yeah”.

    Did you notice that Torchwood label their boxes where Suzie’s personal belongings were being kept? Plus they never removed the bullet from Suzie’s head.

    Suzie (re Captain Jack): “So he can survive being shot in the head?”

    Gwen: “Yeah”.

    Gwen: “But if there’s nothing, what is the point?”

    Suzie: “This is. Driving through the dark at night”.

    Suzie made a point of dismissing Gwen’s idea of heaven before the writers threw in an indication that she was privy about the rift or something coming.

    Captain Jack: “Read out the whole book”

    Swanson: “This is going to be a long night”.

    Swanson was played by Yasmin Bannerman from Doctor Who’s “The End Of The World”. I really want to see more of her character.

    Captain Jack: “Why are you doing this?”

    Suzie: “Because life is all. You of all people should know that. I’d do anything to stay. Anything”!

    Chronology: Three months since “Everything Changes”.

    Suzie (re Gwen): “Can’t you see just the smallest bit of her?”

    Captain Jack: “Not one bit”.

    Does Ianto actually live in Torchwood with Jack? Eight episodes we haven’t seen his digs so I’m assuming that he does.

    Ianto: “Lot of things you can do with a stopwatch”

    Captain Jack: “I can think of a few things”.

    Ianto (to Captain Jack): “That’s the thing about gloves, sir. They come in pairs”.

    Standout music: This was the first episode in which we got interesting music but ultimately Lamb’s “Gorecki” was the most harrowing.

    Easily the best episode of the season “They Keep Killing Suzie”, had darkness, suspense, sheer brilliance, fantastic performances from Indira Varma, John Barrowman, Eve Myles and even Gareth David Lloyd, delightful Ho Yay, sublime twists and more powerful foreshadowing for the final five episodes. We’re past the initial clunk and Torchwood is now a serious player. Damaging ratings for Lost on Sky One also proves that.moreless
  • A very good episode but not one of my favourites.

    This is new though perhaps not for Torchwood – interrogating a zombie. Suzie is just as obnoxious as she was the first time around. Brilliant and manipulative – setting up a failsafe to resurrect herself if she died. That's impressive.

    That is so embarrassing! Having to call the police to rescue them. Gathering the entire office around to listen, I would have laughed too. After this, the team will have to be nicer to the cops.

    Owen seems to be the Torchwood bicycle – he slept with Suzie too?!

    "God help me, the stories are true…" Captain Casanova Harkness, he really does flirt with anything that moves.moreless
  • it doesnt get much better than this standard.

    this episode really shows up the creative teams method of storytelling,here we see all of the torchwood team,actually work together and focus on a main plot at hand rather than having an episode plainly focused one one character(not tht that is a bad thing,i love those episodes)but when it comes to a whole team working together it makes an episode of thai exemplory stanard extra special.

    it is never dull and threatens to be too OTT on a few occaisons but it remains simple and all in all verry breathtaking.

    this is what makes an episode a highlight of the show.

    so all in all it is spectacular viewing and one of the best epoisodes the writers have ever done.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • The amnesia pill is called "Retcon". This term is also short for "retroactive continuity", which is the practice of deliberately changing previously established facts in a work of serial fiction.

    • Suzie is one of three characters of Torchwood to have died and then been brought back, Jack and Owen being the other two.

    • The ISBN quoted in the show does not match the book shown on screen. ISBN 0-19-860-0585 refers to the "Oxford Dictionary of Quotations". The edition of the Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson shown has the ISBN 0-571-108-644.

    • Time discrepancy: When Toshiko identifies their destination as Hedley Point, it's pitch-black outside. Moments later, Owen says they have "minutes", and it's a little light out, but the sun is still well below the horizon. When they arrive at the docks, it's bright day out, and judging from Gwen and Suzie's shadows, it's several hours after sunrise.

    • After Jack pulls the glove out of storage, just after he says "...it lay at the bottom of the bay till we dredged it up," there is a bug or piece of dirt on the camera lens. You can spot it easily near the top of Jack's shirt as he moves.

    • The song used in the final scene is "Gorecki" by Lamb.
      The song on the radio when Gwen and Suzie are in the car is "Soleil, Soleil" by Nana Mouskouri.
      The song playing in the Wolf Club when Jack, Owen and Gwen are looking for Luci is "Red Is The New Black" by Funeral for a Friend.

    • When Gwen first attempts to use the Resurrection Gauntlet on Suzie, there are flashbacks to "Everything Changes" (where Suzie shoots Jack and then kills herself).

  • QUOTES (26)

    • Suzie: It's my fault, isn't it? It never bloody stops being my fault. Can't you just let me die?
      Jack: You don't get off that easy.

    • Detective Swanson: Are you always this dressy, for a murder investigation?
      Captain Jack: What, would you rather me naked?
      Detective Swanson: God help me; the stories are true.

    • Owen: You got your stopwatch?
      Ianto: Always.

    • Tosh: When Suzie left Torchwood, she was on the run. She wiped her records, I couldn't retrieve the files. Suzie was good at computers. Suzie was good at everything.
      Owen: She was good at murder, too. It was a laugh a minute with Suzie.

    • Jack: That one's for Ianto. Risen Mitten, Life Knife, and that old classic, Stun Gun.

    • (After Gwen has used the glove for the first time)
      Ianto: Amazing. She's a natural. 24 seconds.
      Owen: Give Ianto a stopwatch and he's happy.
      Ianto: It's the button on the top. (Grins)

    • (As Jack pulls out the glove)
      Owen: You know, we never gave it a cool name.
      Toshiko: I thought we called it the "resurrection gauntlet"?
      Owen: Cool name.
      Ianto: What about "the risen mitten"?
      (Everyone looks at him)
      Ianto: I thought it was catchy.

    • Gwen: Have I got this right? When I die, you get to keep all of my possessions? My whole life's gonna get stashed in a locker?
      Jack: Rules and regulations.
      Gwen: What if I leave all my stuff to Rhys?
      Jack: We'll stash him away too.

    • Captain Jack: The resurrection days are over, thank God.
      Ianto: Oh, I wouldn't be too sure. That's the thing about gloves, sir. They come in pairs.

    • Ianto: (As he deals with Suzie's body) What do you want me to say on the death certificate?
      Captain Jack: Good question.
      Ianto: She had quite a few deaths in the end.
      Captain Jack: I don't know. "Death by Torchwood".

    • Suzie: (To Jack) Captain, my Captain. Do you want to know a secret? There's something moving in the dark and it's coming, Jack Harkness, it's coming for you.

    • Captain Jack: If she's dead, then I'm going to kill you, Suzie Costello. I promise. I'm going to kill you for the last and final time.
      Suzie: But would you, when there's a part of her that's now me? Could you really do that, if I'm the only thing left of her?
      Captain Jack: Why are you doing this?
      Suzie: Because life is all, Jack. You should know! I'd do anything to stay. Anything.

    • Gwen: When you're dead, I mean, when you die, what happens?
      Suzie: What do you want me to say?
      Gwen: The truth.
      Suzie: Really?
      Gwen: Tell me.
      Suzie: Are you religious or…?
      Gwen: Just sort of in passing, you know?
      Suzie: Do you believe in Heaven?
      Gwen: I don't know.
      Suzie: Yes, you do. What do you believe?
      Gwen: It's stupid, but I always sort of think, like, you know, white light and all that. And I think of my gran, like she'd be there, waiting for me. The smell of carbolic.
      Suzie: Your faith never left primary school.
      Gwen: So what's up then?
      Suzie: Nothing. Just nothing.
      Gwen: (After some hesitation) But if there's nothing, what's the point of it all?
      Suzie: This is. Driving through the dark. All this stupid, tiny stuff. We're just animals howling in the night, 'cause it's better than silence. I used to think about Torchwood. All those aliens coming to Earth? What the hell for? But it's just instinct. They come here 'cause there's life, that's all. Moths around a flame, creatures clinging together in the cold.
      Gwen: So when you die, it's just...
      Suzie: Darkness.
      Gwen: And you're all alone? There's no one else?
      Suzie: I didn't say that.
      Gwen: What do you mean?
      Suzie: Why do you think I'm so desperate to come back? There's something out there in the dark. And it's moving.

    • Suzie: That night, my last night on Earth - so I thought - before I shot myself, I shot Jack right through the head. I killed him, stone dead. And then he just stood up and lived. Am I right? Did that happen? Gwen?
      Gwen: Yes, it did.
      Suzie: So he can survive a bullet through the head?
      Gwen: Yes.
      Suzie: How?
      Gwen: I don't know. He won't explain it properly. He said something happened to him a while back. He said, he said he can't die. Not ever.
      Suzie: And he makes judgements about whether I'm allowed to live. It's all very easy for Captain Jack, isn't it?

    • (Gwen storms into Captain Jack's office)
      Captain Jack: I had a boyfriend who used to walk into rooms like that. The grand entrance. Got kind of boring. Though he was one of twins, so I put up with it. Twin acrobats. Man, I gotta write that book. Maybe even illustrate it. I can talk for a long time, a very long time…
      Gwen: Takes me a while to piece things together.
      Captain Jack: Meaning?
      Gwen: Suzie had the glove. You put her in charge of it. But tell me, Jack, did you ever ask about her father?
      Captain Jack: How do you mean?
      Gwen: He's got cancer. He's been dying slowly now, for years. And what do you do? You give his daughter the one device that brings people back to life. Is it any wonder she got obsessed?
      Captain Jack: Oh, so this is all my fault?
      Gwen: Well, isn't it? Did you ever stop and think? Did you ever look at Suzie? Did you ever think what that glove would do to her? Did you?

    • Suzie: So tell me, since I've been gone, you enjoying it?
      Gwen: Yeah. Well, you know this place, it's sort of… it's mad, isn't it?
      Suzie: Insane.
      Gwen: Bloody nuts.
      Suzie: Best job I ever had.
      Gwen: Me too.
      Suzie: And the worst.
      Gwen: Yeah, tell me about it.
      Suzie: Funny thing is, you always imagine when you're dead, "they're going to miss me at work", "indispensable". But look what happened. I got replaced. By someone better.

    • Suzie: You can't even look at me, can you? It's not like you to be so judgemental.
      Toshiko: It's not like you to go on a murder spree. (Pauses) Alright, so it drives us mad, this job. God knows I've done some stupid stuff. But now I've got to keep on working every day in a job that's got a bit less honour, because of you.

    • Gwen: (On entering the Wolf Bar) Bloody hell, like I didn't have a banging headache already
      Suzie: (Via intercom) That's the glove, Gwen. It gets inside your mind.
      Gwen: Yeah, alright, Suzie, stop creeping me out.

    • Owen: The amnesia pills. How many did you give him?
      Suzie: One a week, every week. For two years.
      Owen: Christ, no wonder.
      Captain Jack: What the hell did you do that for?
      Suzie: I wanted someone to talk to. About this place. It was driving me mad. He was just… he listened, that was all. He just listened. Every week, as soon as I'd finish talking, I'd give him the pill.
      Captain Jack: You overdosed him.
      Suzie: I didn't know that. Keep getting it wrong, don't I? Is that why you brought me back? Did you think I wasn't guilty enough?

    • Toshiko: (As they go through Suzie's belongings) That's all we are in the end. A pile of boxes.

    • Owen: It wouldn't be our Suzie. She wouldn't go to that support group bollocks.
      Gwen: How do you know? I mean, were you friends? Any of you? Who was her best friend in this place?
      Owen: She sort of, kept herself to herself.
      Gwen: Well, then, if she needed to talk, maybe that's exactly where she'd go. A group of complete strangers.

    • Captain Jack: (About the Resurrection Gauntlet) It fell through the Rift about forty years ago, lay at the bottom of the Bay till we dredged it up. I always figured this wasn't just lost. Whoever made it wanted rid of it.

    • Captain Jack: Ianto, how many people have we given amnesia pills to?
      Ianto: Two thousand and eight.
      Owen: Hey, what if they all become psychotic?
      Tosh: Do you have to sound so happy?

    • Owen: Still, at least we've got a head start. If it's someone we've pissed off, that narrows it down to, oh, four or five million.
      Captain Jack: And that's just the humans.

    • Detective Swanson: It was only a matter of time.
      Captain Jack: What was?
      Detective Swanson: Torchwood walks all over this city like you own it. Now these people are paying the price. Ordinary people, ripped apart, with your name written in their own blood. From where I'm standing, you did this, Captain Jack Harkness. You did it.

    • Detective Swanson: Looks like somebody wants your attention.
      (Jack looks above the bed; Torchwood is written on it in blood)
      Captain Jack: They've got it.

  • NOTES (3)

    • International air dates:
      Australia: August 7, 2007
      Israel: July 1, 2007
      Mexico: August 27, 2007
      Sweden: August 5, 2007
      United States: October 27, 2007
      Canada: November 23, 2007
      New Zealand: August 27, 2008
      Germany: April 29, 2009

    • Yasmin Bannerman also appeared in the Doctor Who episode "The End of the World", as Jabe.

    • An alternate title for this episode was "They Keep Killing...", to conceal the fact Suzie would be returning.


    • Owen: Yeah, I'm just saying, Mean Streets!
      Mean Streets is a 1973 film by Martin Scorsese staring Harvey Keitel and Robert De Niro portraying the murder and mayhem on the streets of Little Italy in New York City.

    • The Briscoes, the couple murdered at the start of the episode, may be a possible reference to the character of Briscoe in The Quatermass Experiment , the 2005 remake of which featured Indira Varma as Judith Carroon and Doctor Who's David Tennant as Briscoe.

    • When Suzie is lying on the ferry landing after being shot by Jack multiple times she begins her statement about something coming for him with "Captain! My Captain", which is a truncated version of the opening line of Walt Whitman's poem of the same name. He wrote it in response to his grief over the assassination of a man he adored and admired, President Abraham Lincoln.

    • The title "They Keep Killing Suzie" may be a reference to an episode of the TV series The Avengers entitled "They Keep Killing Steed".

    • The poetry of Emily Dickinson features heavily in this episode. Dickinson (1830-86) was an American poet, born in Amherst, Massachusetts, where she lived her entire life. She was a prolific writer with over one thousand seven hundred poems written, although only ten were published in her lifetime. She lived a very quiet and sequestered life, and many of her poems feature themes of loneliness and mortality. The vast majorities of her poems were not titled and are instead known by numbers, which were first attributed to them by the editor Thomas H. Johnson in 1955. Poem 712, which begins "because I could not stop for Death", is Max's trigger to start the lockdown. They also try using poem 67, which begins "success is counted sweetest", to try and break the lockdown.