Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood

Tuesday 10:00 PM on Oxygen Premiered Mar 20, 2007 In Season





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  • Surprising...Great

    I didn't think I would like this, but OMG, I am hooked. I hope it comes back for a 4th season. We've watched Liam and don't want to misss little Doreen. For all you hear in the rag-mags, I found Tori and Dean to be more "normal" than expected. Dean seems down-to-earth and keeps Tori grounded. What a cute little family. I hope we are still watching Dean, Tori, Liam and Doreen for years to come. Oh, and can't forget would be awful dull with her antics. She keeps me in stitches. I find myself laughing my butt off everytime she is on.

    Rest in peace Mimi LaRue.
  • I am not much on reality shows, but this one, for some reason, captured my attention and kept it. Maybe it is because I was a big 90210 fan. Who knows.

    I think that for being a spoiled brat growing up, Tori is pretty grounded. She is so cute. I don't know why people are always criticizing her looks. And while I don't in any way condone breaking up a marriage, Tori and Dean work together. I think they were meant to be. Sorry Charlie. She is the kind of girl who other girls want to be friends with. Hell, if I was in LA, we would definitely be hanging out. She is funny and charming. She is also a sweetheart when you can tell inside she really wants to be a **** especially to the paparazzi. I like Tori.
  • Shows Tori Spelling in a positive light.

    Tori & Dean shows Tori Spelling in a positive light. I love watching this show everytime it's on. Her life with her Husband, Dean is actually very humorous. Tori Spelling is extremeley funny as she battles real-person issues like eviction and planning her son's first birthday party. And my personal favorite... suspecting that Dean's 21 year old hot shot scuba diving woman instructor has the hots for him. I have to admit, this show looks stupid but when I gave it a chance I fell in love with it. The directing is more like a documentary more so than a reality show. This is a really good show.
  • Tori Spelling along with hubby, Dean, run a B&B and try to get their careers on track.

    I wasn't sure if I'd like this show. After loving "So NoTORIous" I decided to give it a try. I'm glad I did. Spelling is charming and funny; Dean is down to earth and real. Dealing with their B&B venture is a fun watch. Guests drool over Spelling; nudists come to town, "furries" frolick in the lawn. Dean goes off to auditions for voice-overs and Tori does sales on QVC and eats Nutri-system. Watching this couple try to find themselves is touching. They even try to get a french fry enterprise off the ground only to have it shut down by the fire marshalls. The finale of season two left them up in the air with the future. Hopefully, we'll be included in the journey!
  • Ugh, Tori's back!

    When I saw this show talked about on E! I thought it was a joke.

    Unfortunately, its not. I stumbled across the 2nd episode where Tori and this Dean character are looking for a house. She is as irritating as she was on her last so-called reality show. Only now she is bloated and pregnant. Isnt that special ....

    I mean seriously, why do they keep putting this crap on TV? Hasnt the viewing public suffered enough with the likes of "Armed and Famous", "Flavor of Love, "I Love New York", Andrew Dice Clays show, "Shooting Sizemore" and dozens of other such shows based on has-beens and 3rd rate celebrities? They better never compile a sampler DVD with all of these shows on it because the result might open up a black hole sucking the entire Earth into it. Please cable suits --- Stop the madness!!! Save the Earth! PLEASE!!!
  • Tori is adorable - who knew? I hadn't seen her, not since 90210 anyways. And I love this show! It's just too entertaining, in a delicious, mind-numbingly, decadent way.

    Okay. So, at first, I was against the whole idea of this show, considering its evolution - "gee, daddy, you've decided to leave us and start a new family with Tori Spelling?!" I think it is a cruel twist of fate, that somewhere, Dean McDermott's child (children?) will be watching this, knowing that he left their family for a new one - and hey, it's all chronicled on national TV! All that aside, I decided to watch since I was so curious about Tori. And I was delighted I did, because the first show just cracked me up! Tori's face when Dean called her Chanel jackets, "old lady-like" - PRICELESS. I find her to be very funny and refreshingly real. I guess I never saw that side of her when she was "'acting" on 90210. So, even though this show is likely going to be hurtful to some (sorry, Dean's previous family), I look forward to more episodes!!!
  • Surprised ME!!

    I was surprise by how much I enjoyed watching the show. I just thought without really watching it was going to a show full of airs and a light-headed blond, but I actually enjoy Tori's personality and her ways entirely. I was not a fan of 90210 at all because I could not relate whatsoever. They all seem like a bunch of light-headed people to me. I remember Tori being the nice I think, but I'm not sure. But as for the show her and her husband are thoroughly entertaining to watch and watching Tori go through her pregnancy is an added bonus. It's still not in my top 10, but I wouldn't put it at the bottom of the barrel either, which is either watching it just because nothing else is on or just not watching it at all. (i.e. I Love New York). It's a good show, tune in for at least one episode before passing judgment on it.
  • I love this show because it makes me feel like I'm at home.They have a beautiful Bed in breakfast.Its good that they are changing there life.They not going to be in hollywood no more.She sold her personal item.Which was good because she had to much.good s

    I would like to think Tori Spelling for all the laughs in cry.She made my life feel complete.I admire her a lot.I wish her in her new family all the joy and good lucky in the world.My heart goes out to her for the lost of her late father Aron Spelling.Every time she look at her baby she is going to see her dad.I'm glad her in her mom are on speaking terms.Tori your mother love you with all of her heart.She only trying to protect her little angel.That what happen with mother and daughter they make up.