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Toriko is a 2011 Japanese animation series adapted from the manga comic of the same name. In this fantasy world, there are two main opposing forces: hungry humans and the mouth-watering, yet treacherous food that they will use any means to get. Toriko is a famed Gourmet Hunter whose ultimate fantasy is to capture the rarest foods in the world to create the best full-course meal. Accompanied by his friend Komatsu, a cowardly chef, various restaurants and wealthy businessmen pay Toriko great amounts of money to hunt down specific ingredients for dishes. He uses his superhuman strength, vast knowledge, and fine-tuned hunting skills to help him in every formidable task. Whether it is getting the precious Rainbow Fruit from its Troll Kong guards, spearing an enormous Puffer Whale, or battling against the feared Devil Snake, Toriko is always ready to meet the challenge of providing the world with a tasty meal!

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  • Great show

    Action packed I got into the series by watching a one piece special with toriko debuting there. After watching the show i was hooked. The way the plot is intricately laid out drags you into watching more of the show. Its very well written the way they show different types of food with such awesome descriptions is a very nice touch by the author. The fights and story line so far are very well done I consider this a classic.moreless
  • Big eating, hard fighting

    This is the anime I expected nothing from it. It was good idea by the creators to start the series with cross-over with One Piece (which I'm a big fan of) . This is how I get to know with this quite decent action-food :) anime. And it is good that I did not expected anything from it because most likely I would have been disapointed.

    Whole idea of the series is basad on play on the words connected to food - they mix two words that soud simmilar and thus we get an ingerdient (as they call it) which is excelent at taste. And so we receive crabs that taste like pudding or first rate spagetti groving like grass. It is hard to describe it but frankly speaking I will not even try it do it properly because whole idea is just plain stupid. So you will most likely ask why did I call this anime "quite decent"? There are 2 reasons: title character is very charismatic person so you just want to watch his new adventures and action (mostly figting: between gourment hunters amongst themselves - it how they call persons who risks their life to hunt for ingredients or between gourment hunters and ... ingredients. Ingredients can be pretty dangerous in Toriko's world) in the series is prety intensif and satisfying.moreless

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