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  • Daniel Tosh Makes A Legacy

    Comedy Central is trying to make the best show they can. And Tosh provides with amazing humor, funny skits, and a even funnier host. They find good clips and the funniest and craziest people out there. I would forever choose this show over Ridiculousness. Tosh.0 will forever be one of the greatest shows Comedy Central has produced.
  • Was good but now isn't even worth watching anymore!

    I actually liked this back between 2009-2013 when it was still fresh, edgy, and funny but now it's not really that funny anymore! I guess times have really changed. Just watch @Midnight instead, it's better than Tosh.0 and Chris Hardwick is funner than Danial Tosh.
  • Daniel Tosh is not a great comedian.

    His jokes are not funny. I enjoy certain comedians that are raunchy. I like George Carlin because he can say stupid things but makes you think. This man has nothing of importance to say, he just wants to be edgy.
  • Hot damn - one of my favorite shows

    So I thought I rated this a long time ago.... I've seen a bunch of web commentary shows, they all pretty much bored me to death with get hit somewhere in the body. With Daniel's style, he shows those gory vids for dang, I think I have high empathy cause I literally feel some physical pain . There are bits of familiarity like random outros, 20 seconds of observations improv, then there's those good doses of ooooh, oh no, oh shit, hot damn, the unexpected, unafraid, the sheer unapologetic approach of going there with taboo subjects. Even the reruns are great to see.

    First 4 seasons (2011-2015) Comedy Central, Online video site
  • Not worth being a Tosh.0 Audience member

    So Tosh left us immediately after it ended and me and my husband were highly disappointed. we drove 2 hours to come to the show and we came 7 hours early just in case. we didnt even get shown in the audience (the audience is an old one from probably the first season) and we got no real interaction. hes a funny guy but i felt it was a waste of my time. nothing overly memorable.
  • Chicken Fries are Back

    I just heard that Burger King is bringing back chicken fries and while I don't really give a shit, it reminded me of your painfully hilarious web redemption with that guy.

    I know you like to make fun of Alabama so i'm gonna give you a good lead on this. There is a guy named Michael schuette on FaceBook that ranted about Veterans. If you take the time and watch his rant on a local news station and a local radio station I think you could do some good work with it. love the show :)
  • and sexism

    Tosh do you think it's really funny or something to make fun of about girls getting harassed walking down the street in new York. Let's say you couldn't walk down a street in new York with put someone putting they're hardness up ur ass. Bc is happened many times and u making fun of it just makes it seem okay.
  • cringe worthy show

    the jokes are too lame and stupid, how can this show even survived till 2014??
  • Suprised it has lasted this long.

    Really, I am.

    When Ray William Johnson stopped doing his Equals Three web series to go on to more demanding projects, I thought for sure Tosh would close up shop since he steals most of his material from people like RWJ, even going so far as to plagiarize web shows word for word.

    Tosh.0 isn't a bad show, but its a watered down copy of a half dozen other web shows that you can watch, I prefer the original comedians instead of the copy.
  • Not Funny

    I don't see the humor in this show at all. I watched one of the episodes without cracking even a smile.
  • Are we watching the same show?

    Better than south park? Did you just have a stroke? Tosh.0 is a stupid title for a stupid show. The soup is better than this. The presenter isn't some weird, cloying skin puppet. This Tosh fella has terrible timing, he's not likable and the jokes, some of which don't even make sense, are shockingly bad. He's supposed to be a comedian right? So that's one comedian and a group of writers that have worked together to create a piece of shit that should never have gotten onto the air. If you disagree then you are probably dumb.

    PS: I've read some of these other reviews and I'm pretty sure it's Tosh himself trying to get some good publicity. Or it's a bunch of dumb shits.........
  • Tosh steals the format, and builds an empire with it.

    With South Park's time winding down, Comedy Central needs a new show to take the reigns. Tosh.0 is that show and more.

    Yes he stole the format (like 50 other failed shows) from The Soup, but Tosh arguably has perfected this format. Not only do you love watching the show, but Tosh knows what he's doing. He gets in depth with people from famous video and shows that they're more than a punchline. Watch this show.
  • Really funny show

    Tosh.0 is a extremely hilarious clip show, which features comedian Daniel Tosh. He usually starts off the show by playing 5-7 internet videos, followed by a "Web Redemption" which features a famous person from an internet video.

    Tosh.0 has some really funny moments and can be disgusting and awkward. Like in the show, several people (Daniel mostly) are completely naked. Other than that, I love the show.

  • Tv clip about LP's

    There was a LP that made a comment about planes crashing into the 2 girls that were put into LP prison. I think that was uncalled for and extreamly tacky! Nothing about 9/11 is, was or ever will be funny! Whoever wrote that line is fucked up and has no reguard for losing a loved one...........
  • tampon girl...

    hey i saw this video and i thought wooww daniel needs to watch this and put this nasty as chick on blast is why girls have bad ratingss this video is under ( girl sucks her own tampon) the correct one is 5mins and 9seconds long... this video is gonna make you throw up which i think thats the reaction everybody would like too see .... thanks zamora kassandra
  • Unwatchable

    Personally I find it amazing how people can watch this show, even if I set aside the fact that he thinks portraying himself as an arrogant *** is a concept for good comedy.

    Daniel Tosh's jokes are awful, and the content he shows is often so discusting it's unwatchable. He seems to have a thing for showing video's of naked men, which isn't my preference either.

    What bothers me most of all is that I can chose not to watch his show, but I still have to look at his "I am the man" attutide during the commercials, which is enough for me to switch channels right away.
  • hero tosh

    Most people don't know this about Daniel Tosh , that he was a hero to young boys everywhere .one day he was walking down a dark alley with his ass less chaps and he saw a man with a priest outfit groping a group of young boys . Daniel got angry and chased the man away . To this day Ms Tosh stays in touch with those boys but he puts on a nun outfit .

    i hope you see this *** face yolo
  • TOSH.0

    this show is so easy to obtain a liking to and as soon as you see atleast one episode, or atleast two, it will grab your attention forever and you wiill become instantly hooked. some of the videos are hilarious in a manner that is clean and wholesome while others are hilarious in a manner that is gross and inappropriate and can be really explicit and vulgar (parents don't like it but they need to realize that it's still FUNNY) which i thought was the perfect way to maintain balance and combination regardless, it's always entertaining to watch what the internet has to offer. this show makes the wackiest jokes out of society and looks for ways to make fun of things whenever it can. and the big part of the show are the web redemptions, which are interviews with a person in which something happened to in an online video. every time this show comes on i get a kick out of it and enjoy watching every moment of it and then i get disappointed when it ends. it's a classic and is one of those big things on television to talk about with your friends at school. i recommend this to all teengers this show matches and suits that audience's personality in every way possible, knowing that they can be quite crazy. this is exactly the kind of thing they will like. i'm impressed with comedy central on this one and would like to see another five to six seasons so please, try not to cancel this any time soon. LETS GO TOSH!
  • I love you Daniel

    I wanna bear your children, i wanna make love to you all night untill your numb or pass out, will you go on a date with me? I'm legal! im 19 years old....message me n ill give u my number... xoxo ~Kendra :)
  • Tosh.0 is genius!

    While this show is highly offending, racist, ect, this show is still a blast to watch. The show stars Daniel Tosh, a comedian that reviews funny viral web videos. His commentary is hilarious, and he's not afraid to get out their and get on people's nerves. That's what I like about this show! This guy isn't afraid to take risks, and the show results in a hilarious show filled with hysterical 1-liner jokes throughout. Another highlight for this show is web redemption. He'll take the person from one of the web videos, and interview them. It's pretty funny with some of the interviews he does.

    Overall great show.
  • hilarious

    Welcome to Tosh.O, where Daniel Tosh shows various videos on the internet, and gives his own opinions of them. He also gives "Web Redemptions" to specific people in some videos, and sometimes plays a game of "Is it Racist?"

    This show is pretty hilarious. A lot of people at my school watch it and I figured I might as well give it a watch. Now that I have I'll probably watch a lot more. It's pretty funny. No real complaints, I hope this show lasts for a long time. It's truly funny. If you've never seen it I definitely recommend it. Final grade for this show is going to be of course, an A+
  • Daniel Tosh seriously knows how to make people laugh so hard

    This is like the only show that I love that involves someone making fun of the video clips on the internet. The other shows that my brother shows me are okay but this show is like seriously hilarious. I laugh so hard watching this show and my brother laughs hard watching this show as well. Also, this is a show that me and my best friends love to watch because it's so hilarious. Daniel Tosh knows how to make people laugh so hard and I believe that's why he has his own show. This show is just basically about host Daniel Tosh that shows the viewers such as us video clips that most of us may or may not have seen on the internet and then Daniel Tosh would make jokes about the video clips that he shows us. Some of his jokes are messed up but they are so hilarious. I was always get entertained watching the video clips that are on this show and the jokes that Daniel Tosh makes about them. If you want to watch a show that will make you laugh so hard then you need to watch "Tosh.0" because Daniel Tosh seriously knows how to make people laugh hard... I recommend this show. Overall, "Tosh.0" is hilarious and I hope alot of people give this show a chance. 10/10
  • Funny stuff! Great presence on camera.

    Some of the best laughs on television! Daniel Tosh manages to make you feel as if you are in on the humorous slant that he places on his comedic choices of the week.
    My biggest complaint is that there are only a few episodes and then he is gone again for what seems to be forever! He seems to be just a naturally funny guy who will go almost anywhere for a joke and it works. It's definitely made for Cable television...I can't see his scatological, gay-bent humor on at 8:00 p.m. on a network channel, but it works here.
  • A mediocre show at best though it can still be funny.

    Comedy Central has been giving shows to stand-up comedians forn a long time and for the most part they've been pretty awful. Tosh.0 does not fail to continue the trend. The difference is that there is actually something to tune back in to weekly and still be entertained. Daniel Tosh is able to let off the occasional witty pun(there's actually a whole segment for these). The videos are also pretty sweet. At least you don't have to browse the internet for them. But at times it'll just be boring but not to often. But some of the "Web Redemptions" are a bit lame and unfunny. Some of the videos he features aren't even that popular("Looking for a girlfriend" only had like 1,000 views on Youtube). Furthermore his web redemptions seem very unimaginative. Anyone here want to wait 1 week and sit through 17 minutes of Tosh.0 just to see some guy block a soccer goal? Didn't think so. So in summary Tosh. 0 is an ok show. It features funny videos and Daniel Tosh is a pretty funny guy. But the web redemptions can be lame and some of the videos as well.

  • Daniel Tosh reviews the worst, bizarre, and funny videos of internet along with comedic rants on celebrities.

    This show is all kinds of awesome. Started watching on and off last summer. I laughed my butt off every episode. I don't think there's any show on right now that has accomplished that for me. Daniel Tosh might not have been well known as a comedian, but he definitely is now.

    This show works for many reasons. In hindsight, it might have been inspired by Youtube, but also shows like America's Funniest Home Videos. That show was funny initially for a couple of years, but the G rating on the show and Bob Saget were eventually gonna outlive it's usefulness.

    Now a show like this which is uncensored with a host that makes no apologies, and is ready to tear apart the dumbest video and person, presents a boatload of opportunities.

    I've laughed in every episode and the Web Redemption is an original concept that works here.

    If Comedy Central is smart, this show will be on for a long time.
  • Daniel Tosh is a great comedian and though i had doubts his show is insanely funny :D

    I should start by saying im a huge comedy central fan. I watch south park religiously when the new episodes are on. I also try to catch the new stand up specials every weekend if i can. Since no one has reviewed this show yet i guess i will be 1st to try and shed some light on it. Daniel Tosh has always been one of my favorite comedians on comedy central and when i heard he would have his own show i instantly thought it would be great. Though the commercials and previews made the show look weak and poorly designed, When you actually watch it.. its unlike anything You have ever seen. He shows us videos of all sort, funny,gross,disturbing, etc etc. And he tends to point out the best and worst of every video while still maintaining his true self, which is an honest, open minded man who isnt afraid to rip on anyone. What i love about daniel tosh, is he speaks his mind. He insults everyone from the people in the videos, to celebrities, and even tosh himself. Another thing ive always liked about Daniel Tosh, was his particular style of comedy. He brings things out into the open and says the things were all thinking but wont say. Often times on this show he will do what is called a Web Redemption in which he invites someone who has become famous(or infamous) on the internet for whatever reason good or bad and they are allowed to voice their opinion and try to redeem themselves. Normally this doesnt go well for the said web-celebrity and ends up making them look worse then before. There are also segments in which he will participate in sketches that directly relate to a video we have just seen. Its hard to really explain how the shows plays out because its unlike other shows on comedy central but for anyone who is a fan of Daniel Tosh or comedy central in general i urge you to give this show a chance. It has really grown on me in the last few weeks and i think its getting better and better.
  • We needed a show like this.

    Tosh.0 is one of the best shows on Comedy Central and it cracks me up almost every second. It is great that they find great and funny videos of weird people online so we don't have to. Daniel Tosh makes the show even better. Everything he says makes everyone laugh, he's a great host and comedian, and he puts the show all together. Other add-ons such as video break down make the show even better. Tosh.0 is a show that many people wanted and now we finally have it. With the hosting of Daniel Tosh and all the funny videos and other things, Tosh.0 is an amazing comedy show.