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  • TOSH.0

    this show is so easy to obtain a liking to and as soon as you see atleast one episode, or atleast two, it will grab your attention forever and you wiill become instantly hooked. some of the videos are hilarious in a manner that is clean and wholesome while others are hilarious in a manner that is gross and inappropriate and can be really explicit and vulgar (parents don't like it but they need to realize that it's still FUNNY) which i thought was the perfect way to maintain balance and combination regardless, it's always entertaining to watch what the internet has to offer. this show makes the wackiest jokes out of society and looks for ways to make fun of things whenever it can. and the big part of the show are the web redemptions, which are interviews with a person in which something happened to in an online video. every time this show comes on i get a kick out of it and enjoy watching every moment of it and then i get disappointed when it ends. it's a classic and is one of those big things on television to talk about with your friends at school. i recommend this to all teengers this show matches and suits that audience's personality in every way possible, knowing that they can be quite crazy. this is exactly the kind of thing they will like. i'm impressed with comedy central on this one and would like to see another five to six seasons so please, try not to cancel this any time soon. LETS GO TOSH!