Tosh.0 - Season 4

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Episode Guide

  • 12/4/12

    The last episode of Season 4 is made up of memorable highlights from the previous 29 episodes, a 'Best Of' if you will. In addition to the video review, Daniel adds a performance of Rube Goldberg Nutcracker.0 and shares his best gifts to give list.

  • 11/27/12

    For the 100th episode of this series, Virgin Trampoline Jumper gets a web redemption with some help from Joe Rogan and Doug Stanhope of The Man Show. Daniel shows a clip of an irate mother and daughter venting and gives newcomer Jerrod Carmichael a chance to show his stuff in his "Less is More" Comedy Corner. Daniel ends the show with a voice-over by the Internet's Bad Lip-Reading.

  • Taxi Dave
    Episode 28

    This week's web redemption is Taxi Dave. Daniel gives a video breakdown to Redneck Bonfire, gives us a tour of, an online community site and hosted the show's first ever Nosh.0 Pre-Thanksgiving Virtual Reality Cyber Snack.

  • Girl Scout Thieves
    Episode 27

    This week's web redemption is Girl Scout Thieves. Daniel plays the first installment of his new segment, Fair and Balanced Insane Voicemails From Comedian Greg Hahn, shows off the Inner Showbiz Bottomless Basketball League, his latest sports-themed creation, and has some fun with a hidden camera, his staff and a plate of fancy dog biscuits.

  • Bryan Adams Kid
    Episode 26

    This week's web redemption is Bryan Adams Kid. Daniel reveals what he'll be wearing for Halloween and shares clips of him in costume cavorting and causing mayhem in Los Angeles' Little Tokyo district. He also shows what happens when the dreaded Yellow PeePee Monster goes on one of his restroom wrecking rampages.

  • Male Cheerleader
    Episode 25

    This week's web redemption is Male Cheerleader. Included in this episode is a discussion of some of Daniel's favorite Doggy Porn, a glimpse of the rare Baggage Claim Dildo and a mother sees proof she somnambulists. Wondering if he sleepwalks too, Daniel films his daily nap and shares the findings and then holds his own town hall Q&A in honor of the elections.

  • Tisha UnArmed
    Episode 24

    This week's ceWEBrity profile goes to Tisha UnArmed. Daniel also introduces his Tosh.o.b. Feminine Funk Fighters, gives a video breakdown to Barf Pie Eating Contestant and presents his first Bros Pose Like Hoes Photos segment.

  • Sweet Brown
    Episode 23

    This week's web redemption is Sweet Brown. Daniel plays a morality video that shows how a niece handles a situation involving her underwear, an uncle and an all-seeing webcam. In response to his Shot.0, Daniel plays viewer clips of fans doing their own shots.

  • Krispy Kreme
    Episode 22

    Krispy Kreme, a white rapper from Alabama, is the subject of this week's exclusive web interview. Daniel also shows us his newest drink, The Shot.0 and shares people's reactions as they watch a very gross video.

  • Blackface Kid
    Episode 21

    This week's web redemption is Blackface Kid. Video clips shown include Itty Bitty Bicycle, and Gorilla Eating Poop. Daniel does a parody of HBO Sports in which he shows his staff as they return to work from their summer break.

  • Hurl-a-Whirl
    Episode 20

    It's a major "hurl-a-whirl" when Daniel and company try to stomach the deceptively unsettling Banana Sprite Challenge. The task is simple; eat two bananas and wash them down with a 2-liter chaser of Sprite. Now downing the fruit is easy, but keeping it down? That's the challenge. And to insure this event won't blow chunks (or rather, will blow chunks) the challengers will all be safely strapped in...side of an amusement park ride-one of those crazy spinning types that leave you dizzy and nauseous in the show's first ever WEB Regurgitation. Afterwards, we get to see Daniel's athleticism as he attempts to win the gold by competing in every single Olympic event - but just in 1/1000 of the time - in his first ever 2012 Tosh.0-lympic Games. The show ends with Daniel revealing what he predicts will happen before Fall arrives.

  • S**tty Rock Climber
    Episode 19

    This week's web redemption is S**tty Rock Climber. After the usual parade of clips including one called How To Catch A Kangaroo, Daniel tries to get closer to his female audience with the help of a She Skin and then shares some viewer responses to his new Internet challenges.

  • Army Prankster
    Episode 18

    This week's web redemption is Army Prankster. Daniel shows us his own hidden camera prank show called Junk'd, pokes fun at someone's audition for a movie part and shares some Comic-Con attendee's comments after seeing a sneak peek of BrickleBerry.

  • Kid Juggalo
    Episode 17

    This week's web redemption is for Kid Juggalo. Some of the other clips Daniel shows include Goose Attack, Skater Dookie and Childbirth Is A Pain In The Ass. Daniel also shares some of his ideas for internet challenges and shows some submissions of fans playing Slap, Lick, Fondle.

  • Bubb Rubb
    Episode 16

    This week's web redemption is for internet legend Bubb Rubb. Also included in this episode are Amputee Lesbians, a visit to, and Daniel's new game called Slap, Lick, Fondle.

  • How To Flirt Guy
    Episode 15

    This week's web redemption is How To Flirt Guy. Daniel has another installment of I'm Better Than You, Na-Na Na-Na Boo-Boo, Stick Your Head In Doo-Doo, listens to folk's odd medical problems and premiers a new segment called Tweetment.

  • Spelling Bee Kid
    Episode 14

    This week's web redemption is Spelling Bee Kid. Daniel also experiments with explosives and talks to zombies.

  • 6/12/12

    This week's web redemption is Pepper Spray Neutralizer. Daniel gets shot with a tiny cannon and he makes all-new emoticons.

  • Skateboarding Fail
    Episode 12

    This week's web redemption is Skateboarding Fail with guest star Tony Hawk. Daniel makes a Kick Starter campaign to become a trillionaire and he tells everyone what's wrong with Google.

  • Smell Yo D**k Girl
    Episode 11

    This week's web redemption goes to Aviance and her song, Smell Yo Dick. Daniel announces the new wardrobe is Sick Kicks, gives Stupid College Tradition a video breakdown, pokes fun at an outrageous speaker and gives us a sneak peek of Malloy, a bear cub he voices on his upcoming animated show, BrickleBerry.

  • 4/3/12

    Daniel puts the future of the show in the viewer's hands by starting a campaign to get Tosh.0 canceled and he introduces a new segment called Lightly Touching Women's Stomachs While They're Sitting Down. A video of Youth Jiu Jitsu gets broken down and Daniel has Andrew, a member of his staff, eat and drink disgusting stuff.

  • Cliff Jumper
    Episode 09

    This week's web redemption is Cliff Jumper. Daniel talks to the MPH Couple and displays Hardcore Parkour. Casino Bottle Robbery gets broken down and we see Fat People Doing Athletic Things.

  • 3/20/12

    This week's web rematch is MMA Girl Chokes Out Guy. Daniel critiques some of the places he goes to for lunch in May I Please Speak to a Manager? and launches a Rocket Pop into space. Irate Garbage Man gets broken down and Chelsea Peretti is featured in the show's new segment, The "Less is More" Comedy Corner.

  • Parkour Girl
    Episode 07

    This week's web redemption is Parkour Girl. Daniel shares another million dollar investment opportunity on Shark Tank and shows us how he relieves stress around the office. Tosh messes with Man On Morphine and Aggressive Chiropractor gets a breakdown.

  • Worst Sketch Group
    Episode 06

    This week's web sketchdemption is Worst Sketch Group. Daniel addresses bullying while he does spring cleaning and he gives Boot Camp Mace Gauntlet a breakdown. Other videos include Adorable Strumming Comrades, Grandma Makes Out and Show Jumping Chick; plus Tosh.0 Memorabilia Dump.

  • Bad Breakdancer
    Episode 05

    This week's web redemption is Bad Breakdancer. Tosh.0 celebrates the end of black history month with an educational grand finale. Daniel disproves stereotypes and has a segment of Is It Racist?

  • Mustang Kid
    Episode 04

    This week's web redemption is Mustang Kid. Daniel tells us women over forty he would copulate with, plays a different version of rock paper scissors (rock paper balls), and breaks down a video of Handy In The Park. Other clips include Legless Ninja and we're shown an unusual way to steal in Skirt Snatch.

  • Haboob Wedding
    Episode 03

    This week's web redemption is Haboob Wedding. Daniel shows Skimboard Fail, Flatulence Forever and Celery Chimp, gives Tickled To Sleep a breakdown, introduces us to the Bathmate Penis Pump and has fans write his will in twitten by.

  • How To Draw Guy
    Episode 02

    This week's web redemption is How To Draw Guy. Daniel shows us a fish bong, a teabag mousetrap, and a mash up of football fans at their worst. Wheelchair Crowd Surfing gets a breakdown.

  • 1/31/12

    This week's web redemption is How To Get European Men. Daniel breaks down Bad Karma Car Crash and introduces the show's new host.