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Total Drama Action

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Total Drama Action is a Canadian television animation series that airs in reruns on Cartoon Network in America. It is the second season of the Total Drama animated series whose first season was called Total Drama Island. It premiered in Canada on January 11th, 2009 on the Teletoon Canada channel. The series follows the hi-jinks and adventures of a group of fourteen animated reality TV stars and crew members as they compete in ridiculous games and challenges for the chance to win one million dollars. In this series they are competing from inside of an abandoned film studio, as as such, all their challenges are movie themed. The show was created and produced by Fresh TV. To create interactivity between the show and its young viewers two entirely different endings were animated in which two different characters won the show. Before airing viewers were asked to vote online for who they thought should win and whichever character got the most votes was the one whose ending eventually aired on television.moreless

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  • Awesome

    This is even funnier than Total Drama Island and the challenges are even more ridiculous.
  • Great!

    they did such a good job! the first one was amazing and this one? is great! its a perfect second season. and everything is good about it. this was one of my favorite seasons.
  • What happened?

    With total drama island being so epic, I was really disappointed with this one. It showed little, if any, development since last season. Undoubtedly the worst one in the Total Drama series. The best thing about the show: My favorite character in the whole series won: Duncan
  • I like season 2

    This is a very exciting season. Its like they took the plot of Survivor and instead of putiing them in thier usual island area, they put the cast in an abandonded movie studio. This twist really did well. Also, some characters like Justin and Harold got more development this season. The Aftermath specials feel like they veer off from the show but those are also fun as well. Its slightly more thrilling than season 1.moreless
  • I actually like this as much as TDI

    the character development made this as good as tdi. sure there were those annoying things like episodes when there would be no elimination and it would take away from the drama but i started liking characters i didnt think id like. i feel the way people treat tda is pretty messed up because in tdi of the 22 campers like 10 people spoke all the time then the rest would talk for like 2 seconds and i mean justin spoke in two episodes! also this show had the hilarious aftermath shows but i also like it because it showed more teen drama like trent and gwen and duncan and courtney connecting more with real world things. also this season had to make the characters use their brain more instead of depending on each other it also provided me with more laughs than tdi did. so here's my verdict: Pros: chracter development, real life problems, smarter contestants, the aftermath show, funnier moments, chris being more evil

    Cons: unnecessary episodes, justin and courtney as bad antagonists, not the full tdi cast, i kinda miss camp wawanakwa, some of my favorites beings voted off earlymoreless

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Teen, witty remarks, teen angst, weekly elimination, kids hijinks