Total Drama Action

Cartoon Network Premiered Jun 11, 2009 Unknown


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  • I was never a fan of this show and Total Drama Island was WAY better.

    I think this is a medicore show on Cartoon Network. I mean I think this show is kind of good but not as good as Total Drama Island. I think that this show is more bad and childish that the first season. There are some positive things like this show does have some character development on it like I start to gain respect from Heather in this season but I start to lose respect from Chris. LeShawna and Lindsey are still my favorite characters but they are not as funny as they were in Total Drama Island. Anyway since the Total Drama Island specail the 14 that tie are in a film lot competing for $1,000,000 this time and the teams are Screaming Gaffers: Gwen (captain) Duncan, LeShawna, DJ, Heather and Harold, and Killer Grips: Trent (captain), Lindsey, Justin, Beth, Owen, Izzy and later on Courtney. Also one other thing that bugs me is that thee is only an elimination every 2 episodes. I mean I started to get to the point that I would skip the episode there wasn't an elimination. Also, I'm not that big of a fan on the Aftermath episodes every 6 episodes. Well overall a show you could live without watching. 5/10.
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